Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1281

1281 Mastermind

After washing up in the bathroom the following morning, Lucas and Cheyenne headed downstairs and heard boisterous noises coming from the kitchen.

“Dad, quickly flip it over! This side of the egg is already burnt. If you don’t flip it over, it’s going to be as burnt as charcoal and inedible!

“Ahhh! The water in the pot hasn’t started boiling yet. If you put the noodles in now, they will stick to the pot! You have to wait for the water to boil before putting noodles in!

“Dad, you put too much water in the porridge! It’s about to overflow! Ahhh! Let me do it! Turn off the burner!”

Lucas and Cheyenne immediately stood in place and looked at each other with dismay.

They didn’t expect that the person cooking breakfast in the kitchen now was William!

In the past few decades, he had basically never stepped into the kitchen. Let alone cook, he had never even washed a single dish before!

It was no wonder that there was so much chaos in the kitchen, and Charlotte, who was helping William and teaching him to cook, was about to go crazy.

She never thought that a person’s common sense in cooking could be so lacking. Whenever she looked away for a second, William would immediately make a mistake. He was just making a simple breakfast, but he almost set the kitchen on fire. It was such a huge mess that Charlotte would rather do it herself!

In the end, she kicked William out of the kitchen and prepared breakfast with Cheyenne.

After breakfast was served, William said shamefully, “I thought cooking porridge, frying some eggs, and boiling noodles for breakfast would be easy, but I didn’t expect that I couldn’t even do such a simple thing. I messed up badly and even almost burnt the kitchen. I’m so useless!”

Lucas coughed and scooped a fried egg onto his plate while saying to William comfortingly, “That’s normal for your first time. Cooking looks simple, but it’s actually not that easy. I think we should hire a nanny to help with cooking and cleaning.”

They had just bought the villa here, and previously, Lucas and Cheyenne were the only ones living here, so they hadn’t hired a nanny.

Now that the family had moved here, and Cheyenne and Charlotte were both busy with work, they definitely couldn’t handle working and tending to the matters at home.

Moreover, William didn’t really know how to cook and do housework. These things weren’t easy for him, so it would be better to hire a nanny to handle their meals and the housework.

In any case, Lucas didn’t lack money, and hiring a nanny wouldn’t cost much. Why should he let his family work so hard?

Charlotte smiled. “Lucas is right! Dad, I don’t think you’re cut out for cooking, let alone doing housework. This villa is so big, and the garden is huge. I don’t think you can do these things. We’d better hire someone.”

Cheyenne said, “Yeah, Dad. If you want to try cooking, you can do so in your free time, but we’d better hire someone to handle our meals and the housework!”

Hearing what they said, William had no choice but to agree.

His plan to stay home and do the cooking and housework was a complete failure.

After breakfast, Cheyenne and Charlotte went to the Stardust Corporation headquarters. They were the newly appointed deputy general managers, and they were in charge of different affairs of the company.

Meanwhile, Lucas brought William and Amelia to the kindergarten where he had enrolled Amelia.

This kindergarten was located within the villa area of their new home. It was an upscale private kindergarten, and most of the children in the neighborhood went to school here.

Lucas had personally come to look at the environment here before. The design and facilities were indeed very high-end, with many high-quality teachers. Besides, it was near their home and less than a ten-minute walk away, so it was very convenient.

In addition to settling some administrative matters, Lucas had asked William to come along to send Amelia to school because he wanted to show him around the neighborhood so that he could familiarize himself with it. After all, William had volunteered to take Amelia to and from school.

Once everything was settled, Amelia stayed to attend classes.

Lucas had been worried that Amelia wouldn’t be able to adapt, so he secretly observed her for a long time outside. When he saw how gracious and friendly Amelia was and that she soon hit it off well with her new classmates, he smiled happily and left the kindergarten with peace of mind.

But soon after Lucas left the kindergarten, he received a call from Jordan. “Lucas, I’ve got some information! Those suicide warriors yesterday are related to the Hamiltons!”

“Hah, it’s just as I expected!” Lucas wasn’t surprised at all.

Last night, he had already guessed that the suicide warriors had been sent by the Hamiltons because ordinary families definitely couldn’t afford to train them. Generally, only families with strong foundations like the Hamiltons could train them. And the truth was indeed so.

The Hills and the Hamiltons were the only royal family branches who had a feud with Lucas.

The conflict between Ashton Hills and Lucas was rather intense, but Ashton was just a junior of the Hills and didn’t have a high status. There was no way he could deploy so many suicide warriors.

The Hamiltons had just had a conflict with Lucas in Orange County, and Jensen was the third son of the current helmsman of the Hamiltons and the most likely one to become the next helmsman. He had much more authority, so Lucas had suspected that the Hamiltons were the culprit.

Jordan said angrily over the phone, “Lucas, the Hamiltons actually dared to send suicide warriors to kill you. They must be tired of living! I’ve investigated and found out that Brett and Jensen Hamilton are the likely suspects. The rest of the Hamiltons don’t know about this matter yet.

“Moreover, Brett Hamilton is still in Nevada and trying to conquer it, so he hasn’t returned to his family. How about we go to Nevada now and teach that bastard a lesson?”

With an icy cold gaze in his eyes, Lucas said, “It’s indeed time to teach the Hamiltons a lesson. Go first if you want, but he likely has many bodyguards protecting him. You must pay attention to your safety, got it?”

Jordan nodded. “Yes, Lucas!”

Although Lucas had told Jordan to be careful, he actually had a lot of confidence in Jordan.

With Jordan’s current abilities, ordinary people definitely couldn’t deal with him.

Even if he encountered elite bodyguards of the Hamiltons in Nevada this time, he could take it as a trial. Even if he couldn’t win, he definitely wouldn’t lose badly. He at least had the ability to escape safely.

This trip might be a good training opportunity for Jordan.

After hanging up, Lucas immediately received a call from Damon.


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