Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1275

1275 Scared Out of His Wits

Everyone in the private room heard what Kenneth said clearly.

Of course, this included Chace and Kean.

Kean looked at Kenneth and laughed hysterically. “Hahaha, your pretense really looks like the real deal! You even found someone to come and deal with me? What a joke!”

Chace mocked too, “Lucas Gray, are these people your friends? Indeed, birds of a feather flock together. They’re all as pretentious as you and have a death wish!

“No matter what, you must compensate me for my losses today! You have to compensate me for the money that the streaming platform is demanding for damages and the money I’ve lost from the deletion of my account with more than four million fans. I’m already being nice enough by only asking you to compensate me with ten million dollars!

“If it wasn’t because you’re a penniless loser, I would have made you compensate at least a hundred million dollars!”

“Mr. Harper and I are backed by the real Parker family, unlike this bastard who’s pretending to be the scion of the Parkers! If you don’t compensate me, all of you will die with just one order from Mr. Parker!”

Lucas wasn’t upset. He just found it funny.

The Parkers’ current helmsman, his father, and his son were right in front of Chace. He didn’t know them, yet he was actually threatening the Parkers with the Parkers. What a weirdo.

Who knew how these two would react once they found out the truth.

Lucas narrowed his eyes. “I don’t know if we’ll die or not, but I know that you two will definitely want to die in a bit. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see.”

Chace snorted coldly. “Hmph, I’ll see what else you can say when the people you’ve called are here!”

Damon glared coldly at these two people. He was so infuriated that he wanted to drag them out and kill them, lest these ignorant people be an eyesore in front of Lucas. But seeing that Lucas seemed to be playing with them, he suppressed his anger and didn’t speak.

Kenneth refilled Lucas’s glass of water while looking coldly at the two people in front of him.

These two bastards actually used his company’s name to throw their weight and caused trouble for him. They were courting death!

Time passed minute by minute. Soon, almost 15 minutes was up, but the person Kenneth had called over the phone still hadn’t arrived.

Chace waved his watch and smirked. “Hey, fifteen minutes is up! Where are the people you’ve called? Is that phony too scared to come see us?”

But the moment he finished speaking, the sounds of hurried footsteps suddenly came from outside the private room. Seconds later, a group of people arrived outside the door.

Without approval, the people outside didn’t dare to step in. They could only wait outside respectfully and say while panting, “I’m sorry, Mr. Kenneth. I just arrived. Sorry to have made you wait!”

Before Kenneth could say anything, Kean, who was initially extremely arrogant, was instantly shocked. He opened his mouth and stammered, “Mr… Mr. Lewis! What… what are you doing here?”

Kean couldn’t believe his eyes at all.

He couldn’t believe how respectful Mr. Lewis was and the way he addressed Kenneth.

Mr. Lewis was the general manager of Kenneth Media Agency Co., which was one of the Parkers’ businesses. Clearly, there was only one person who could receive this treatment—Kenneth Parker, the scion of the Parker family and the chairman of Kenneth Media Agency Co.!

Could it be that that young man who called Mr. Lewis over is the genuine Kenneth Parker?! He’s not a phony but the real deal?!

At the thought of this possibility, Kean shuddered from head to toe, and even his calves began to tremble.

How… how is that possible?!

But the truth was right before his eyes, so he had to believe it!

Chace was just as dumbfounded. He had also met Lewis in person before. As soon as he saw Lewis, he immediately had an ominous feeling.

At this moment, Lewis couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to Chace and Kean at all. Under Kenneth’s gesture, he walked over to Kenneth and fell to his knees with a loud thud.

“Mr. Kenneth, I’m really sorry! My incompetency has caused these thugs to come and offend you. I’m truly sorry! Please give me a chance to get rid of these pieces of garbage and make amends!”

While kneeling on the floor, the plump Lewis was sweating all over his chubby face. Large sweat droplets trickled down his face one after another and seeped into the carpet.

He was clearly the general manager of Kenneth Media Agency Co. and someone whom Kean, Chace, and others tried to flatter.

But Lewis was now kneeling in front of Kenneth in fear and panic!

This wasn’t all. The most shocking thing was that Kenneth wasn’t sitting but standing beside these people and was holding a water pitcher!

This meant that the others in the private room were all big shots whom he couldn’t afford to provoke. Thus, Kenneth, the scion of the Parkers, was reduced to a junior who could only serve wine and water!

This scene dumbfounded Lewis too.

Besides, his eyes were sharp, so he noticed the other two powerful figures of the Parkers in the room. They were Ray, the Parkers’ current helmsman, and Damon, the former helmsman.

But Ray and Damon were not in the master seat. Instead, it was a young man he didn’t recognize!

Lewis’s heart skipped a beat, and he felt even more uneasy and fearful.

The Parkers were now a top family in DC, and the young man in the master seat definitely had a higher status than Damon!

Who was this young man?

He didn’t know if Kean and Chace had offended this mysterious esteemed guest… Otherwise, he would really kill them today!

While Lewis was feeling anxious, Kenneth placed the water pitcher on the table and said coldly, “Mr. Lewis, I asked you here to clarify something.”

Kenneth pointed at Kean and snorted coldly. “This bastard with green hair said that he’s the general manager of my company, and he wants to force Mr. Gray, the Parkers’ most honored guest, to compensate him for the losses of the stream and the company. He wants ten million dollars. Tell me, how should we solve this?!”


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