Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1284

1284 Underestimating Lucas

After being interrupted by Lucas and hearing his hostile tone, Jonah frowned and asked, “Who are you?”

Lucas said indifferently, “You don’t need to know who I am. You just need to go back and relay my message to Rayson Williams.”

His domineering and haughty attitude made Jonah feel displeased.

Jonah was the helmsman of a second-tier family in DC after all. He thought that the Fullers weren’t that much inferior to the Parkers, and his status was on par with Damon’s. He saw no reason for Lucas, a young man in his twenties, to be so arrogant and tyrannical in front of him.

Moreover, from the moment Jonah entered the Parker residence today, everything was no longer under his control. Not only was the entire process far from what he expected, but the Parkers’ reaction also shocked him. He was about to fail the task that Rayson, helmsman of the Williams, had given him, so he couldn’t help getting anxious and jittery.

Jonah stopped smiling and questioned sternly, “Mr. Parker, what do you mean by this? Are you turning down the Williams’ olive branch? Mr. Parker, I respect you as the former helmsman of a prestigious family, and that’s why I kindly came here to inform you of the Williams’ recruitment offer. I’m also here to help the Parkers through your current ordeal, but you’re so ungrateful!

“The Parkers have only started developing in DC for a few short months, and you don’t have much of a foundation here at all. If you hadn’t been lucky enough to replace the Walton and take over all their businesses, do you really think you could have become the most powerful family after the eight top families?

“To put it bluntly, no family in DC acknowledges the Parkers’ status. You should be aware of this too, Mr. Parker!

“Now, the Parkers are facing a catastrophe, and you might be completely annihilated by the Holmes’ alliance. Pledging allegiance to the Williams is the only way you can save your family from destruction! Mr. Parker, you’d better think about what choice you should make!

“Also, don’t blame me for not reminding you, but if you turn down Mr. Williams’ kind intentions, even I don’t know if he will be furious and displeased with you as a result. Hmph, Mr. Parker, you’d better take care of yourself!”

Jonah’s words were full of a threatening tone.

Damon sneered. “Get lost!”

He shouted at the door, “People, throw Jonah Fuller out!”

With Damon’s order, two tall and burly bodyguards immediately entered, grabbed Jonah’s arms without hesitation, and dragged him out like a criminal.

“What… what are you doing?! Let go! I am the helmsman of the Fuller family. How dare you treat me like this?!

“Damon Parker, how dare you treat me so rudely? I’ll definitely tell Mr. Williams the truth. When the time comes, you’d better be ready for your doom! Mr. Williams will never let you off! Ugh…”

Jonah roared furiously. But before he could finish speaking, he grunted incoherently because the bodyguards had stuffed his mouth with a napkin, forcing him to keep quiet.

Even when Jonah was dragged far away from the main villa, Damon still couldn’t suppress his anger and cursed in exasperation, “Damn it! He’s just a peon throwing his weight around by leveraging the Williams’ strength. Who is he to talk so much nonsense in front of Lucas? The Williams are nothing! He’s just a frog in a well!”

During this period of time, Damon had gained a great understanding of Lucas. Even a few helmsmen of the eight top families were extremely respectful toward Lucas, and even the head of the Peerless Martial Association couldn’t do anything to Lucas, let alone the mere helmsman of the Williams family.

Jonah simply overestimated himself!

With Lucas around, the Williams wouldn’t be able to do anything to the Parkers, even though they were one of the eight top families!

Bruce had been in Orange County all this while and had only arrived in DC two days ago, so he had no idea what Lucas had done in DC and what his true identity was. Jonah’s threats made Bruce feel extremely worried, and he frowned tightly.

“Mr. Parker, the Williams that Jonah Fuller mentioned just now is indeed one of the eight top families of DC, right? If Mr. Williams is really angry and wants to teach us a lesson, won’t it be difficult for us to deal with him even with all of us together?” Bruce asked worriedly while pinching his fingers.

Hearing this, Damon said with an ambiguous expression, “Bruce, it seems that you’ve underestimating Lucas.”

Bruce was astonished, and he frantically explained, “No, no, no, I wouldn’t dare to underestimate Lucas. However, the Williams are one of the eight top families after all, and their strength is unfathomable. If we go against a behemoth like them… I’m worried that we won’t have many odds of winning…

“Also, Jonah Fuller said that aside from the Williams, the Holmes have gathered six other powerful families with animosity against the Parkers. With seven strong families against us, I… I’m really worried! But this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in you, Lucas!”

He was so panic-stricken that large droplets of sweat were gushing out of his forehead, afraid that Lucas might think he was disrespectful.

Lucas understood what Bruce meant and comforted with a smile, “Okay, Bruce, don’t worry. With me around, be it the Williams or the Holmes’ alliance, neither of them can do anything to us.”

Edmund knew Lucas’s true identity in the military and how capable Lucas was. He said with a smile, “Yeah, Bruce, you can rest assured and relax! As long as Lucas is here, no one can harm us. You don’t have to be afraid at all!”

Bruce nodded ashamedly. Both Damon and Edmund were confident in Lucas’s ability to win, so he felt ashamed for being worried for nothing.

It seemed that he indeed lacked understanding of Lucas’s abilities. Or rather, Lucas’s true power was far greater than he thought.

When Bruce thought of this, all his worries disappeared before he knew it.

The few of them continued to have tea in the living room and chatted for a while. Before long, the butler knocked on the door and walked in again.

He reported respectfully, “Mr. Parker, the helmsmen that you invited are here. I have already arranged for them to wait in the hall in the villa. Please give me your orders!”

Only then did Damon realize that it was already 7 p.m., which was the time that they had agreed to meet.

Just as he was about to get up, Lucas suddenly said, “What are you in a hurry for? Let them wait for a while.”

Damon smacked his head and guffawed. “Haha, you’re right, Lucas. I’ll just let them wait. I’ll establish my dominance and make them flustered before showing up. That’ll do the trick! As expected, you’re far more thoughtful than I am!”

Lucas took a sip of tea while smiling quietly.

At this moment, a group of people had already gathered in the living room of the other villa. They were the Holmes and the helmsmen of the six families in their alliance, as well as their bodyguards.

It was already time, and the helmsmen of the seven families had already arrived, yet the Parkers, the host, had yet to show up even after so long!


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