Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1265

1265 Hidden Intentions

Cheyenne failed to get her best friend to stay and resolve the misunderstanding with Charlotte. At the thought that all of these misunderstandings were caused by Lucas getting drunk in DC, she glared at him and chided, “It’s all your fault!”

Since Lucas couldn’t explain anything, he could only sigh helplessly.

Charlotte was furious and kept herself locked in her room. Even when Cheyenne asked her to come down for dinner, she refused to come out of her room.

William was working overtime, so only Cheyenne, Lucas, and Amelia were sitting at the dining table and having dinner.

Amelia had already eaten a lot of snacks earlier, so she was already full. After taking a few bites of food, she scurried to the living room to watch cartoons.

In the dining room, only Lucas and Cheyenne were left.

He finally asked, “Why did Lena suddenly come over?”

Cheyenne glared at Lucas again. “She came to explain those photos. Lena told me that there’s nothing between you two and that she merely sent you to a nearby hotel when you got drunk that night. But someone took photos of you two and sent them to me.”

“Lena has been my best friend for over a decade, so I naturally trust that she hasn’t betrayed me and done something outrageous with my husband. Let’s forget about this matter! You two are some of the most important people to me. Of course I trust you!

“The person who took the photos and sent them to me is probably someone in DC with ill will toward you. Lucas, you should check it carefully. Someone is framing you to sow discord between us.

“But Charlotte is really mistaken. She refuses to listen to what I say, and she’s bent on the idea that Lena has evil intentions. Lucas, help me persuade Charlotte! She listens to you.”

Hearing what Cheyenne said, Lucas felt extremely complicated and uncomfortable.

Cheyenne had always been a pure and straightforward woman. It wasn’t that she didn’t have intelligence and didn’t understand schemes, but rather, she had absolute trust in her closest friends and family members. She treated them with utmost sincerity, and it would never occur to her that they could betray her.

Just like now, she trusted Lena so much that she didn’t doubt a single thing Lena said and had even chided Charlotte for her sake.

But what was the truth?

Reality had proven that Charlotte was right. Lena indeed harbored designs on Lucas. She wanted to seduce her best friend’s husband and was indeed the mastermind behind the photos in the hotel.

Unfortunately, Lena put on such a great act in front of Cheyenne that she managed to convince Cheyenne to trust her completely despite Charlotte’s repeated warnings and reminders.

Lucas really felt that Charlotte was pitiful.

“Cheyenne, have you ever thought that Charlotte might be right?” Lucas suddenly asked.

“What did you say?!” Cheyenne’s body stiffened, and she immediately looked at Lucas warily. “What do you mean?”

Lucas couldn’t bring himself to speak. No, it’s not time to come clean about everything and tell Cheyenne the truth yet.

“Ahem, I mean, no matter what, Charlotte is your sister, and you two grew up together. Your relationship is irreplaceable. Even if Lena is your best friend, you shouldn’t let an outsider affect your relationship with Charlotte.”

Cheyenne retorted with displeasure, “Lucas, why are you saying that too? Lena also grew up with me, and we’ve been best friends for years! Charlotte is my sister, but we can’t malign Lena just because of this!

“Besides, at the end of the day, you’re the one to blame for this. If you hadn’t gotten drunk, why would Lena have helped you to your hotel room and become embroiled in this misunderstanding? Hmph!”

Lucas sighed again, not knowing what to say.

Ultimately, drinking alcohol was to blame!

But after hearing what Cheyenne said, Lucas finally knew how important Lena was to her.

Cheyenne wasn’t even willing to hear anyone badmouth Lena and defended her at every turn. But what about Lena?

She clearly knew that Lucas was Cheyenne’s husband, yet she still tried to snatch him away from her.

After learning of Lena’s intentions, Lucas recalled many matters he had overlooked in the past.

For example, at the rooftop pool of that hotel in LA, Lena had worn a sexy swimsuit, pretended to sprain her ankle, and deliberately leaned on him.

Also, at the Elite Business Exchange in San Francisco, Lena had used her stilettos as an excuse to hold his arm for support and stick close to him.

The more he thought about these things, the more repulsed he felt. He was totally speechless.

Lena wasn’t unforgivably vile and detestable though.

Apart from the things that she had done because she was in love with Lucas, she hadn’t done anything else to hurt Cheyenne.

However, Lena meant so much to Cheyenne, which made it tricky for Lucas to deal with Lena.

Forget it. I’ll just leave her alone. As long as she doesn’t do anything else to hurt Cheyenne, I’ll leave her be.

After dinner, under Cheyenne’s urging, Lucas went to Charlotte’s room and knocked on the door.

“I already told you I don’t want to eat!” Charlotte’s disgruntled voice came from inside.

Lucas said, “Charlotte, it’s me. I’d like to have a word with you.”

After a moment of silence, the sounds of footsteps shuffling and approaching the door came from inside.

Charlotte wanted to ignore Lucas at first, but after giving it some thought, she decided to open the door to hear what he had to say.

If Lucas blindly believed the scheming Lena as Cheyenne did, she would definitely drive him out without hesitation and ignore him for an entire month!


The door of the room opened, and Cheyenne said with displeasure, “Come inside and say what you have to say. But I’ll make things clear first. If you’re here to convince me not to get the wrong idea of Lena Sawyer on Cheyenne’s behalf, you can save it. Don’t waste my time!”

Lucas chuckled. “Don’t worry. That’s definitely not why I’m here.”

Charlotte glanced at Lucas with some surprise and doubt. “Okay, come in then!”

She moved aside and let Lucas enter her room.

It was Lucas’s first time stepping into Charlotte’s room.

The spacious room was filled with things, but it was very organized and looked full of warmth.

There was also a faint fresh fragrance in the room.

Lucas took a seat on the blue velvet single sofa by the door while Charlotte sat down on her soft bed. She asked sulkily, “What do you want to say to me?”

Lucas cut straight to the chase. “I know you have something against Lena and think she’s scheming and has ulterior motives. In fact, I share the same sentiments.”

Charlotte was instantly stunned. She didn’t expect the first thing she heard from him after he entered her room to be this!


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