Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1256

1256 Linus of the Hamiltons

William thought for a moment and said, “Forget it. You have a lot of talent at your company now. I won’t join in the fun. You young people will be busy with work, so I’ll just stay home and accompany Amelia.”

Seeing that he had already decided, Lucas stopped persuading him and said with a smile, “Okay, since you’ve made your decision, we’ll go with it. It’s fine as long as you’re happy.”

William breathed a sigh of relief and smiled happily.

With such a filial daughter and son-in-law and an adorable granddaughter by his side, he felt that life was really worthwhile.

Even though Cheyenne wasn’t his biological daughter, in his eyes, she was no different from his own.

The few of them were busy preparing to move to DC.

The following morning, a plane flew from DC and landed at Orange County International Airport.

Jensen and Brett had been waiting at an airport terminal for a while. When they saw an elderly man with a white beard and hair, clad in a white long-sleeved shirt and pants, their eyes glowed with excitement, and they hurriedly went over to greet him.

From several meters away, Jensen bent forward slightly and called out, “Elder Linus!”

Although Jensen was one of the helmsman’s sons and highly valued in the family, he didn’t dare to put on airs in front of this elder.

This elderly man in white was none other than Linus, the third-ranked powerhouse of the Hamiltons.

Linus had been with the helmsman for years and had gone through countless trials and tribulations with the Hamiltons. He had made great contributions to the family and deserved great credit.

Moreover, Jensen had been striving for the position of helmsman, so he was naturally very respectful to an expert like Linus. He has been trying his best to get close to Linus in order to have him protect and assist him well in the future.

Thus, Jensen was extremely respectful toward Linus.

At the side, Brett quickly bowed to Linus. “Elder Linus, welcome!”

“Mr. Jensen, Mr. Brett, I’ve kept you waiting.” Linus bent forward slightly with a reserved smile, making him look cold and unfriendly.

He knew what Jensen was thinking, but he was loyal only to the Hamilton family, and it didn’t matter to him who the helmsman was. So he simply turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to Jensen currying favor with him.

“Mr. Jensen, the helmsman has instructed me to come here and assist you, so feel free to give me any instructions,” Linus said to Jensen without going out of his way to be polite.

When Jensen heard this, a look of resentment appeared in his eyes. He took a deep breath before saying, “Elder Linus, I should be aware that my son Angus has disappeared in Orange County. This matter is related to a young man named Lucas Gray, but his martial arts skills are impeccable, and even Moses is no match for him!

“So, I hope you can help me find out more about him. It would be best if you could kill him!”

Jensen was now full of murderous intent toward Lucas.

After the call from Brett’s subordinate last night and finding out that Angus had gone to a club named Lotte Entertainment City and that two beautiful women were involved, Jensen had immediately sent people to find out their identities.

Last night, they had already found out that the two beautiful women Angus had pestered and forcefully dragged into his room were Cheyenne Carter and Charlotte Carter.

But one of them was Lucas’s wife, and the other was his sister-in-law.

In that case, Jensen could already conclude that Angus’s death was absolutely related to Lucas!

The truth was obvious. Angus must have developed lustful thoughts when he saw the two young and beautiful women, but it turned out that they were closely related to Lucas.

Moreover, Lucas was the overlord of California, so it wasn’t difficult to understand why Angus suddenly vanished from Orange County without a single trace.

As for White Claw, Angus’s bodyguard, Lucas must have killed him too.

Given Lucas’s combat power, there was no need to doubt this at all.

Yet Lucas acted like nothing had happened when facing him previously. Even when Brett visited him in person at his company, Lucas didn’t reveal anything.

If they hadn’t coincidentally found some clues from passersby, Angus’s death might just become a secret forever, and he would have really vanished into thin air.

As soon as Linus heard what Jensen said, his expression immediately became grim.

Of course he knew who Moses was. Moses ranked sixth among the powerhouses of the Hamiltons. Although he was inferior to Linus, he was still a top expert that very few could rival. Even the strongest powerhouses around the helmsmen of the eight top families of DC might not be a match for him.

But the fact that Lucas had defeated even Moses made Linus cautious, and he knew he couldn’t belittle him.

“Mr. Jensen, Lucas Gray should only be in his twenties. Is he really so powerful that even Moses is no match for him?” Linus asked with puzzlement.

Jensen nodded and said sadly, “Yes, I saw it with my own eyes. In merely one exchange of blows, Lucas Gray crushed Moses’s hand and completely crippled it. He’s not receiving treatment in the hospital.”

Linus couldn’t help feeling more worried and scrupulous toward Lucas.

If Moses had lost after a tough battle, Linus would be surprised, but he wouldn’t be too shocked. After all, there are many talents in the world, and it wasn’t impossible for there to be some outstanding young talents.

But the fact Lucas had crippled Moses’s hand in one move in almost an instant kill contained a lot of information for him to process.

“Mr. Jensen, please tell me more about Lucas Gray in detail,” Linus said seriously.

So while driving from the airport, Jensen and Brett told Linus everything they had investigated, as well as their conjectures about Lucas’s identity.

Previously, they had thought that Lucas was a powerhouse from one of the four territories and should be close to one of the four supreme commanders. But after speaking with Lucas, they narrowed the scope to the eastern and southern territories.

But regardless of where Lucas was from, they couldn’t underestimate his identity.

After pondering, Linus said, “I can probe his skills first, but it will be difficult for me to kill him like you want, Mr. Jensen.”


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