Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1250

1250 Crushed With a Pinch

Jensen was undoubtedly extremely tyrannical.

Since Lucas wasn’t willing to work for the Hamiltons, he decided to cripple him. Moreover, he didn’t hide his intentions at all.

This was the habit of the Hamiltons. They didn’t care about the thoughts of others at all.

Edmund had long known Lucas’s true identity. So upon hearing what Jensen said, he merely sneered. “Hmph, a lightweight overestimating his own strength!”

The fact that Lucas could become the youngest leader of the Falcon Regiment was proof that he was incomparable to ordinary people. Even in all of the US, there might be less than a handful of people who could match up to him, let alone the powerhouse of the Hamiltons.

Wanting to cripple Lucas was simply a far-fetched idea!

Bruce and Ethan widened their mouths after hearing what Edmund said, unable to hide their shock.

The person in front of them was Jensen’s bodyguard. Could it be that he was weaker than Lucas?

Otherwise, why would Edmund have said what he did?

Suddenly, the Hamiltons’ expert blocking the door rushed toward Lucas without hesitation after receiving Jensen’s instruction. He raised his hand and threw a menacing punch.

However, Lucas was standing quietly on the spot without even getting into a defensive stance.

Brett sneered. “Hah! Who knows if Lucas Gray is too stupid or too confident in himself! If Mateo hadn’t said that Lucas Gray is on par with him, I would really think that he’s just a fool who doesn’t know any martial arts! He doesn’t even know basic defense. He’s courting death! Moses’s punch will definitely cripple him even if it doesn’t kill him!”

Just as Brett finished speaking, Moses’s punch arrived in front of Lucas. The wind from his fist blew Lucas’s hair upward, and Bruce and Edmund, who were beside Lucas, felt some pain.

Just the wind from the punch felt terrifyingly powerful. If the punch hit Lucas, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Bruce and Edmund were astonished and horrified.

At this critical moment, Lucas suddenly raised his hand and instantly grabbed Moses’s fist.

The incomparably ferocious attack was stopped!

With just one hand, Lucas completely stopped the horrifying punch without his body even moving. It was as if blocking the punch was a piece of cake for him.

It was akin to a child swinging his fist with all his might but was easily stopped by an adult.

But was Moses a weak child?

Of course not!

Not only was he not a weak child, but he was even a top expert of the Hamiltons with extraordinary skills!

“How is that possible?!” Jensen and Brett couldn’t control their emotions anymore, and their expressions changed drastically. They suddenly stood up from their seats and looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief.

Likewise, Moses had a look of disbelief after Lucas easily caught his fist.

He hadn’t held back and put all his strength into the punch. It could have even crushed a stone!

But this formidable punch was effortlessly blocked by Lucas!

Besides, Lucas wasn’t injured at all. He grasped Moses’s fist so firmly that he couldn’t move a single inch forward!

This strength control utterly dominated him!

Moses obviously wasn’t willing to accept this fact.

Holding Moses’s fist tightly, Lucas turned to look at the shocked Jensen and mocked, “Heh, Jensen Hamilton, it seems that the expert next to you is nothing much. He’s still far from being capable of crippling me!”

Jensen was really overwhelmed with shock at this moment.

Moses was a top powerhouse of the Hamiltons who had been by Jensen’s side for years. Jensen had absolute trust in his abilities and had never once thought that he would lose to such a young man!

It was like a tight slap on Jensen’s face.

In particular, what Lucas said made Jensen feel a stinging pain on his face.

He had ordered Moses to cripple Lucas, but in the end, Moses was no match for Lucas at all. He was defeated in one move!

Besides, Moses was in his fifties and had trained in martial arts for decades. But what about Lucas?

Lucas was only in his twenties now, and yet he already possessed such terrifying power. In just a few years, the strongest expert of the Hamiltons might not be a match for Lucas!

Previously, Jensen said that he could make Lucas an apprentice of the Hamiltons’ top expert, but now it seemed that Lucas really didn’t need it.

With his abilities, he could easily reach that level on his own.

Lucas’s amazing talent made Jensen, who thought that he was very gifted himself, feel jealous.

“Let go!” Moses tried pulling his hand back, but he couldn’t move it at all. Lucas’s hand was like a steel vice around his fist, clamping it firmly.

He roared and suddenly raised his knee to force Lucas to let go by kneeing him in the chest.

But Lucas didn’t give him the slightest chance. He tightened his grip, and his steel-like fingers crushed Moses’s fist!


The crisp and clear sounds of bones breaking filled the air.

“Ah!” Moses shrieked tragically.

The excruciating pain made him lose all power in his legs, and he fell to his knees hard onto the floor with a loud thud.

And his fist that Lucas was holding had already been crushed, with his flesh, bones, nerves, ligaments, tendons, and skin all badly mangled.

Moses’s hand had been crippled!

Everyone in the private room stared wide-eyed in horror, unable to believe what they were seeing.

How strong must Lucas be to be able to crush an expert’s fist with just a pinch?

Or rather, was this even something that humans could do?

Lucas let go of Moses’s badly mangled fist and shook off the blood stains on his hand.

The shocked Edmund immediately took out a stack of wet tissues from his breast pocket and handed them to Lucas respectfully.

While wiping his fingers, Lucas smiled with contempt and glanced at Moses, who was kneeling in front of him, huddled up in agony.

“You want to cripple me? With just this person?”

Lucas tossed away a used wet tissue and looked at Jensen with a hair-raising smile.

Jensen felt as though he was being stared at by a gigantic menacing beast, rendering him completely immobile. He could only watch Lucas, who reeked of blood, walking toward him one step at a time.


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