Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1254

1254 Finding Traces

Seeing that Jensen was deep in thought and seemed to be tempted by what he said, Brett quickly followed up and persuaded further, “Dad, no matter what, even if Angus is really dead, we must find his corpse and take him back to the Hamiltons. We can’t let him die in a foreign land. Furthermore, we have to find out who the murderer is! We can’t let them off!”

Hearing this, Jensen finally made up his mind. “I won’t take this lying down! I won’t let off anyone who dares to harm my son!

“But we can’t act recklessly now. I’ll call your grandfather to explain and arrange for stronger powerhouses to come over. It’s also time to let your grandpa know about Angus.”

Brett was overjoyed. Once his grandfather knew about this, he would definitely send more of the family’s experts. When the time came, they would be able to defeat Lucas, find out where Angus was, and avenge Angus!

Since Jensen had already made up his mind, he didn’t delay for a moment and immediately took out his phone to make a call.

“Father, there’s something I need to report to you. Here’s the thing. Angus has been missing for two days in Orange County, and we haven’t been able to find him. I highly suspect that he has been murdered!”

What Jensen said instantly made the temperature on the other end of the call plummet.

“What happened? Tell me the details immediately!” the Hamiltons’ helmsman ordered.

Jensen told his father what had happened in California, as well as their speculations.

The Hamiltons’ helmsman was instantly furious. “That punk is too audacious! How dare he harm a descendant of the Hamiltons? He even dared to threaten you. He’s courting death!”

“Father, that punk named Lucas Gray is really quite something. Although he’s young, his martial arts skills are impeccable. Even Moses, my bodyguard of decades, wasn’t a match for him. That punk crippled one of his hands, and he might be handicapped forever.”

Jensen explained with a sullen expression, “If not for this, I wouldn’t have been so scrupulous of a greenhorn like him. I was afraid he would harm Brett and me. That’s why I called you for help.”

The helmsman snorted coldly and said furiously, “How dare he?! My son and grandson aren’t people that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can harm!

“How about this? I’ll get Linus to bring some people to Orange County to help you. I’ll also send more manpower there. No matter what, we have to find Angus, even if we have to scour through Orange County!”

“Yes, that’s great!” Jensen was overjoyed and immediately agreed.

Linus, whom his father mentioned over the phone, was not an ordinary person but a top powerhouse who ranked third in terms of martial arts skills in the entire Hamilton family. He was second only to the two top experts who followed the helmsman.

It could be said that Linus was the strongest combat force that the helmsman could dispatch now.

Moses, whose hand had been crushed by Lucas, was roughly only sixth in terms of combat power.

Although the difference in their ranks didn’t seem that much, their actual combat power was worlds apart.

During the martial arts tournament the Hamiltons held a year ago, Linus had defeated Moses within three moves. He had held Moses’s neck tightly with one hand and won effortlessly.

Moses was no match for Lucas, but Jensen believed that Linus could definitely kill Lucas within ten moves!

After a moment of silence, the Hamiltons’ helmsman’s voice came from the phone speaker. “Jensen, as you said, Lucas Gray might be from the military, and he was very likely a high-ranked officer close to one of the four supreme commanders. We must take this information seriously.

“I know you want to kill him right now to prevent future troubles, but I must warn you that if you can’t kill him in one go, don’t be rash, lest you bring calamity upon yourself. Do you understand what I mean?”

Jensen nodded. “Father, you’re right. I will keep this in mind, and I won’t act rashly!”

Given his understanding of Lucas, if he really took action but failed to kill Lucas quickly, Lucas definitely wouldn’t let the Hamiltons off!

Thus, even if Linus really came to Orange County, he couldn’t act rashly!

“Okay, as long as you know. I’ll get Linus to head over right away. Inform me if anything happens!” the helmsman of the Hamiltons said in a deep voice.

“Yes, Father!” Jensen immediately agreed.

When his reinforcements arrived, he had to act carefully and kill Lucas without anyone knowing to be at ease.

Meanwhile, Lucas ignored Jim and Anton, who wanted to submit to him, and left the Grandeur Hotel.

Bruce and Edmund followed closely behind him.

Lucas frowned, looked at them, and asked, “Have you cleared all traces of Angus Hamilton?”

It was indeed a tough job to clear all the traces. A slight mistake might let the cat out of the bag.

For example, Lucas had ordered Bruce to clean up all traces of Angus’s death in Orange County and especially all clues in Lotte Entertainment City. Bruce naturally ordered his subordinates to remain tight-lipped, get rid of all the surveillance footage, and so on.

But Orange County was huge, and it was hard to guarantee that those who had seen Angus wouldn’t say a word.

Bruce wanted to assure Lucas that he had taken care of everything, but he knew that there was nothing 100% certain in the world.

After some thought, Bruce said hesitantly, “I’ve already instructed my people to take care of everything and clean up all traces. There shouldn’t be any mistakes, but… if there are passersby in Orange County who have seen Angus in the club, they might be able to search along the clues and find something…”

As the saying goes, Man proposes, God disposes.

Anyway, they had already done everything they could.

If something still went wrong, and the Hamiltons found some clues, it couldn’t be blamed on Bruce.

Lucas didn’t criticize Bruce and just said calmly, “As long as you’ve done your best, it’s enough. If we really get exposed, then it’s God’s will.”

It seemed that there was really such a thing as God’s will. Sometimes, the more you dreaded something, the more likely it was to happen.

As soon as Jensen and Brett returned to the hotel they were staying, Brett received a call from one of his subordinates.

“Mr. Brett, good news! We’ve finally found some traces of Mr. Angus! Someone saw him in Lotte Entertainment City after lunch the day before yesterday!

“And according to our investigation, the surveillance cameras there and its vicinity happened to be faulty that day. There must be something fishy about this!”


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