Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380: Where Do You Get Your Confidence From?

“Shut up! All of you, shut up!

“If you dare to disrespect me again, all of you will die!

“Go kill Lucas Gray for me. Kill him immediately!”

Being scolded by a group of people younger than him and who disregarded him, Jeffrey felt embarrassed and flew into a rage.

Nameless and Joyless looked at each other. Their actions were extremely quick as they immediately charged at Lucas. They were so fast that ordinary people couldn’t see their movements at all. They could only vaguely see two blurry black figures rushing at Lucas.

Lucas’s expression was still calm. Just as the two black figures were about to reach him, he suddenly sneered. “You have a death wish!”

Lucas threw two punches and hit the two black shadows!



With the sounds of two violent collisions, the two black shadows grunted and shot back again. They landed at Jeffrey’s feet, smashing two deep pits in the hard stone floor at the entrance of the Capital International Hotel.

Everyone was shocked. Before they could react, Lucas’s figure suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of the two brothers.


Lucas raised his foot and stepped on Nameless’s neck. With a loud crack, he broke his neck!

Beside them, Joyless’s expression changed drastically. Before he could be sad or angry, he was terrified and wanted to escape. But before he could react, Lucas stepped on his chest, and he couldn’t struggle free.

“You… you…” Joyless was so frightened that he couldn’t even say a complete sentence.

“I sneak attacked?” Lucas looked at Jeffrey, who was standing in front of him, and said mockingly, “Do I need to sneak attack to deal with these two good-for-nothings?”

Everyone was so shocked that their eyeballs were about to fall out.

If there were people who really believed that Lucas had used some kind of sneak attack to plot against Nameless, then no one believed such nonsense anymore.

What a joke. Lucas had faced the two brothers’ attacks alone and sent them flying. It took less than five seconds for one of them to be dead and the other to be injured!

With such a huge disparity in strength, was there a need for Lucas to sneak attack?

There was a world of difference between them. It was as simple as an adult pushing down two children who had just learned to walk.

Would anyone say that the adult pushed down the two children with a sneak attack?

It was simply ridiculous!

Jeffrey’s face had already turned pale.

He had watched helplessly as Nameless, one of his most capable subordinates, had his throat crushed by Lucas’s foot. He had died in front of him and was still staring at him with his eyes wide open.

Seeing his other top expert seriously injured and unable to get up after being stepped on by Lucas and could be trampled to death at any moment and sent to accompany his brother, Jeffrey felt a chill run down his spine!

At this moment, he truly felt a deep sense of fear toward Lucas!

Beside Jeffrey, Jace, Rayson, and the others, who had shouted the loudest earlier, seemed to have their necks suddenly pinched. Their faces were covered in cold sweat, and they couldn’t say a word. They wished they could hide somewhere where Lucas couldn’t see them.

Although they had long known that Lucas was extremely strong and not an ordinary person, it was only after seeing it with their own eyes that they finally understood how terrifyingly strong he was!

Even when Jeffrey’s two most powerful experts joined forces, they couldn’t touch Lucas at all. Instead, in just a few seconds, one of them died, and the other was injured. Such frightening strength had far exceeded the imagination of Jace, Rayson, and the others!

Greg, Eric, Samuel, and the others also looked at Lucas in fear, as if they were looking at a monster. The fear made their legs go weak and their bodies tremble.

“Lucas Gray, I admit that you are indeed very strong. You are much stronger than I imagined,” Jeffrey said while staring at Lucas. “However, don’t think that you’re invincible!

“I’m warning you. You killed my subordinate, so you’d better kneel down and apologize to me now. I can spare you this time! Otherwise, only endless revenge awaits you!”

Jeffrey’s words were very domineering.

Lucas had defeated his two most powerful experts, but he still dared to speak to Lin Chen in such a manner. He wanted Lucas to kneel down and apologize to him!

Where did he get his confidence from?

But what Jeffrey said made Jace and the others, who had just fallen into despair and fear, instantly find hope again.

Jeffrey definitely had backup!

Otherwise, he would never have dared to provoke Lucas like this!

Although everyone knew that Jeffrey had been practicing martial arts for decades, he was in his late seventies after all. He was no match for Lucas.

But the force behind Jeffrey should be what he was relying on!

At the thought of which family Jeffrey was from, Jace, Rayson, and the others immediately became lively again.

“Lucas Gray, you’re dead meat! You bumpkin, do you know how terrifying Mr. Arnault’s background is? You’d be scared to death if you knew! If you don’t want to die, kneel down and apologize to Mr. Arnault immediately!”

“That’s right! Mr. Arnault isn’t an ordinary person. He’s not someone that someone like you can afford to offend! You actually spoke rudely to him and even killed one of his subordinates. This is simply unforgivable!”

“Hehe, Mr. Arnault’s revenge is definitely not something that ordinary people can withstand! Just wait to be hunted down until you die! You will never be able to escape!”

These people were like annoying flies, and they immediately started buzzing again.

Jeffrey was very pleased with what he heard. He raised his head and said proudly, “Lucas Gray, did you hear that? The consequences of offending me are not something you can withstand!

“If you obediently admit your mistakes, kneel down, and beg for mercy, I’ll consider— Smack!

Before Jeffrey could finish speaking, Lucas suddenly raised his hand and slapped him across the face!

Lucas was really annoyed. This person only had a little relationship with the royal Arnaults, but he was actually pretending in front of him. Did he really think that he was afraid of him?

He was just pretending to be a big shot to intimidate others!

Although Lucas usually didn’t attack the elderly or women, some people were just too despicable. Since he wanted to be beaten up, Lucas could only fulfill his wish..


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