Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1286

1286 Borrowing

Damon naturally didn’t come alone. Lucas, Bruce, Edmund, and others accompanied him into the living room. But under Lucas’s instructions, they didn’t state their identities.

In addition, dozens of the Parkers’ experts swarmed in from outside and stood by the entrance of the living room, blocking it firmly.

This way, even if the seven helmsmen in the living room wanted to leave, it would be impossible.

Seeing this scene, the seven helmsmen had a drastic change in expression. They looked at Damon and the experts in anger and shock.

They originally thought that Damon would definitely not dare to lay a hand on them and that he had likely invited them here to make peace with them.

But they never thought that Damon would make them wait in the empty living room for more than an hour, causing them to be incredibly hungry.

Now, he was even more overboard. He got the Parkers’ guards to block the entrance. Did the Parkers want to use force and take action against them?

“Mr. Parker, what do you mean by this?” Norman questioned Damon furiously. “You’re the one who invited us here today, and we came here on time, but what did you do? You made us wait here for so long, and now you’re putting up such a front. Shouldn’t you give us a reasonable explanation?”

Damon ignored him and sat on the master seat before inviting Lucas, Bruce, Edmund, and the others to sit down. Then he glanced at Norman and said nonchalantly, “What explanation do you want, Mr. Holmes?”

As soon as he said this, Damon was stunned and at a complete loss for words.

Damon was making it clear that he had done it on purpose. He wanted to shame them and assert dominance. Now, he didn’t even bother giving an excuse. What explanation could they get from Damon?

The truth was right in front of them!

Norman was hopping mad, but they were still on the Parkers’ turf. In fact, even their lives were in Damon’s hands.

If Damon was insidious and vicious, he might really order his men to kill them all here.

The seven helmsmen were aware of this as well. The thing was that Damon’s actions were completely beyond their expectations, and even they couldn’t predict what he would do next.

All of a sudden, everyone felt insecure and didn’t dare to speak. They could only look at Norman, their pillar of support.

Norman felt extremely aggrieved, but since Damon now had the upper hand, he had no choice but to suppress his anger for now and say, “Okay, we’ll take it that you were busy and not hold it against you. But why did you invite us here?”

He didn’t want to stay here for another minute longer.

Damon couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on exchanging pleasantries with these helmsmen, so he simply said, “I won’t beat around the bush and continue wasting any time here. The matter is simple. I have two close friends who have just arrived in DC and plan to develop here too. But they’ve just arrived and don’t have a place for lodging yet. That’s why I invited you here to borrow some things and some land to use.”

He leaned back against his chair and said with a relaxed expression, “Don’t worry, we won’t borrow too much from your families. Just hand over half of your properties and businesses to us, and we can still be friends in the future. How about it?”

As soon as he said this, the helmsmen in the living room were stunned speechless.

They never thought that Damon would be so direct and directly state his purpose. Moreover, he was actually so greedy as to ask for half of their businesses and properties!

He really dared to ask for a lion’s share!

He said he was borrowing, but the helmsmen weren’t stupid. As soon as they heard what he said, they knew that he wanted them to cede half of their businesses and properties and loan them to him indefinitely!

This was blatant robbery!

All seven helmsmen were boiling with fury!

“Damon Parker, you really have a big appetite! You asked for half of our businesses and properties in one go! Who do you think you are?” Norman hollered at the top of his voice.

“The Parkers are just outsiders who have been in DC for less than half a year. Who knows what methods you used to bring down the Waltons and seize their businesses and status! What right do you have to make us hand over half of our businesses and properties? Do you think the Parkers are top families like the eight top families and the royals?”

The other helmsmen also roared furiously, “Mr. Holmes is right! What right do you have to snatch our businesses and properties? Who are you to be so arrogant in front of us?”

“Hah, Damon Parker, I bet you’re getting ahead of yourself just because your family has been enjoying success lately! You want to snatch our businesses and properties? You need our permission first!”

“Yes! As long as our families join forces, we will be able to destroy the Parkers, and you won’t be able to act so arrogantly in front of us again!”

The seven helmsmen were livid. They cursed, and some of them even hurled vulgarities.

Clearly, they couldn’t accept Damon’s request!

The Parkers were the prey that these families wanted to carve up together. Who were the Parkers to do the same to them?

Not to mention half of their businesses and properties, they didn’t want to give the Parkers a single cent!

With a calm expression on his face, Damon slowly got into his seat. Only after these helmsmen finished speaking did he finally say, “Actually, you’re right. If we hadn’t obtained most of the Waltons’ businesses, it would have been impossible for the Parkers to carve out a career of our own in DC within such a short time.

“But please touch your hearts and ask yourselves if your families are stronger than the Waltons.

“Those of you who think you’re stronger than the Waltons, why don’t you step forward and let me have a look?”

Damon smiled and glanced at the faces of each and every helmsman one by one.


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