Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1287

1287 Two Choices

Those whom Damon looked at subconsciously lowered their heads to avoid eye contact with him.

Of course, no one dared to step forward to say that his family was stronger than the Waltons in their heyday.

The Waltons had been an established family in DC for decades, and they had been one of the eight top families in DC.

None of their families was stronger than the Waltons.

Seeing everyone fall silent, Damon continued, “Think about it. Since I can make the Waltons vanish from DC overnight and take over all their assets, I can also make you people follow in the Waltons’ footsteps. Dealing with you people will definitely be much easier than dealing with the Waltons.”

“What you’ve said is right. Although the Parkers haven’t reached the status of a top family yet, once we take down your families and take over your assets, who would dare to say that the Parkers can’t remain in the position of the strongest family below the eight top families, if not on par with them?”

Damon’s eyes were full of unconcealed ambition. He looked at the helmsmen of the seven families in front of him as if they were his prey, like they were seven sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

The helmsmen shuddered, filled with shock and anger. They were so frightened by what Damon said that they were speechless.

Does Damon Parker really plan to kill us right here and seize all our assets?

How… how dare he?!

Even though they didn’t want to believe it, they had no choice but to do so.

Damon was right. Back then, the Parkers had replaced the Waltons, who were far stronger than them, overnight and even took over all their assets. In that case, what made them think that the Parkers wouldn’t dare to do anything to them or that the Parkers wouldn’t be able to do anything to them?

Damon saw the changes in everyone’s expressions. “To be honest, there isn’t a deep feud between you people and me. I’m not vicious or ruthless, so I don’t want to drive you to a dead end. Therefore, I’ll give you two choices.

“The first choice is to hand over half of your family’s businesses and properties and submit to the Parkers. In the future, we can get along well like brothers, and your families will be safe and sound. You might even get some good development opportunities.

“And the second choice is to turn down the suggestion I just made. If you still want to go against me as an alliance, then you people are my enemies from now on, and I won’t show you any mercy! I wasn’t just threatening you when I said that I could make you follow in the footsteps of the Waltons.

“Think about it carefully before you make your choice! This matter concerns the life and death of your families. I will give you ten minutes to consider. Once the time is up, if you still haven’t made a decision, I will assume that you have chosen the second choice.

“Your ten minutes starts now!”

After Damon finished speaking, the Parkers’ servants, who had long been prepared, carried over an antique clock and placed it in front of the seven helmsmen so that they could clearly see the passing of each minute and each second.

“What… what should I do now?”

Seeing that Damon had even brought an antique clock out, they knew that he wasn’t joking just now. The helmsmen immediately panicked and turned pale.

The antique clock stood right in front of them. With each passing second, the long needle moved.



The sound of time passing was just like a tune of death, making the crowd even more nervous and flustered.

Even Norman, who had always thought he was smart, looked incredibly gloomy at this moment. He clenched his fists tightly, unable to hide his panic.

Damon’s actions were way beyond their expectations and foiled their initial plan.

Indeed, the fact that the Parkers had managed to replace the Waltons overnight and take over all their assets proved that the Parkers were definitely not ordinary.

But the Parkers weren’t that terrifyingly powerful because many people knew that there was a mysterious big shot supporting them, whose power might even surpass the eight top families of DC.

They should have been scrupulous of the Parkers and the mysterious big shot behind them.

But none of them had ever met that big shot, so over time, they had started to neglect him and took it that the Parkers had just gotten lucky.

After hearing what Damon said, the helmsmen finally discovered how ridiculously wrong they were!

Norman subconsciously turned to look at the few people sitting beside Damon.

Two of them were about the same age as Damon. They were elderly men in their seventies whom he had never seen before, and they were likely Damon’s friends who had just arrived in DC.

The other was an extremely young man who looked to be only in his twenties.

What could such a young man be on equal footing with these three old men?

Even Damon’s son and grandson were standing behind them respectfully.

Norman wondered if one of the three people sitting beside Damon was the mysterious big shot supporting the Parkers.

He sized them up with glistening eyes.

The other helmsmen didn’t read as much into it as Norman did. They were already flustered and at a loss for what choice to make.

It was a matter that concerned the life and death of their families, yet Damon only gave them ten minutes to make a decision. He even forbade them from calling the other important figures of their families to discuss the matter.

With the continuous ticking of the clock hands, their anxiousness and pressure made it even harder for them to make up their minds.

One of the helmsmen couldn’t endure the suffering. He broke out in cold sweat and grabbed Norman’s arm in distress. “What should I do? How are we supposed to pick? Mr. Holmes, you’ve always had great ideas. Help us think of one now!”

Norman was now their pillar of support!


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