Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1280

1280 Deep Concern

If they had just been ordinary subordinates or even internationally renowned hitmen, Lucas wouldn’t be afraid.

But they were clearly suicide warriors, causing Lucas to be ill at ease.

The reason suicide warriors were called suicide warriors was that they were willing to sacrifice their lives in order to achieve their goals. They didn’t care about anything else, and they had no bottom line either.

They would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Moreover, once suicide warriors who hid poison in their mouths were captured or in an unfavorable situation, they would immediately bite the poisonous capsule and end their own lives, making it impossible to find out who the person who ordered them was.

Lucas wasn’t afraid of suicide warriors, but what about the people around him?

If suicide warriors targeted his family after failing to kill him, Cheyenne, Charlotte, Amelia, and William would have no way to deal with these people.

Even if Lucas arranged bodyguards to protect his family, it wouldn’t be of much help because suicide warriors were known to catch their victims off guard and were extremely difficult to deal with.

With a sullen expression, Lucas made a phone call. “I ran into some suicide warriors. They’ve already poisoned themselves to death. Find out who sent them.”

Although he already had a vague conjecture, it had to be verified.

After hanging up, Lucas was still feeling uneasy.

He had never wanted to have more top powerhouses by his side to protect his family as desperately as he did right now.

After asking Jordan to investigate the matter and take care of the aftermath, Lucas drove home.

It was already late, and by the time Lucas arrived home, it was already 11 p.m.

At this time, everyone at home was already sound asleep, and only the lights in the master bedroom were on.

Cheyenne had already washed up, and there was still some moisture in her hair. She was looking at the screen of her laptop at the desk, clad in a silky soft and comfortable nightgown.

When Lucas opened the door and entered, Cheyenne immediately raised her head to look at him. “Welcome back. Have you had dinner?”

Lucas nodded, walked over to her, put his arms around her shoulders, and asked softly, “Yes, I have. Why are you still awake at this hour? What are you looking at?”

While speaking, he had already seen the various tables and graphs on the laptop screen.

“Just some work stuff. It’s my first day at the Stardust Corporation tomorrow, and I’m still not confident, so I’m reading up on some more material.” Cheyenne relaxed and nestled against Lucas’s arms.

Lucas saw the dark circles under Cheyenne’s face and said with heartache, “You’ve already read enough. It’s midnight now. It’s time to get some rest!”

In fact, he only ran so many businesses because he wanted to give his family comfortable and happy lives. He didn’t want them to have to work hard like before.

But Cheyenne had her own career pursuits and wasn’t willing to be a housewife who only took care of her husband and children. She wanted to work on her career and achieve great accomplishments through her own efforts, so Lucas could only let her do as she wished.

But this didn’t mean that Lucas could watch his wife get dark undereye circles from fatigue and do nothing about it.

Cheyenne wanted to say something, but Lucas closed the laptop screen. Then he picked her up and carried her to the bed domineeringly.

“Okay, stop reading those documents. Why don’t you spend some time with me instead?” Lucas pinned Cheyenne down beneath him and kissed her tender lips.

A long time later, they finally finished. Cheyenne’s damp hair was sticking to the sides of her face messily, and she was panting slightly, looking even more gentle and breathtaking.

“Lucas, are… are you stressed because of some troubles lately?” Cheyenne asked softly, gently snuggling up in his arms.

Lucas’s body stiffened, and he immediately asked, “Why are you asking that all of a sudden?”

Cheyenne blushed and poked his chest lightly. “Your… needs are a lot these days.”

Lucas was stunned for a moment before recalling that they had just been intimate in the afternoon for a few hours. Charlotte had even teased them about it. This session had lasted for some time too. It was indeed unusual.

Am I really getting urges more frequently because I’m too stressed?

Cheyenne was indeed quite perceptive.

But Lucas didn’t want her to worry, so he naturally wouldn’t voice his concerns. He merely kissed Cheyenne’s forehead and said in a gentle voice, “Honey, you’re reading too much into it. With such a gorgeous and attractive wife, how can I possibly be stressed?”

Feeling shy, Cheyenne poked Lucas’s chest. “What a glib tongue! Okay, if you don’t want to say anything, I won’t force you to tell me. But if you’re really stressed, you can always talk to me about it. After all, we’re family!”

Touched by her words, Lucas hugged Cheyenne even tighter. “Yeah, I got it. But it’s really nothing, so don’t mull over it. Let’s go to bed now!”

Seeing that Lucas was unwilling to say anything, Cheyenne didn’t continue.

After the passionate and intense session, she was now exhausted and soon dozed off in his arms.

Lucas was holding his beautiful wife in his arms and watching her sleep peacefully, but he couldn’t calm down at all.

In fact, he was really worried now.

Over six years ago, he had left without saying goodbye and headed to the military camp in Calico in order to become good enough for Cheyenne.

After stepping down and returning to Orange County quietly, he swore that he would definitely make his family the happiest people in the world and give them carefree lives.

But there are two sides to everything.

If Lucas had wanted to be just an ordinary person, he wouldn’t have been able to give Cheyenne and Amelia a sense of security and enough assurance for them to live worry-free.

But as Lucas’s power grew, he also inadvertently made enemies one after another.

Moreover, as his status and power grew, the enemies he had to face also became more powerful. They went from the scumbags of the Carter family to the royal family branches he was facing now.

If Lucas was alone, he wouldn’t take even the strongest family in the world seriously.

But now, he had a family, so he had an Achilles’ heel.

The slightest negligence on his part might cause disaster for his family. Lucas would never allow this to happen!


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