Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1279

1279 Midnight Assassination

“Yes, goodbye, Lucas!”

The three helmsmen stood up and walked Lucas out of the restaurant. After watching him board his car and leave, they finally sighed in relief and returned to the private room.

“Haha, Edmond, Bruce, you two obtained such a wonderful opportunity as soon as you arrived in DC. Let me congratulate you on soon becoming new top families of DC!” Damon rubbed his hands and laughed heartily.

Edmund and Bruce were naturally elated and laughed happily. “Haha, yes! It’s all thanks to Lucas that we’ve obtained such a great opportunity!”

“That’s right. The Parkers attained our current achievements all thanks to Lucas. Alright, let’s make plans for tomorrow and strive to completely defeat those families!”

While they were discussing the matter in the private room, Lucas was on his way back home.

But halfway through the journey, Lucas keenly sensed something amiss.

A black Audi A4 was tailing him neither too far nor too near. When passing an intersection, the Audi A4 suddenly accelerated and charged straight at Lucas’s Jaguar!

Fortunately, he had noticed this car earlier and stepped on the accelerator at the same time as the car suddenly accelerated. The engine of his modified Jaguar had excellent performance and zoomed forward as soon as he stepped on the accelerator, causing the black Audi to miss.

At this moment, a black Hummer at the intersection that seemed to be waiting for the lights to turn green suddenly sped up and rammed straight toward Lucas’s car.

It was extremely quick, and anyone with a slow reaction time would definitely have been caught off guard and hit by this Hummer that suddenly sped over!

With a calm expression, Lucas turned his steering wheel sharply while stepping on the accelerator. The wheels screeched as they rubbed against the road, and the streamlined Jaguar dodged the Hummer’s assault.

“Hah, courting death!” Lucas sneered and stepped on the gas pedal again, making the Jaguar roar and charge forward.

The Audi and the Hummer didn’t back down and immediately changed direction to pursue Lucas closely.

Lucas didn’t speed up to the maximum but cruised with a sense of playfulness, leading the two cars behind him by a close distance, making it seem as though they would soon be able to catch up to him.

Right at a turn, Lucas slowed down slightly, and the two cars behind him seized the opportunity to speed up and charge toward Lucas’s car from both sides!

Lucas sneered and floored the accelerator again. Under the extreme acceleration, his car suddenly drifted around the turn, making a beautiful 90-degree turn without even slowing down, pulling off the thrilling feat with both wheels on one side off the ground.

Lucas’s action was beyond the expectations of the drivers of the two cars behind.

These cars were about to collide with Lucas’s Jaguar, but Lucas shook them off at the most critical moment, causing them to lose sight of their target.

Furthermore, these two drivers had already floored the accelerator to slam their cars against Lucas’s at maximum speed. When they missed hitting the Jaguar, it was already too late to slow down. Even though they did their best to steer away, the Audi and Hummer still collided!


The sound of the violent collision filled the air. The cars rubbed against each other, and bright sparks shot out for a moment before both cars flipped over. Their roofs hit the ground and skidded for a long distance.

Fortunately, it was late at night, and there weren’t many vehicles on the streets, so there were no accidents.

However, it was hard to say whether the people in these two cars were dead or alive.

Lucas stopped Jaguar at the side, walked out, and watched the situation quietly.

The windows of these overturned cars had already been shattered, and the people inside were in extremely distressed states as they struggled to crawl out of the cars.

There were a total of four people who crawled out of the cars, but one of them turned motionless as soon as he got outand never got up again. Thus, only three people were standing in front of Lucas.

Blood covered their heads. Clearly, they had suffered severe injuries from the collision and rollover.

But being able to crawl out of the two overturned cars so quickly was enough to show that they weren’t simple.

As for whether there were still people in the cars and if they were alive, it was hard to say.

“Who sent you to attack me?” Lucas questioned coldly while standing in front of them with his hands behind his back.

These people were here to kill him, so he definitely wouldn’t let them off.

The three people who crawled out were all ruthless figures, and the blood gushing out of their heads was about to drip into their eyes. Instead of answering Lucas, they raised their hands to wipe the blood on their faces with their shirt sleeves while staring closely at Lucas with ruthless expressions.

“Brothers, kill him!” shouted the leader, a burly man with a long scar on his face.

With his command, the three of them charged at Lucas together!

Under the dim light, these people with blood all over their faces and menacing expressions leaped toward Lucas like demons pouring out of hell.

“You’re overestimating yourself!”

Just as they were about to strike Lucas, he raised his leg and kicked all three of them away with one kick.




After letting out three muffled grunts, the three of them fell to the ground, unable to stand up again.

Lucas walked over to the burly man with a scar on his face, stepped on his head, and questioned in a deep voice, “Who sent you to kill me?”

The man with the scarred face struggled for a while but couldn’t break free at all. Knowing that he couldn’t escape from Lucas’s hands, a resolute look in his eyes, and his jaw moved quickly.

Lucas felt that something was amiss. He wanted to stop the burly man with a scarred face, but he was a step too late.

The burly man tilted his head with dilated pupils as a bright red streak of blood flowed out of his mouth. Clearly, he had already bitten the poisonous pill behind his teeth and died immediately!

The other two were the same. Before Lucas could break their jaws, they had already chosen to end their own lives.

People like them who hid poison in their mouths and would rather kill themselves upon being captured than reveal any information were definitely not ordinary subordinates but bonafide suicide warriors!

“They actually sent so many suicide warriors!”

Lucas’s face instantly became solemn and cold.


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