Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1253

1253 Informing the Family

Ethan quickly raised his head and looked at Lucas, his eyes full of surprise. Does he mean he’ll support the Sawyers and help us become the top family in California?

But before Ethan could rejoice, he immediately saw the cold expression on Lucas’s face.

Bruce and Edmund, standing at the side, didn’t show the slightest trace of surprise on their faces. Instead, they grinned with anticipation.

Ethan’s spirits, which had just jumped for joy, were instantly dampened.

Lucas wasn’t going to support the Sawyers, but rather, he planned to give them up!

From now on, the Sawyers would go from the third top family in California to the top family. However, it wasn’t that the Sawyers would develop further but because Lucas planned to take the top two families, the Hales and the Coles, away with him from California!

At this moment, Ethan felt that he had completely lost something, and his heart was full of bitterness.

Even though he was about to become the helmsman of the top family in California, it didn’t make him feel any happy at all.

On the other hand, Bruce’s and Edmund’s moods were the complete opposite of Ethan’s.

Lucas’s words meant that he would be taking the Hales and the Coles with him to develop in DC.

The thought of what the Parkers, who had gone to DC in advance, had achieved with Lucas’s help caused Bruce and Edmund to be extremely envious.

Just half a year ago, the Parkers were just one of the three top families in LA, and they didn’t even rank among the top 20 in California.

Later, the Parkers became the top family in LA, and now, they were the strongest force in DC, next to the nine royal family branches and eight top families. It was all thanks to Lucas!

Now that the Hales and the Coles had the opportunity to follow Lucas to DC, they would definitely become a top family on par with the Parkers!

Thinking of his scene, Bruce and Edmund felt excited and full of zeal, wishing they could immediately follow Lucas to DC and perform to their fullest potential.

Meanwhile, Jensen and Brett had already left the Grandeur Hotel and were sitting in a car on their way to their accommodations in Orange County.

Extremely indignant, Brett asked, “Dad, are we just going to give in to Lucas Gray, give up California, and leave?”

Conquering California was an important aspect of the Hamiltons’ plans, and they had already taken over various states around California. This failure would have a huge adverse impact on their plans.

Moreover, if they left now, it would seem like they were driven out of California by Lucas. Brett couldn’t take this lying down no matter what.

Jensen said with displeasure, “What should we do then? Are we supposed to stay here and court death here instead of leaving?”

Lucas wasn’t a saint, and he had terrifying martial arts skills. There was no way they could gain any benefit from Lucas.

Before completely angering Lucas and fighting him to the death, they could only leave California for now and then think of another plan.

Brett knew that leaving California was the most rational choice now, but he still felt extremely upset.

Moreover, there was another important reason.

Brett punched the seat and asked indignantly, “Dad, we still haven’t found Angus yet. If we leave now, how are we supposed to find him?”

At the mention of his youngest son, grief appeared in Jensen’s eyes.

He said slowly, “I have a feeling that Angus has already been killed.”

“No, I don’t believe it!” Brett immediately rejected this speculation. “I refuse to believe that he’s really dead! He… he’s a scion of the Hamiltons and my brother. Who would dare to harm him or even kill him?

“Besides, even if he’s dead, we have to see his corpse. We haven’t found his corpse, so there’s no evidence he’s dead. I refuse to believe that he’s dead!

“Unless…” Brett suddenly thought of a possibility, and his eyes turned bloodshot. “Unless the culprit is Lucas Gray! Right, I know. Angus’s disappearance must have something to do with Lucas Gray! He’s so arrogant and the strongest person in California. If anyone really dares to harm Angus, it must be Lucas Gray!”

“Shut up!” Jensen hollered immediately, “Brett, you’re not allowed to say that! That is only your baseless conjecture. If you let Lucas Gray hear that, he definitely won’t let us leave California in one piece! So no matter what you want to say, you have to hold it in!”

Brett said angrily, “Dad! Why do we have to be so afraid of him? He has already left the four territories, and he’s all by himself now. Even if he’s good at martial arts, and he’s stronger than Moses, we still have several experts who are more powerful than Moses. They can deal with Lucas Gray!

“If not, we can just gather all the top experts of the Hamiltons. Lucas Gray definitely won’t be a match for them! He’ll be helpless!

“Dad, why don’t we send a message to the family right now and ask Grandpa to send all the top experts here!? I refuse to believe that Lucas Gray can do anything to us with so many experts guarding us!

“Moreover, we can take this opportunity to send more people to look for Angus. No matter what, we can’t just give up!”

Brett sounded extremely earnest.

Jensen looked hesitant.

He had always been a domineering person, and apart from a few people in the world, he had never succumbed to anyone.

If possible, he naturally wouldn’t be willing to give in to Lucas, who was even younger than his son. Even more so, he didn’t want to give up on searching for his youngest son and leave California down and out.

No matter what, Angus had gone missing in California, and the only way to search for him now was to stay in California.

If he left California, it would mean giving up on Angus, and they might never find him again.

Moreover, Jensen still had a strong feeling that Angus might still be alive and waiting for him to save him somewhere.

If he left California, he would be leaving Angus to die.

Even if Angus had really encountered a mishap, Jensen would never let the murderer off!


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