Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1276

1276 Regret

Hearing what Kenneth said, Lewis wished he could slap Chace and Kean in the face!

While on the way here, he had asked someone about what had happened to Kean. So he immediately knew that a streamer working for Kean had caused trouble on Twitch. Not only did he deceive his viewers to gain more donations, but he even made disrespectful and malicious remarks about his fans. He had utterly offended them and had his account deleted as a result.

Lewis thought that he deserved it.

But he didn’t expect the idiotic streamer to bring Kean here to extort Kenneth’s friend.

Moreover, Lucas wasn’t an ordinary person but an honored guest to whom even the former helmsman of the Parkers was extremely respectful.

Chace and Kean were simply idiots!

“You bastards! Are you blind? You actually tried to extort Mr. Parker and Mr. Gray? I really want to gouge your eyes out!” Lewis lashed out at the two.

Chace and Kean turned deathly pale.

In particular, Kean was full of fear.

He had actually only set up a small management agency after scouting a few small-time influencers. Including him, there were only four employees in the company.

His tiny company was nothing compared to Kenneth Media Agency Co., which was worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

He had barely managed to form a business connection with Kenneth Media Agency Co. by being thick-skinned and coughing up a large sum of money.

Relying on this weak connection, Kean had actually gone around bragging about being a manager of Kenneth Media Agency Co. and had used this identity to ‘cheat’ others out of a lot of resources and money.

It could be said that he had relied entirely on Kenneth Media Agency Co. to attain his current achievements.

If not for Kenneth’s company, Kean would still just be a gangster struggling to make ends meet.

Now, he actually treated Kenneth, the real boss of the company, as an impostor and even spoke to him with such disrespect and arrogance. Kenneth definitely had a terrible impression of him!

This wasn’t all. The elderly man next to Kenneth resembled him slightly, so he was probably Damon Parker, the former helmsman of the Parker family.

More than ten minutes ago, he had actually brazenly said that if the young man in front of him was Kenneth Parker, then he was Damon Parker…

Recalling what he had said earlier, Kean really wished he could turn back time and slap himself hard on the mouth!

Why did I say those things?!

Why did I spout all that nonsense?!

The more he thought about it, the more terrified he was. His legs couldn’t help turning limp as he knelt on the floor spinelessly.

“Mr… Mr. Kenneth and Mr. Parker… I’m really sorry! I was too blind and ignorant and couldn’t recognize you. I even spoke and acted so disrespectfully. I’m so sorry! Please be magnanimous and spare a small fry like me!” Kean said while trembling and kneeling.

Lewis kicked Kean fiercely. “You son of a bitch! You don’t even work for our company, but you actually used the company’s name to throw your weight around. You’ve ruined the reputation of the company and Mr. Kenneth! How dare you be so arrogant in front of the Parkers? You must be tired of living!”

Kenneth walked up to Kean, looked down at his hideous appearance, and said coldly, “Weren’t you very cocky in front of us just now? You led people into my restaurant and had them beat up my lobby manager. You even broke into my private room and wanted Mr. Gray to give you 10 million dollars, or else you would kill us and sell our organs?

“Moreover, you even said that if I’m Kenneth Parker, you were my grandfather. You said these things yourself, didn’t you?”

With every word he said, Kean’s face became paler and paler, and beads of sweat gushed out of his face one after another.

Kean knocked his head hard on the floor and begged for mercy. “Mr. Kenneth… I was just talking nonsense. Please spare me!”

Then he raised his hand and slapped his own face hard and loud, left and right. Soon, both sides of his face were swollen.

“Do you regret it now? You know your mistakes? Too late!” Kenneth looked at Kean in disgust and ordered, “Take him away and teach him a lesson! Just don’t get him killed.”

The security guards waiting at the door immediately obeyed the order and rushed forward to drag Kean away.

From beginning to end, no one bothered with Chace.

But after witnessing everything, Chace was already so frightened that he was huddling in the corner, too afraid to say a single word.

He never imagined that these people sitting at the same table with Lucas would be so powerful!

Even the Parkers’ former helmsman could only sit beside Lucas, who was in the master seat, while Kenneth, the Parkers’ scion, even served Lucas water.

It was all a huge impact to Chace, who had always thought that he was superior.

Lucas was definitely no longer the penniless loser that Chace thought he was. Instead, he had become a powerful big shot that he definitely couldn’t afford to provoke!

Even if Lucas’s identity wasn’t a big deal now, just by the fact that he could sit at the same table with the big shots of the Parker family meant that he could easily get them to kill him if he wanted!

Thinking of this, Chace no longer acted arrogantly. He couldn’t help but collapse to the floor while shivering.

Lucas smiled and looked at Chace. “Chace, you brought that group of people here today and wanted me to pay you ten million dollars. And if I couldn’t pay, you would skin me alive and sell my organs, right?”

Chace obviously no longer dared to speak to Lucas that way. He quickly said, “No, no, Lucas, you’ve misunderstood. I was just joking! No matter what, we were classmates years ago. How could I possibly treat you that way?

“I… I just lost my mind because my account was deleted, so I complained to Mr. Harper, I mean, Kean Harper. It was Kean Harper who brought those people here to confront you and demand that you compensate him! I was just forced by him to come along. I really didn’t intend to harm you!

“Since that bastard Kean Harper has gotten what he deserves, please just let me go and don’t hold it against me, Lucas!”


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