Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1274

1274 Showing Up Arrogantly

After Lucas heard the name of the agency, he looked at Kenneth. Seeing the disgust and panic on his face, he immediately knew that his guess was correct.

“Kenneth, this Kenneth Media Agency Co. belongs to you, right?” Lucas asked.

Kenneth’s legs went limp, and he fell to the floor on his knees. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Mr. Gray, this is indeed my company, but I didn’t know that these bastards are my employees!

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely give you an explanation for this. I won’t let these bastards offend you!”

Lucas naturally wouldn’t blame Kenneth for this. “I’m just asking. Get up.”

After hearing that they were from Kenneth Media Agency Co., Lucas noticed that Kenneth’s name was in it, so he suspected this company had something to do with Kenneth. But he didn’t expect that it really belonged to him.

This made things more interesting.

However, it seemed that Chace and the manager, Harper, were still unaware that Kenneth was their boss.

Damon had roughly guessed what was happening and felt very annoyed.

The employees of his grandson’s company actually came to the Parkers’ restaurant to cause trouble for Lucas. This was simply an insult to him!

He couldn’t shirk the responsibility for his poor management no matter what.

Damon pointed at Kenneth’s head and hollered furiously, “Kenneth! What did I tell you before? You can start your own businesses, but you must manage your employees well and not cause trouble for our family! What’s with these people? Quickly give me an explanation!”

Ray, Kenneth’s father, lectured sullenly, “Your grandfather is right! Since it’s your company, you must manage your people well. You don’t have to expect them to contribute much, but they should at least not cause trouble for you and the Parkers!

“I told you you were messing around when you started some nonsense internet media agency. Look at what kind of people you hired! Hurry up and settle this matter!”

Kenneth was also furious.

He had clearly given a code of conduct manual to his employees and warned them of many things. It was now the optimal time for the Parkers to develop, and the slightest mistake would give others the chance to get a hold on them. Thus, he had asked his employees to act with caution and conscientiousness and strictly prohibited them from causing trouble. But he didn’t expect that there were still such bastards in his company.

The two people in front of them were Chace, who claimed to be a famous streamer, and Harper, who claimed to be the company’s general manager. But Kenneth didn’t know who they were at all.

“Who hired you scoundrels?” Kenneth questioned, suppressing his anger.

Chace immediately barked, “Who the f*ck are you?! How dare you speak to Mr. Harper like that? Do you know who he is?”

Kenneth laughed out loud. “Who am I? Kenneth Media Agency Co. belongs to me. Trust you to have the cheek to ask me who I am!”

Chace and Harper were both stunned.

Harper was worried and doubtful, but Chace immediately burst into laughter. “Hahaha, this is hilarious! How dare you pretend to be the chairman of Kenneth Media Agency Co.?! Do you know who he is? He’s the eldest scion of the Parker family. Loser, don’t think you can pass off as Kenneth Parker just because you’re wearing a decent-looking suit!”

Chace explained to Harper, “Mr. Harper, don’t be fooled by them. Think about it. This penniless loser Lucas Gray is having a meal with them. How can someone like him be with the eldest scion of the Parkers, the strongest family next to the eight top families in DC? If he’s really Kenneth Parker, I’m his grandfather, Damon Parker! Hahaha!”

As soon as Harper heard this, the worry and doubts within his heart vanished. That’s right. Chace’s high school classmate is just a penniless loser. How can he possibly dine at the same table as the Parkers’ eldest scion?

This person was obviously trying to fool them by pretending to be Kenneth.

After hearing Chace say that he was Damon Parker, the real Damon flew into a rage. “You impudent assholes, how dare you spout nonsense in front of the Parkers?!”

Harper snorted with disdain. “Hah, the Parkers? Stop pretending in front of us, old fogy. You’ve already got one foot in the coffin, so you’d better shut up before I send the rest of you in!”

Damon was really infuriated. Trembling with anger, he bellowed, “Kenneth, get rid of these two people right now! Otherwise, I’ll hold you responsible!”

Kenneth hurriedly supported Damon and sat him down to stabilize his breathing. Then he looked at Harper and asked, “What is your name?”

Harper looked at Kenneth arrogantly and rolled his eyes. “Hah, let me tell you then. My name is Kean Harper. What can you do to me?”

“Kean Harper, huh? Just you wait!” Kenneth sneered and immediately took out his phone to make a call.

“Is there a bastard named Kean Harper in the company?” he asked, unable to suppress his anger.

The person on the other end could tell that Kenneth was furious. He was shocked and quickly asked carefully, “Mr. Kenneth, are you talking about a green-haired young man who’s tall and looks unruly?”

Kenneth gritted his teeth. “Yes, that’s him!”

The person on the other end immediately explained while stammering, “Mr. Kenneth, Kean Harper doesn’t work for our company! He just owns a small management agency and pays us large PR fees to cooperate with us.”

“Did he get into trouble? Or did he offend you? If so, I will immediately cancel all cooperation with his agency and block him forever!”

Kenneth sneered, “You’ve actually worked with a gangster like him. You’re getting worse at judging people! How is canceling cooperation enough? He’s showing off and being all smug in front of me now. What do you think I should do?”

The man on the other end inhaled sharply in shock and almost dropped his phone on the floor. He hurriedly said, “How dare that bastard be so arrogant? He must have a death wish! Mr. Kenneth, where are you now? I’ll bring people over right now to teach that bastard a lesson!”

“I’m on the top floor of the Parkers’ Hampton Restaurant. I’ll give you fifteen minutes. If you dare to be a single second late, you can get lost from the company too!”

With that, Kenneth directly hung up.


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