Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1255

1255 Getting Ready to Leave

“What did you say? You’ve found traces of Angus?” Brett immediately asked loudly while standing up in surprise.

Jensen looked over to hear where his son was.

On the other end, the subordinate said, “Yes, Mr. Brett. After an in-depth investigation, we finally found out from some passersby that Mr. Angus went to Lotte Entertainment City in the afternoon that day because he saw two beautiful women at the entrance and followed them in.

“The passersby had a strong impression because those two women were so beautiful. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to find out where Mr. Angus went.

“What’s more, the surveillance footage in Lotte Entertainment City is all gone, and our people couldn’t retrieve any. There must be something fishy! Mr. Brett, what do you say we should do now?”

Brett’s eyes were red. He was already certain that something had happened to Angus in Lotte Entertainment City, and it must have had something to do with the two beautiful women.

He was well aware of what his brother was like. Angus was a lustful playboy who had been romantically involved with multiple women in DC. He also had a penchant for beautiful women and had even forced women to leave with him in the past. There had even been deaths on several occasions.

But due to the Hamiltons’ power and authority, all these matters had been settled, and Angus had gotten away scot-free, so he had never reflected on himself and changed.

“Since you’ve finally found some clues, investigate everything properly! You must get to the bottom of this!” Brett ordered coldly.

“Angus has always had high standards. Since those two women were so beautiful, they should be prominent figures in Orange County. Search for the names and photos of the beautiful women in Orange County and then ask around to find out who they are. Once you get all the information, report back to me!”

“Yes, Mr. Brett! We’ll definitely investigate this matter thoroughly!” the subordinate answered immediately.

After hanging up, Brett looked at Jensen excitedly. “Dad, our efforts have paid off! We’ve finally gotten some clues about Angus! It seems we’ll be able to find him soon!”

Jensen was excited, but he also felt worried.

It had already been two days. Was Angus really still alive?

He kept feeling that Angus was most likely dead. Even if they found those two women, he probably wouldn’t be able to see his son again.

Lucas was naturally still unaware of this.

After leaving the Grandeur Hotel, he returned to his villa in Pearl Lake.

As soon as he entered, Amelia leaped toward him and wrapped her arms around his neck, refusing to let go for a long time.

It had been a long time since she saw Lucas, so she was particularly clingy to him whenever she saw him the past couple of days.

Especially after knowing that her parents had made up, she was now beaming with joy.

“Daddy, it would be great if you stayed home every day. Then I’d get to see you every day!” Amelia said, reluctant to let him go.

Lucas smiled. “Amelia, we’re moving to DC soon, and we’ll have a new house. When the time comes, we won’t have to be apart anymore, and you’ll get to see me every day!”

“Wow! Yay! We’re moving to a new house!” Amelia was so elated that she leaped up and wriggled in Lucas’s arms.

But she soon frowned and seemed troubled. “But if we move, what’s going to happen to my best friend, Hailey? I’ll be sad if I don’t get to see her again.”

Amelia was stuck in a rare dilemma, and her brows were furrowed tightly as she worried seriously about her trouble.

The adults laughed, but they didn’t tease Amelia about her friendship.

During dinner, Lucas looked at William and asked, “William, how’s the handover at the Solar Corporation doing?”

William was now managing the Solar Corporation’s Orange County branch, and he would be following Lucas to DC too, so Lucas was concerned about his progress.

William smiled heartily. “Don’t worry. I have already arranged everything. I can leave at any time, but…”

He hesitated and didn’t finish his sentence.

Lucas immediately asked, “But what? Is the company facing a tough issue?”

“No, it’s not that.” William waved his hands and hesitated for a moment before saying, “There’s nothing wrong at the company. But there are some changes in my mindset. I do want to follow everyone to DC to develop, but I know my capabilities.

“To be honest, I’ve wasted many years of my life, and I didn’t learn much about managing a company. I could only secure a foothold in the Solar Corporation because of your appointment and help.

“I’ve thought about it. If I follow you to DC, I’m afraid I won’t be of any help to a big company like the Stardust Corporation. I… I’m really sorry.”

Lucas said, “William, don’t say that. Besides, we’re moving to DC as a family. Don’t you want to come with us? Do you want to stay in Orange County instead?”

William sighed and looked at the puerile Amelia. “No, I’ll still go to DC with you, but once we’re there, I won’t be working anymore. I’ll just stay home and accompany Amelia!

“Since you and Cheyenne will both be busy with your careers, I’ll look after Amelia.”

Caught between laughter and tears, Lucas said, “William, you’re only in your fifties. Are you sure you want to retire so soon? There’s no need for this!

“If you’re worried that you might not be able to help at the company, please don’t think that way. Although you haven’t managed the Solar Corporation for long, I’ve seen your abilities, and I know you won’t be a burden to me.”

Although William wasn’t very talented, he had certain management abilities and wasn’t the type to mess around.

Thus, Lucas didn’t think that William would be a burden to him, and he didn’t want William to feel too pressured.

Of course, it was up to William if he wanted to work at the Stardust Corporation.

If he really wanted to stay home, live as a retiree, and accompany Amelia, Lucas naturally wouldn’t object.


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