Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1282

1282 Coming Uninvited

“Lucas, I’ve already invited the families led by the Holmes for a banquet at my manor at seven tonight. All of them have agreed,” Damon said respectfully over the phone.

Lucas said, “Okay, I’ll go over ahead of time.”

At around six o’clock, he arrived at the Parker residence, which was in the east of DC.

This place was originally known as the Walton Family Manor, but after the Parkers took over their businesses, they naturally acquired the manor.

Lucas stopped at the entrance and saw Damon, Ray, and Kenneth coming forward to receive him.

They weren’t the only ones. Bruce and Edmund were also waiting respectfully for Lucas.

Lucas entered the manor under their escort and looked around casually at the luxurious architecture. “How are the preparations?”

Damon said, “Please rest assured, Lucas. The Parkers are fully prepared. Once the helmsmen of those families are here, we will be in control of everything!”

Lucas nodded. “What about you two, Bruce, Edmund?”

Bruce said, “The Hales are ready too. We’re just waiting for your instructions, Lucas!”

Edmund chimed in, “The Coles are ready too. We will cooperate with the Parkers later!”

Lucas smiled with satisfaction.

As soon as they sat down in the living room of the main villa, a butler in a suit hurriedly walked over and reported, “Mr. Parker, Jonah Fuller, the helmsman of the Fuller family, is here. He said that he has something important to discuss with you!”

Damon frowned in puzzlement. “Why is he here?”

Seeing that Lucas and the others didn’t know who Jonah was, Damon explained, “The Fullers are one of the second-tier families in DC. In terms of strength, they’re on par with the Holmes, and they’ve always been at odds with the Holmes. They can be considered enemies.

“The Fullers aren’t targeting the Parkers together with the Holmes and the other families, so I didn’t invite them. I’m not sure why Jonah Fuller showed up uninvited.”

None of the people present were stupid. After hearing Damon’s explanation, they could more or less figure out the reason for Jonah’s visit.

Since the Fullers and the Holmes had always been at odds, and the Fullers weren’t hostile to the Parkers, Jonah definitely came to form an alliance with the Parkers.

There was a saying that an enemy of an enemy is a friend. Jonah must think so too.

“From the way I see it, Mr. Fuller is here to form an alliance with the Parkers,” Bruce said with a smile after taking a sip of tea.

Edmund snorted, “Jonah Fuller must be dreaming! With Lucas’s support and our families here, who are they to form an alliance with the Parkers?

“Jonah Fuller has misjudged the situation. We don’t need the Fullers’ help at all, much less share the upcoming benefits with them when they’ve popped up from nowhere!”

It was no wonder that Edmund was displeased.

When the Parkers were facing the attacks of the families headed by the Homles, the Fullers didn’t make their stand or express any kindness to them.

Now, the Parkers, the Hales, and the Coles had already made their plans to deal with these families. If nothing unexpected happened, they would be able to shear a lot of benefits from these families tonight.

Yet the Fullers now wanted a slice of the pie. How could they have it so easy?

After giving it some thought, Damon said, “Since Jonah Fuller wants to see me, let him in. Let’s see what he has to say.”

Then he explained to Lucas, “I’ve been in DC for a while, and I have some understanding of Jonah Fuller. He’s quite capable since he’s led the Fullers to expand from a lowly family to a second-tier family who are now on par with the Holmes.

“But I’ve never spoken to him or met him properly, so I’d like to see him in person.”

Lucas nodded nonchalantly.

It was just the helmsman of the Fullers. Lucas didn’t take him seriously and simply allowed Damon to handle it on his own.

The butler acknowledged and went out.

Soon, he returned with a chubby middle-aged man in his forties.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Parker!” Jonah greeted with a smile as soon as he entered.

He had a round face and looked very kind. In particular, when he smiled, he looked extremely grounded and approachable. He was obviously good at getting along with people, so it wasn’t surprising that he could develop his family to such an extent within a short time.

But in the eyes of Damon, Bruce, and Edmund, Jonah’s smile was superficial, looking slightly hypocritical.

Without wasting his breath on pleasantries, Damon went straight to the point. “Mr. Fuller, what brings you here today?”

Jonah smiled. “Mr. Parker, I heard that you invited several families in DC over tonight to discuss cooperation. I may not be on your invitation list, but I’m very interested in cooperating with you. That’s why I showed up uninvited. Please forgive me.”

His tone was natural and calm, even somewhat self-assured, as if Damon would immediately leap with joy, treat him as a distinguished guest, and eagerly discuss allying between the two families after what he said.

But Jonah was destined to be disappointed. After Damon heard what he said, there were no changes on his face at all, and he simply said “Oh” without even moving an eyebrow.

Jonah didn’t expect Damon’s reaction to be so calm and nonchalant. It was completely beyond his expectation.

He frowned and looked at the others in the living room. They were unfamiliar and shouldn’t be from major families in DC, so he simply ignored them and said to Damon, “Mr. Parker, it’s not that convenient for us to talk with so many people here. I’d like to chat with you alone. What do you say?”

In other words, he wanted Damon to clear the room for their private conversation.

Damon’s face immediately darkened as he said coldly, “They are my close friends and distinguished guests. Regardless of what we talk about, they’re welcome to listen. If you have something to say, just go ahead, Mr. Fuller!”

Jonah was shocked, and he finally realized that the few strangers in the room weren’t ordinary at all.

It was simple to tell. They were sitting calmly while Ray and Kenneth were standing at the side and poured water and tea for them. They didn’t have the qualifications to sit.

Ray was actually the helmsman of the Parkers now!

What did this signify?

It meant that the statuses of the strangers present were either on par with Damon’s or even higher!

He had made a misjudgment!


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