Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1259

1259 Lena Asks to Meet

Bruce and the others sighed in relief after hearing the news.

Because he was worried that the Hamiltons might take revenge and send lots of experts to suppress them, he hadn’t slept well for the past few days.

Now that he learned that Brett, Jensen, and their subordinates had left Orange County, he finally felt relieved.

“Lucas, that’s great news. The Hamiltons have really left!” Bruce exclaimed excitedly.

Lucas wasn’t surprised. When he saw the Hamiltons’ powerhouse leaving after receiving his warning, he guessed that they would choose to avoid him for now.

But he couldn’t let his guard down just because of this.

After all, Angus had indeed died under his command, and the Hamiltons definitely wouldn’t forget such deep hatred. Lucas just didn’t know when they would come for him again.

He wasn’t afraid of the Hamiltons, but he wasn’t alone now. He had his family, friends, career, and company, which was continuously expanding. The Hamiltons would definitely be able to get a hold on him somehow.

It looks like I should work on becoming more powerful and recruiting more experts. Lucas decided.

Soon, it was lunchtime.

Lucas put down the documents in his hand. Just as he walked out of the Stardust Corporation office building, he suddenly heard a familiar voice call out to him.


Lucas turned around and saw Lena walking toward him, all smiles. He couldn’t help looking a little sullen.

“What are you doing here?” Lucas asked coldly, expressionless.

He was now rather displeased with Lena.

In the beginning, Lucas had a good impression of Lena and took care of her as much as possible because she was Cheyenne’s best friend.

But after the incident in the hotel in DC, his impression of Lena was completely ruined.

Flynn had already found out that Lena was the one who had hired someone to take those photos in the hotel and sent them to Cheyenne.

Although Lena thought that she had done a good job of being secretive by hiring someone to take the photos and using a different phone number to send them, there were still traces that could be found. Besides, Lena wasn’t an expert at this, so she didn’t clean up the traces well, and it was a piece of cake to check.

To be honest, Lucas was furious when he found out that Lena was the culprit behind everything.

After all, Cheyenne had always genuinely treated Lena as her best friend. Yet Lena openly tried to snatch her husband and sowed discord between Cheyenne and Lucas, which Lucas couldn’t tolerate at all.

If it wasn’t because Lena and Cheyenne had been friends for a long time, Lucas would have never let her off the hook.

In addition, Lena’s father, Ethan, had also once betrayed Lucas, though he chose to stand on Lucas’s side in the end. Even so, his betrayal of Lucas was an indelible fact. Thus, Lucas had a very bad impression of Ethan and Lena.

Lucas was already being kind enough to them by choosing to ignore them.

But he didn’t expect Lena to come looking for him at this moment.

Lucas’s indifferent attitude seemed to hurt Lena a little.

She smiled and said, “It’s only been a few days since we last met. Why have you become so distant, Lucas? We’re good friends, right? Have you forgotten that I sent you back to your hotel room to rest when you got drunk in DC?”

Hearing that Lena had the audacity to mention the incident at the hotel, Lucas sneered inwardly while looking at Lena with an even colder gaze.

“I haven’t forgotten, and I never will forget,” Lucas said mysteriously. He asked coldly, “So, why are you here?”

Lena giggled. “Since I helped you, shouldn’t you treat me to a meal in return?”

Lucas wanted to refuse at first, but after giving it some thought, he agreed. “Sure, what would you like to have?”

Hearing Lucas agree, Lena immediately beamed with joy. “I’ve heard that the Parkers’ Restaurant is very popular lately. Let’s go there!”

This restaurant was founded by the Parkers decades ago, and it recently rose to fame after its sister restaurant, the Parker’s Hampton Restaurant in DC, became famous. They soon became Instagram hot spots, and now, there were sister restaurants in many major cities. Naturally, Orange County had one too.

“Sure, the Parkers’ Restaurant it is.” Lucas immediately agreed and drove to the restaurant with Lena.

He wanted to ask Lena why she did such a thing to Cheyenne, her best friend of over a decade.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, they ordered a sumptuous 4-course meal.

Lena was extremely enthusiastic, and she kept talking to Lucas and pouring him drinks from time to time.

But when she was about to pour him some wine again, he moved the wine glass to the side and said coldly, “Alcohol leads to mistakes. I won’t drink anymore, lest I get into trouble again.”

Realizing the ambiguous meaning in what Lucas said, Lena felt her heart skip a beat, afraid that he had already discovered something.

But she quietly looked up and breathed a sigh of relief when she found that his expression hadn’t changed much. She thought that she was just being paranoid.

She was positive that she had done that matter so secretively that Lucas definitely wouldn’t find out!

But she didn’t dare to go overboard and cut down on the talking.

After they finished the meal, Lena hesitated for a moment but eventually said, “Lucas, actually… I want to ask you to help my family, but I don’t know how to begin.”

Lucas knew why she had come to find him.

Without saying a word, he poured himself a glass of water and sipped it, as if he hadn’t heard what she said.

Feeling a little awkward and uncertain about what Lucas was thinking, Lena said, “Lucas, it’s actually a very simple matter. I hope you can give the Sawyers a chance and take us with you to DC.”

It was just as he expected.

Lucas smiled coldly. “Your dad, Ethan Sawyer, asked you to find me, didn’t he?”

With a look of embarrassment, Lena said, “My dad told me about what happened a couple of days ago. Actually, I think my dad’s very fickle-minded, timid, and easily intimidated too.

“But it’s not his fault… Our family doesn’t have a strong foundation, and we can’t take huge risks. That’s why my dad’s so hesitant and cautious about everything.

“Of course, he didn’t intend to betray you, and it’s not that he doesn’t trust you either. It’s just how he is. So Lucas, can you not hold it against him and give our family another chance?”


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