Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1283

1283 The Williams’ Lobbyist

Jonah was extremely surprised and curious about the identities of the strangers here, especially the young man in his late twenties sitting in the middle.

But seeing that Damon didn’t intend to introduce them, Jonah was smart enough not to ask.

He put away his smiling face and said seriously, “Okay, Mr. Parker, since you’ve said so, I’ll get straight to the point. Actually, I came to the Parkers this time because I inadvertently received some news, and this news is closely related to the Parkers. It has a huge impact, and it can be said to be related to the Parkers’ life and death!”

If others heard this, they would definitely panic and immediately ask what it was.

But Jonah was disappointed again because Damon’s expression was still very calm as he said lightly, “Oh?”

Jonah was confused as to why he seemed so nonchalant about it.

He had deliberately made the matter sound more serious than it really was, saying that it concerned the life and death of the Parkers. Although he was scaring them, he just wanted to make them attach great importance to his information and accept his help.

He didn’t expect Damon to act beyond his expectations and behave as if he wasn’t interested in the news at all.

A strange feeling rose in Jonah’s heart. He felt as though he had nothing to rely on and couldn’t figure out what Damon was thinking at all.

He had already broached the topic, but Damon refused to continue the conversation and simply assented indifferently, making it difficult for Jonah to reveal the information he had.

But at the thought of the purpose of his visit, Jonah could only bite the bullet and reveal the information he had, even though it seemed like a one-man show.

“Mr. Parker, you might not be aware, but the Holmes have always been displeased that the Parkers have now become the most powerful family after the eight top families, and they have always wanted to replace you. Furthermore, they have already formed an alliance with six other families to deal with the Parkers together, and they’re planning to attack tonight!

“Including the Holmes, seven families have united to attack the Parkers. Mr. Parker, it will be difficult for you to cope with this, right?”

While speaking, Jonah carefully observed Damon’s face, wanting to see any changes in his expression after he heard the news.

But after he finished speaking, Damon still looked as calm as ever, without the slightest trace of surprise. Instead, he smiled and said, “So?”

“So?” Jonah repeated in shock, unable to understand what Damon meant.

Was I not clear enough?

Why is Damon Parker reacting like that?

Why isn’t there any surprise or fear on his face? It’s like he already knows about it. He even looks confident about winning and is very relaxed.

Jonah couldn’t figure out why Damon had such an expression.

Not only Damon, but even Ray and Kenneth, as well as the three strangers he didn’t know, looked very calm, as if this news wasn’t a big deal.

Seeing that Jonah was stunned, Damon laughed, leaned back in his seat in a relaxed manner, and reminded kindly, “So, you’re telling me that the Holmes and six other families have joined hands to deal with the Parkers. So what? What are you trying to say? Or rather, what do you want? You didn’t come all the way here just to tell me this news, right?”

Jonah was stunned speechless again.

He had come to the Parkers to form an alliance with them against the Holmes, and it would be best if he could greatly weaken his archenemy.

But Damon asking him about it with such composure was completely different from what he had expected!

Jonah thought that once he said the alarming news, Damon would definitely lose his cool and become flustered and terrified. Then he could naturally propose forming an alliance with the Parkers to help them resist the Holmes’ alliance. Afterward, he could make a request that they couldn’t reject.

Regardless of the outcome, he would be able to gain the goodwill and gratitude of the Parkers, as well as countless potential benefits.

But given the current situation, Jonah felt that his original plan was most likely going to fall through.

In any case, he had to reveal the purpose of his visit.

Jonah bit the bullet and said, “To be honest with you, Mr. Parker, I came to express goodwill to you. My family is willing to form an alliance with the Parkers so that we can support each other and resist the Holmes’ alliance together.

“In addition, I’m here this time to raise a transaction. As long as you agree to it, regardless of how many families the Holmes unite with, they won’t be able to harm your family in the slightest! What do you think, Mr. Parker?”

Damon raised his brows and said with some interest, “What kind of transaction?”

Jonah said, “Actually, it’s pretty simple, and in fact, it’s a good thing for the Parkers. I might as well tell you the truth straight away. I’ve actually led the Fullers to submit to the Williams, one of the eight top families in DC. Rayson Williams, the helmsman, is very interested in the Parkers’ development, so he sent me to discuss this matter with you.

“If you’re willing to submit to the Williams too, the Parkers will naturally receive the protection of the Williams. In that case, regardless of how many families the Holmes unite, they won’t dare to harm the Parkers!”

Damon sneered.

He didn’t expect Jonah to come here as a lobbyist with the intention of convincing him to submit to the Williams.

But how could he possibly agree?

The Williams were merely one of the eight top families of DC.

The Parkers were subordinates of Lucas. How could they possibly betray Lucas and pledge allegiance to the Williams?

At this point, Damon was no longer interested in what Jonah had to say.

Regardless of whether Jonah was talented or not, his act of lobbying him to submit to someone else right in front of Lucas had already crossed Damon’s bottom line.

“Are you done? If you are, please leave!” Damon said impolitely, his face gloomy.

Jonah was caught off guard and quickly asked, “Mr. Parker, what do you mean? Submitting to the Williams and getting their protection is an absolutely wonderful thing for the Parkers! How else are you going to deal with the Holmes’ alliance? Don’t forget. They’re going to take action against the Parkers tonight!”

Damon said sullenly, “It’s none of your business how I’m going to deal with the Holmes’ alliance! If you’re done talking, you can leave now!”

Jonah wanted to continue, but Lucas finally broke his silence and suddenly said, “Go back and tell Rayson Williams that he can come in person if he wants the allegiance of the Parkers! Otherwise, he can forget about it!”


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