Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1264

1264 Lena Visits

Lena caught Amelia, who was rushing toward her, hugged her in her arms, and kissed her on the cheek. Rubbing her face against Amelia’s affectionately, she smiled and said, “Amelia, it’s been a long time since we last met. Did you miss me?”

Amelia smiled and nodded. “Yes! Of course I missed you, Aunt Lena. It’s been almost a month since you visited!”

“Oh, has it been so long? Sorry, it’s my fault. Okay, Amelia, I will give you this big bunny as a present!” Lena took out a snowy white bunny plushie from the bag beside her and handed it to Amelia.

Amelia was only a five-year-old child. After receiving such an adorable gift, she grinned widely with excitement and joy.

Lena finally looked at Lucas and greeted him. The expression on her face looked the same as usual, as if she hadn’t confessed to Lucas in tears at noon.

Lucas narrowed his eyes slowly, getting more and more unsure about Lena’s purpose for visiting.

Just as Lucas was staring at Lena hostilely, Cheyenne walked out of the kitchen with a large fruit platter containing sliced kiwis, strawberries, dragon fruits, and other fruits.

“Honey, you’re home!” Cheyenne placed the fruit platter on the glass coffee table in the middle of the living room and looked at Lucas warmly.

It was naturally inappropriate for him to ask why Lena was here in front of Cheyenne. He nodded and asked, “Has Charlotte returned from work?”

He didn’t see Charlotte in the living room, but he knew that she disliked Lena.

After seeing the photos of Lena and Lucas entering the hotel, Charlotte was extremely displeased with Lena and even scolded her several times at home.

Seeing Lena here, Lucas even wondered if Charlotte would get into an argument with her on the spot.

Cheyenne looked at Lena awkwardly and coughed. “Charlotte’s on her computer in her room!”

In fact, the moment Charlotte saw Lena, she had been sulking and rather hostile to her, almost kicking her out.

After being chided by Cheyenne, Charlotte turned around, went upstairs in a huff, and locked herself in her room, refusing to come out.

Cheyenne couldn’t say much in front of Lena, lest she makes things awkward for her.

But just as Cheyenne finished speaking, Charlotte came downstairs and said to Amelia from afar, “Amelia, come here!”

Lena was holding Amelia in her arms. After hearing Charlotte calling her, Amelia immediately rushed to her obediently.

“Aunt Charlotte! Daddy took me to buy lots of delicious food, and I brought lots of tasty goodies back for everyone. There are strawberries, donuts, cookies, and many, many more!”

“Amelia, you’re such a good girl!” Charlotte praised Amelia, then glanced at Lena, who was sitting on the couch in the living room, and rolled her eyes. She said to Amelia, “Amelia, I’ve told you many times before not to accept gifts from other women. What if they have ulterior motives and are out to deceive you?”

Amelia looked at the bunny toy in her arms, glanced at Lena again, and said in bewilderment, “Aunt Charlotte, Aunt Lena isn’t a bad woman. She’s also given me lots of gifts before.”

Seeing Amelia on Lena’s side and treating her well, Charlotte couldn’t help becoming even more angry. She sulked and said, “Amelia! Are you not going to listen to me anymore?”

Amelia looked at the angry Charlotte, clueless about what she had done wrong. She was confused about why Charlotte didn’t want her to accept Lena’s gift since Lena was Cheyenne’s best friend.

After being yelled at by Charlotte, Amelia felt aggrieved, and tears welled up in her eyes.

Lena smiled awkwardly and walked over to say to Amelia, “Amelia, actually, Aunt Charlotte is right. You have to pay attention to your safety at all times in case bad people deceive you. You have to listen to Aunt Charlotte, okay?”

Hearing this, Charlotte became even angrier. “I’m speaking with my niece. Why are you interrupting?”

She hated how hypocritical Lena was and the way she pretended to be virtuous and magnanimous in front of them, making it seem as if she was the only good person.

“Charlotte! Enough!” Cheyenne shouted at Charlotte. She chided disapprovingly with a slight frown, “Don’t be mean to Lena. Didn’t she already clear the air about that matter? It was just a misunderstanding.”

Charlotte was so furious that she stomped her feet. “Ugh! Cheyenne, why… why do you trust her so much?! She obviously harbors evil intentions and wants to steal your man, but you’re still defending her. You’ll be the death of me!”

Then Charlotte glowered at Lena, rushed upstairs angrily again, and slammed the door of her room shut.

“Charlotte, how can you be so rude?! Get down here!” Cheyenne yelled angrily.

No matter what, Lena was her best friend of over ten years, and she was a guest. Charlotte’s behavior was indeed quite rude.

Lena hurriedly held Cheyenne’s arm to stop her from calling Charlotte. She said with red eyes, “Forget it, Cheyenne. Charlotte has misunderstood me. You shouldn’t blame her. It’s all my fault. If I had called to inform you that I helped Lucas back to his hotel room that night, you wouldn’t have gotten the wrong idea.”

Cheyenne quickly said, “How is that your fault? You were just being kind by helping Lucas when you bumped into him. Who knew that someone would take photos of you and send them to me?

“Charlotte has misunderstood you and is just making a mountain out of a molehill. I’ll talk to her later. Please don’t mind her! You’ve been my best friend for years. Of course I trust you!”

Lena secretly stole a glance at Lucas with an awkward look on her face, but she couldn’t say anything to Cheyenne in front of Lucas. So she could only squeeze out a smile and say, “It’s alright. We just need to clear up the misunderstanding. Don’t reprimand Charlotte. If you sisters get into a fight because of me, I’ll feel really bad.

“Okay, it’s almost dinnertime. I’ll get going now!” Lena quickly turned around and walked toward the door.

“Hey, wait! Lena, don’t go. Stay and have dinner with us!” Cheyenne immediately asked her to stay.

Lena obviously didn’t dare to have dinner with Cheyenne and her family. She frantically waved her hands and sped up. Soon, she started her car and left.

Meanwhile, Lucas had been standing at the side and watching without saying anything.


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