Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1268

1268 Running into a Former Classmate

When it was almost dinnertime, the two of them finally finished unpacking and walked out of their room.

Cheyenne’s cheeks were still flushed, and she looked incredibly radiant.

Even Charlotte was astonished by Cheyenne’s beauty at the moment. When she saw her sister’s red and slightly swollen lips, she immediately figured out what Cheyenne and Lucas had been doing for the last few hours and blushed with embarrassment.

Noticing Lucas’s satisfied look, she glared at him and cursed, “Hmph! Lecher!”

Lucas was shocked, but he instantly realized what was going on and looked at Cheyenne. Caught between laughter and tears, he looked awkward.

Cheyenne was just as awkward.

Although it was normal for them to get intimate since they were married, it was still broad daylight, and it was their first day in DC. She felt embarrassed that her sister had discovered them.

“Okay, it’s getting late. I’ll go make dinner!” Cheyenne hurried to the kitchen.

Lucas received a call at this moment. After answering it, he shouted toward the kitchen, “Cheyenne, you don’t have to cook for me. I have something to attend to now.”

He grabbed his car key and left the villa.

The call had been from Bruce. The Hales had arrived in DC two days ago, and they had asked to meet Lucas for a discussion at the Parkers’ Hampton Restaurant.

When Lucas arrived at the entrance of the restaurant and was about to enter, he suddenly heard a surprised voice from the side.

“Huh? Aren’t you… Lucas Gray?”

The voice sounded extremely familiar. Lucas turned around and saw a young man around the same age as him. Indeed, Lucas recognized him, but he couldn’t remember his name.

“You are…?” Lucas asked, slightly puzzled.

“Hey, Lucas Gray, have you forgotten me now that you’re rich? You can’t even remember who I am? We were classmates in high school! I’m Chace Barker. Do you remember now?” the young man said with displeasure.

Lucas finally recalled who he was. “Oh, it’s you. It’s been years since we’ve met. I’m surprised you still recognize me.”

Although Chace’s name somewhat rang a bell to Lucas, he didn’t have a deep impression of him and only vaguely remembered that this person was his high school classmate.

After thinking about it, he remembered that they were just acquaintances in high school, and they had barely spoken to each other, let alone be friends.

He didn’t expect that Chace could still recognize him at a glance despite it having been more than a decade.

Chace wasn’t alone. Standing beside him was a fashionably dressed woman with heavy makeup.

“Honey, you actually have a high school classmate who’s failed so miserably at life? He looks too ordinary, just like a bumpkin. Tsk tsk!”

The young woman was incredibly caustic with her words.

It was extremely disrespectful to say something like this when meeting someone for the first time.

Lucas frowned slightly.

But what surprised him even more was the reaction of Chase, his former classmate.

Chace put his arm around the young woman’s shoulder and said to Lucas with a contemptuous smirk, “Sweetie, you’re right! Did you know that Lucas was the poorest person in our class back then? Sometimes, he couldn’t even afford to get lunch, and we could hear his stomach growling in class! Haha, it was hilarious!

“It’s good enough that someone like him hasn’t starved to death yet. What do you expect from him? How fashionable can he be? After all, he’s just a penniless loser! That’s how I recognized him at a glance!”

The young woman burst into laughter and looked at Lucas with ridicule. “Oh, I see! I was wondering when you had such a poor friend. It turns out you recognized him from the way he reeks of poverty!”

While speaking, the young woman feigned waving her hand in front of her nose as if she had really smelled an odor.

Lucas stopped smiling and quickly scanned Chace and his wife. They were both decked out in designer wear. They had Patek Philippe watches on their wrists, the latest iPhones in their hands, and various luxury accessories, jewelry, etc. Their outfits were worth several tens of thousands of dollars.

They did seem quite well off, which explained why they were so haughty and condescending.

Chace smiled smugly and suddenly seemed to think of something. “Lucas Gray, my wife, is straightforward and honest. We’re former classmates, so you won’t mind a few casual remarks, will you?”

Lucas barely remembered Chace at first, but now, he had an awful impression of him.

Of course, he wouldn’t be bothered by people like Chace, and there was indeed no need to continue wasting his time with him.

“I have something to do, so I’m leaving now,” Lucas said indifferently and walked toward the restaurant.

“Hey, wait!!” Chace immediately moved to the side and blocked Lucas.

“Lucas, don’t tell me you want to have a meal at the Pakers’ Hampton Restaurant?” Chace sized Lucas up and said in exaggerated disbelief, “Lucas Gray, I know what your family background is. Although the Hampton Restaurant sounds like an ordinary place, it’s a five-star restaurant!

“Any item on the menu here costs at least a hundred dollars! A meal here will easily set you back a thousand dollars. But you actually dare to dine here?”

Lucas became annoyed and impatient. He said coldly, “What does it matter to you whether I’m here for a meal or not?”

Chace was instantly displeased. He felt offended that Lucas had retorted against him. What right does this penniless loser have to speak to me like that?

The young woman was also irked. She looked at the few shabbily-dressed beggars gathered not far from the restaurant and suddenly smiled. “Honey, I think this former classmate of yours might really be able to have a meal here!”

She pouted her lips at the beggars and said maliciously, “I heard that the Hampton Restaurant only serves the freshest ingredients every day and never keeps any overnight. So they give away the unused ingredients and the guests’ leftovers to the homeless every day!

“Maybe your classmate is here for the leftovers?”

Chace burst into laughter. “You’re right! You have a point, Honey. He might really be here to beg for leftovers. I once caught him picking up leftovers back in high school. Hahaha!”

The two of them mocked Lucas without restraint, making his expression completely gloomy.


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