Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1252

1252 Seeing Through Everything

“Ahem, you must be mistaken, buddy.” Brett coughed twice before quickly explaining, “Why would we try to trick you? My father is truly sincere about inviting you to be our guest elder. If you don’t believe me, you can come home with us, and we’ll sign a contract with you. We aren’t lying!”

Lucas glanced at Brett indifferently. “Who are you to call me your buddy?”

Brett’s forced smile immediately stiffened.

His remark was like a slap in Brett’s face.

When he called Lucas ‘buddy’, he had swallowed his pride to get closer to him.

Brett was a direct descendant of the Hamiltons, and he even had the chance to become the leader of all the royal family branches in the future. If it wasn’t for the sake of making Lucas less hostile and getting closer to him, there was no need for him to lower his status and call Lucas his buddy.

But now that Lucas was so insensible that he openly said he wasn’t worthy of calling him his buddy, Brett was on the verge of losing his temper.

Lucas Gray is way too arrogant and conceited!

But right now, for the sake of achieving their goal, Brett could only force himself to suppress his anger and say stiffly, “You… you’re right, Mr. Gray. We’re indeed not close enough to be buddies. It was too sudden of me.”

Seeing him swallowing his pride and anger, Lucas found it extremely ridiculous.

Brett was putting on the airs of a wealthy scion while looking as if he was enduring humiliation. His acting skills were worlds apart from Jensens’.

Lucas couldn’t be bothered to continue watching Jensen and Brett put on an act anymore. He said directly, “We’re all smart people. Don’t treat others as fools.”

He glanced at Jensen and sneered. “As far as I know, you’re only the third son of the Hamiltons’ helmsman. But in fact, you don’t have much real power. Do you think you have the right to invite me to be your family’s guest elder for an annual salary of four hundred million dollars?

“Four hundred million dollars a year isn’t a small sum. In your family, you need your elders’ or the helmsman’s approval to issue any salary above thirty million dollars, right?

“So, you’re just giving me an empty promise and trying to make me work for the Hamiltons. Aren’t you treating me as a fool then?”

Jensen’s and Brett’s eyes widened in shock. They didn’t expect Lucas to be so clear about some of the Hamiltons’ rules!

Jensen subconsciously opened his mouth to find an excuse to explain himself.

But Lucas didn’t give him the chance. “Don’t think I can’t tell what your intentions are!

“Since I don’t believe you, you want me to go to your home to sign a contract? Hah, if I really believed you and went to the Hamiltons’ with you, I would probably be ambushed by your family, and it would be hard for me to leave.

“At that time, I would be stuck in your home base and be like a lamb to the slaughter. Isn’t that so?

“According to your plan, if I’m sensible enough, I should submit to your family and slog my guts out for you. Only in this way can I survive. If I’m not sensible and still reject your offer, what awaits me will be your family’s siege. Then you’ll get rid of me, a pawn you can’t make use of, right?

“Of course, if I refuse to return to the Hamiltons’ with you, you can also say that you have expressed enough sincerity to get me to lower my guard so that you can call more experts from your family to besiege me, right?”

Lucas’s analysis made Jensen’s and Brett’s expressions change drastically.

They never thought that Lucas would see through their intentions!

Jensen and Brett were instantly caught in an awkward situation.

If anyone else had seen through their plan, Jensen would definitely kill them.

But Lucas was so powerful that even Jensen’s bodyguard, Moses, had been easily defeated by him. Lucas had effortlessly crushed Moses’s hand with his bare hand, so Jensen definitely didn’t have the guts to fight against Lucas now.

On the contrary, he now felt a sense of fear toward Lucas.

If Lucas really became angry by what he said and suddenly decided to kill them, they would have no way to resist.

Countless thoughts flashed through Jensen’s mind as his expression kept changing rapidly.

Almost two seconds later, Jensen had already come to a decision. “Mr. Gray, we absolutely don’t dare to do that. Besides, I’ve already decided to give up California and stay away from now on. I will leave California tonight.”

Jensen immediately became much more respectful, and he even promised, “Please rest assured, Mr. Gray. The Hamiltons will never send people to harm you. I can guarantee this!”

Brett glanced at his father and lowered his head quietly, clearly with the same idea in mind.

Lucas glanced at them and said coldly, “Okay, I’ll spare your lives today then. Get lost!”

Jensen and Brett immediately heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly left.

The two bodyguards by their sides, Mateo and Moses, who had his hand crippled by Lucas, hurriedly left with them.

Now, only Lucas and the top five helmsmen in California were in the room.

Bruce and Edmund were on Lucas’s side, and Ethan had wisely chosen to stand on his side this time.

Jim Sullivan and Anton Holmes were the only helmsmen left.

After exchanging glances, Jim and Anton suddenly fell to their knees with a thud in front of Lucas. “Mr. Gray, we… we were wrong, and we’d like to follow you now too. Please give us your approval!”

Lucas didn’t even look at them.

He was planning to develop in DC, and the people he would be bringing with him were all those loyal to him. As for others, they weren’t within his consideration at all.

Lucas glanced at Ethan, who was standing at the side nervously, and said indifferently, “From now on, the Sawyers will be the top family in California.”


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