Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1263

1263 What Are You Up To?

Lucas didn’t care about what Lena thought, nor did he plan to take responsibility for what had happened that day.

But what worried Lucas the most was that Cheyenne would feel sad after learning about this matter and think that he had betrayed her. It had taken a lot of work for them to finally reconcile and become more intimate, but this matter might cause all their efforts to go down the drain and break them apart, ruining their relationship.

Knowing that this was a serious problem, Jordan said resentfully, “Lucas, I finally know how terrible of a person Lena Sawyer is! I bet she deliberately set up everything that day.

“Even though you were drunk that night, and there’s nothing wrong for her to help you to your hotel room, the problem is that she stayed in your room all night! What was she trying to do?

“Besides, hasn’t Lena Sawyer been friends with Cheyenne for over a decade? Lucas, you even asked us to take care of her in Orange County and try to ensure her safety! Yet she harbored ill intentions and actually did that to you!

“Trust her to seduce her best friend’s husband. She’s such a scheming bitch!”

Jordan was now full of fury and hatred for Lena.

This woman who had tried to ruin Lucas and Cheyenne’s relationship was absolutely unforgivable!

Jordan continued, “Lucas, I think you should take the initiative to come clean with Cheyenne. Even if something has really happened, it’s not your fault, and Cheyenne should forgive you.

“But if you hide it and Cheyenne finds out from someone else, she will definitely think that you deliberately deceived her and that you betrayed her with another woman! If that happens, she will definitely be a hundred times sadder!”

Worried that Lucas and Cheyenne might fall out because of this incident, Jordan advised him earnestly.

If Jordan had nagged him like this in the past, Lucas would have definitely told him to shut up.

But he was now listening attentively because he knew that Jordan was thinking for him and trying to help him come up with a solution.

Currently, Jordan only knew that Lena had stayed the night in Lucas’s room, but he wasn’t aware that she had taken many photos of them and sent them to Cheyenne.

If Jordan knew about it, he definitely wouldn’t just call Lena a scheming bitch. Instead, he might really kill her out of anger.

Besides, Jordan made sense.

Deceit was a recipe for disaster in marriages.

Cheyenne had already been very angry after receiving the photos from Lena, so much so that she had thrown a tantrum at Lucas for a long time.

If she found out that Lena and Lucas had stayed in the same hotel room for an entire night, she would definitely be furious and find it utterly unacceptable.

Moreover, if Lucas concealed this matter and Cheyenne found out from someone else, she would never trust him again and might even divorce him.

Although Cheyenne was usually very gentle, she had a strong backbone and an independent mind. Once she was certain that her husband had cheated on her, she would never compromise and would choose to leave him resolutely.

At the thought of this possibility, Lucas trembled hard.

“No, I can’t let Cheyenne know about this yet!” Lucas said through gritted teeth. “I have to find out what happened between Lena and me that day. Otherwise, I won’t able to bring myself to tell Cheyenne about it.”

After staying silent for a while, Jordan asked, “Lucas, if you and Lena Sawyer have really done something you shouldn’t have, how are you going to tell Cheyenne about it?”

Lucas could only say, “I’ll play it by ear and find out the truth before deciding my next move. Anyway, it’s not the time to tell Cheyenne about this yet. If she finds out now, she will definitely be angry, and she might even refuse to go to DC with me. I’ll tell her when we get there.”

Jordan could only sigh. “It seems like that’s the only way. Anyway, you and Cheyenne have a strong relationship. I hope it won’t be ruined by some nonsense.”

“Yeah, I know it’s my fault.”

Lucas still felt terrible even after hanging up. For the rest of the day, he was in a bad mood and remained frowning, causing the secretaries who came to his office to deliver some documents to feel very uneasy and be extremely careful with work, for fear of angering Lucas.

At four in the afternoon, Lucas was no longer in the mood to continue staying in the office. He sent Cheyenne a text message and then went to the kindergarten to pick Amelia up.

When he saw Amelia waiting obediently at the entrance of the kindergarten for him to pick her up, the anger within him finally dissipated and turned into tender warmth.

“Daddy, are you here to pick me up today?” Amelia’s large eyes lit up, and she beamed with joy and leaped into Lucas’s arms the moment she saw him.

Seeing how adorable his daughter was, he hugged her tightly, feeling blissful and peaceful. The fury that had been boiling within him all afternoon vanished entirely.

Lucas smiled. “Yeah! Mommy is still at work, so I’m here to pick you up. Are you happy?”

“Yes, I’m so happy! Daddy, you haven’t been home for so long, and it’s been a long time since you picked me up from school. I’m so happy to see you!” Amelia’s tender and puerile voice made what she said sound even more touching.

Lucas’s heart had already melted, and at the same time, he felt apologetic toward Amelia.

He had been handling matters in DC previously, so it had been more than two weeks since he had gotten to spend some quality time with Amelia.

“Amelia, we’re going to DC together in a few days and moving into a new house. When you start going to your new school, I’ll drop you off and pick you up from school every day!” Lucas said gently while stroking Amelia’s head.

“Okay! That’s great!” Amelia inched closer and gave Lucas a peck on his face.

Stroking Amelia’s head, Lucas said adoringly, “Amelia, let’s not go home yet. Don’t you like eating tasty food? Let’s go to that food market over there!”

Amelia nodded gleefully, her eyes glistening with joy. She said eagerly, “Okay! Daddy, you’re so nice! You’re the best daddy in the world!”

Lucas smiled and picked Amelia up in his arms. They went to the food market a few hundred meters away from the kindergarten and bought a lot of snacks.

“Daddy, can I have that donut?”

“Sure, I’ll get you one.”

“Those cookies smell so good!”

“Okay, we’ll get some!”

“Daddy, those strawberries look so delicious!”

“Okay, let’s get them!”

“Let’s get some for Mommy, Aunt Charlotte, and Grandpa too!”

“Alright. Amelia, you’re such a good girl!”

The father and daughter strolled around the food market, and Amelia bought plenty of snacks. She didn’t just buy them for herself but remembered to get extras for everyone in the family, which was very much to Lucas’s pleasure.

By the time they finally finished shopping, it was already dark, and they returned to their villa with lots of goodies.

As soon as they entered, they saw a figure sitting in the living room.

“Huh? It’s Aunt Lena!” Amelia shouted with joy and immediately rushed over.

Lucas’s face instantly darkened with displeasure.

Lena actually showed up at their place!

What is she up to?


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