Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1278

1278 Eliminating Them In One Fell Swoop

What Lucas said made everyone gasp!

They never expected that Lucas would be so bold as to gather all the families hostile to the Parkers and eliminate them in one fell swoop!

What a crazy idea!

The families harboring animosity against the Parkers and wishing to replace them were not insignificant small fries at all. Rather, they were families second only to the eight top families and not that much weaker than the Parkers.

With their power, were they really capable of eliminating them in one fell swoop once these families joined forces? Wouldn’t it be the other way around?

If anyone else had made this suggestion, the people in the room would think that they were out of their mind.

But the person who made this suggestion was Lucas, so he definitely wasn’t being conceited.

Since he could say it, it meant that he was confident enough that they would succeed.

Not to mention Lucas’s invincible martial arts skills, the strong connections he had with a few of the top eight families in DC alone made it entirely possible for him to suppress the second-tier families attacking the Parkers.

If Lucas wanted to, he could even conquer the eight top families. Why would he be afraid of a few second-tier families with ill intentions?

Thinking of this, everyone felt relieved and no longer had any doubts.

“Great! What a great idea, Lucas! As long as you step in, it’ll be a piece of cake for us to get rid of those families in one fell swoop!” Damon said with excitement written all over his face, devoid of his previous grimness.

Originally, Demon treated the families coveting the Parkers’ status and businesses as great enemies, and he was constantly worried that they would join forces against his family.

If these families went against the Parkers individually, Damon wouldn’t be afraid since the Parkers were powerful enough.

But once these families joined forces, it would be a disaster for the Parkers.

After hearing Lucas’s suggestion, Damon finally felt relieved, feeling as if a huge boulder had been lifted off his shoulders.

As long as Lucas was around, there was nothing to be afraid of, even if these families joined forces.

Lucas asked again, “Among those families, which one is the most powerful and most troublesome to handle?”

Damon replied, “The Holmes!”

Kenneth hurriedly said, “Grandpa is right. It’s indeed the Holmes. When the Waltons were still in DC, the Holmes were second only to the top eight families. Later, we took over the Waltons’ businesses, which meant we jumped above the Holmes. Since then, they’ve regarded us as an eyesore and want to drag us down!

“According to the news I’ve received, the Holmes have gathered many second-tier families in DC to discuss how to deal with the Parkers!

“But the Holmes are quite scheming and vicious. They’re clearly the ones eager to replace us, but they’re not taking the lead in going against us and simply aiding other families in doing so. They’re obviously planning to make the other families do the dirty work while sitting back to claim the prize afterward.

“I found out from an insider that the Holmes haven’t made a move against us yet because they’re waiting for a chance. They want to get into minor conflicts with us first to test our abilities before finding a chance to strike us hard!”

Ever since the Holmes expressed their animosity toward the Parkers, Kenneth had immediately sent his subordinates to investigate the strength, abilities, and movements of these families. He had even spent a lot of money to bribe a few members of these families for information.

After his grandson finished introducing the situation, Damon continued, “Prior to this, I was still worried about some issues and afraid that the Parkers might not be able to withstand their alliance. But now that the Hales and the Coles have come to DC, and with your support, Lucas, I can finally feel relieved.

“Besides, I think this isn’t only an opportunity for the Parkers but also for the Hales and the Coles. If we really manage to suppress them and deal with them once and for all, this will be a great opportunity for us to rise in DC!

“We are here in DC thanks to Lucas in the first place, so we naturally have to stand on the same side. With the three of us joining forces, we will definitely make a name for ourselves in DC, and even the eight top families won’t dare do anything to us easily!”

Hearing this, Bruce and Edmund looked tempted and expectant.

Indeed, with the three of them joining forces and Lucas’s help, they would definitely become a formidable alliance in DC!

Lucas nodded. He had brought the Hales and the Coles to DC precisely because he had such expectations.

Although he was very powerful himself, and there might not be many people who could rival him, he understood the logic that no man was an island very well.

Thus, he had to strengthen himself while continuing to enhance his forces.

“It’s settled then. The Parkers will invite those families, including the Holmes, for a banquet. We’ll get to it right away and set the banquet for tomorrow night. Bruce, Edmund, and I will be there. Just get yourselves ready and play by ear.” Lucas formulated a plan and confirmed it.

“Yes, Lucas!” They frantically agreed with excitement on their faces.

In particular, Bruce and Edmund couldn’t wait to get to it.

They originally thought that they would need to develop for a long time in DC and gradually rise to power. After all, opportunities to rise rapidly like the Parkers did were definitely rare.

But they had just arrived in DC for two days, and they had already encountered such a wonderful opportunity.

Unlike what the Parkers had encountered, they were taking the initiative to attack this time to deal with the Holmes and the other families hostile to them. It was also the first potentially tough battle they would face in DC. Zeal and excitement were coursing through their veins!

Suddenly recalling something, Damon said worriedly, “Lucas, what if… the Holmes and those families decline our invitation and refuse to come tomorrow?”

Lucas smiled firmly. “As long as you say that you want to discuss cooperating with them, they’ll definitely come!”

After being stunned for a moment, Damon immediately understood and laughed out loud. “Yes! Regardless of whether they believe this reason or not, they will definitely come once they find out about this! Even if those families aren’t willing to come, they’ll be afraid that we will really join hands with other families. If we do, they won’t be able to deal with us anymore!”

Damon’s explanation made everyone understand the crux.

Although these families said that they wanted to deal with the Parkers, they didn’t have a strong alliance. As long as there were enough benefits, their unity would fall apart immediately.

The Holmes, who planned to stay in the background and use the other families taking the lead in going against the Parkers, would be unable to be as relaxed as before.

Lucas looked at his watch and stood up. “Okay, you guys go get ready. Let me know the time and place once you’ve decided. I’ll get going now.”


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