Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1258

1258 Unprovokable

Linus’s purpose here was to probe Lucas’s details.

So when he saw the calm eyes on the top floor of the building and the owner of the eyes, he immediately knew that it was Lucas!

However, he had now arrived near Lucas’s vicinity and was actually still a distance away from him, yet Lucas had already discovered him and had his eyes locked on him.

What a terrifying perception!

Even an expert like Linus was flabbergasted!

At this moment, Linus deemed Lucas much more dangerous than he had thought, and he was now full of scruples toward him.

The next moment, a calm and indifferent voice suddenly rang in Linus’s ears. “Are you here to look for me?”

After being shocked, Linus suddenly turned around, only to see that Lucas, who was just on the top floor of the Stardust Corporation office building moments ago, had appeared behind him!

His speed was incredible, and he was just like a phantom!

The astonishment within Linus was indescribable.

“I was just passing by.” Linus clenched his fist tightly and forced himself to smile. “Sir, you’re really powerful. I’m enlightened.”

Lucas smiled faintly. “Sir, you’re already advanced in age, so you should stay at home. Gaining knowledge isn’t as important as your life, or you might end up in a horrible plight. What do you think, Sir?”

Linus’s pupils suddenly constricted. He had naturally understood what Lucas meant.

If someone else dared to threaten him so audaciously, Linus definitely wouldn’t take it lying down. But facing Lucas and his peculiar skills, even Linus, the third top powerhouse of the Hamiltons, couldn’t help feeling worried and uncertain.

“You’re right. I’m old, so I should stay at home.” Linus nodded and turned around to leave without hesitation.

Watching Linus disappear among the crowd, Lucas slowly narrowed his eyes.

Linus’s aura was formidable. Of course, this didn’t mean that he was intimidating. On the contrary, when walking on the streets, he looked just like an ordinary old man.

But he exuded the aura unique to top experts, which was like a special magnetic field.

The more skilled in martial arts someone was, the more they could sense the aura exuded by martial arts practitioners.

This was why Lucas, despite standing on the top floor of the Stardust Corporation, which was more than a dozen floors above ground, could still sense the unique aura exuded by Linus and locate him precisely.

Just by looking at Linus’s white attire, which was unique to the experts of the Hamiltons, Lucas knew that he was a powerhouse sent by the Hamiltons, who was far more powerful than White Claw, Mateo, and Moses.

But even this powerful expert was no match for Lucas.

Lucas had seen that there was no murderous intent in Linus’s eyes, so he merely gave a warning. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let him go so easily.

“I hope the Hamiltons won’t continue behaving foolishly. Otherwise, don’t blame me,” Lucas murmured before disappearing right on the spot and returning to his office.

Meanwhile, Linus stayed tense until he reached a crossroad and turned a corner. When he could no longer feel the scorching gaze behind him, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“This young man must not be provoked!” Linus wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead with deep fear in his eyes.

On another side, in the hotel room where Jensen was staying…

In the spacious presidential suite, Jensen and Brett were sitting on the couch with their brows furrowed, staring at the phone on the coffee table and sometimes looking at the door, waiting for news.

“Dad, do you think Elder Linus has met Lucas Gray?” Brett asked worriedly.

Jensen seemed distracted, but he said, “There shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Anyway, Lucas Gray definitely won’t be a match for Elder Linus. My only worry now is whether Elder Linus will accidentally kill Lucas Gray by mistake and provoke a supreme commander.”

After some thought, Brett said, “If Elder Linus really kills Lucas Gray, I’ll instruct my subordinates to clean up the traces well. In any case, we can’t let Lucas Gray’s death pose a threat to your fight for the position of helmsman!”

Suddenly, the door of the room opened, and a figure in white entered. “You’re overthinking. Lucas Gray is extremely strong. I’m no match for him at all.”

Jensen and Brett immediately stood up.

They instinctively wanted to go forward to greet Linus, but after they processed what he said, their expressions changed drastically.

“Elder Linus, what… what are you saying? Even you’re no match for Lucas Gray?” Brett looked at Linus in panic, only to see that Linus’s clothes were neat and his hair was still neatly combed. There were no traces of a fight at all.

“Did… did you fight Lucas Gray?” Brett asked anxiously.

Jensen looked at Linus doubtfully.

Linus shook his head with a bitter smile and sighed. “No, but I know he’s much stronger than I am. I’m no match for him at all. If we had really fought, I might not have been able to come back in one piece to see you.”

These words made Jensen and Brett feel extremely shocked and horrified.

“In any case, Mr. Jensen, that young man Lucas Gray is not on the same level as us at all. Please refrain from provoking him as far as possible in the future. Otherwise, you’ll definitely suffer!” Linus said earnestly. “That’s all I have to say. I’m returning to the Hamilton residence now.”

With that, Linus bowed slightly and turned around to leave without waiting for Jensen and Brett to persuade him to stay.

He had come to Orange County to help deal with Lucas under the orders of the Hamiltons’ helmsman.

Since he now knew that he was no match for Lucas at all, there was no point in staying here any longer.

What Linus said left Jensen and Brett in complete disbelief.

They didn’t expect the third most powerful expert of the Hamiltons to say that he and Lucas weren’t on that same level and that they shouldn’t provoke him.

In that case, things became a lot more serious.

After Linus left, Brett frowned for a long time before finally saying, “Brett, it seems that we can’t stay in Orange County for long. We should head home immediately!”

At this point, they could basically forget about taking revenge on Lucas or taking California away from him.

Staying alive was their greatest concern now.

Last night, Lucas had already warned them to leave Orange County immediately. However, not only did they not leave, but they even asked the family to send Linus over.

They didn’t know if Lucas was angry now and whether he would come and confront them, but Jensen knew that they had to leave Orange County right now!

The two of them were in a hurry and soon left Orange County International Airport with their subordinates half an hour later.

By the time the plane took off, Lucas had already received the news.


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