Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382: Is There Backup?

Now, the person being stepped on and whose life was under someone’s control was Jeffrey. But he still acted as if he was the most impressive and great person, and he actually dared to order Lucas to kneel down and beg him. There was really something wrong with his brain.

Otherwise, Jeffrey wouldn’t have thought that the royal Arnaults were so mighty that when Lucas heard the name, he should immediately kneel down to beg for mercy in fright.

Lucas had never seen such a pretentious and stupid person.

He was already on the verge of death, but he was still trying to use the name of a family to suppress him. It was really too ridiculous.

Lucas narrowed his eyes and pulled Jeffrey up from the ground. “Jeffrey Arnault, it seems that you still haven’t figured out your own situation. In that case, I’ll help you. Don’t say that I’m bullying you!”

Jeffrey gulped and asked nervously, “Wh-what do you want to do?”

The helmsmen standing beside Jeffrey also looked nervous, afraid that Lucas would do something to Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was the backbone of their group!

If Jeffrey hadn’t arrived and gathered six of the eight top families of DC, they wouldn’t have dared to be hostile with Lucas at all, much less fight against him!

They had thought that Jeffrey definitely had a way to deal with Lucas and were all ready to deal with the defeated Lucas. But they didn’t expect that Jeffrey’s two most powerful experts were not Lucas’s match at all. Even Jeffrey himself had been slapped by Lucas in front of so many people and had even lost a few of his teeth, making him completely disgraced.

And now, Jeffrey had fallen into Lucas’s hands, and even his life was under Lucas’s control.

This was completely different from what they had imagined!

Jace had long hated Lucas to the core, so much so that he wished Lucas would immediately die in front of him. But in the end, Lucas didn’t die no matter what. Now, he was still so arrogant. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Lucas, you’ve controlled Mr. Arnault in public and even bullied him. He’s an elderly man in his seventies. Are you still human?” Jace scolded Lucas righteously.

“Moreover, Mr. Arnault is from the royal Arnault family. If you dare to treat Mr. Arnault like this, the royal Arnaults will definitely not let you off! Do you think you can continue living a carefree

Jace hurriedly said to Jeffrey, “Mr. Arnault, Lucas Gray is just a pitiful worm who has been kicked out of the Huttons for more than twenty years. He has no background at all. He just went to be a soldier for a few years and learned some martial arts. Then he thought that he was very powerful and looked down on everyone. Even I was bullied by him!

“Back then, if the Huttons hadn’t raised him for a few years, and my father hadn’t been kind enough to hand over the Stardust Corporation to him after seeing how pitiful he was, he would still be living miserably in Orange County. He would still be the live-in son-in-law of a small family and would be worse than a pig. He would be looked down on every day!

“But this person doesn’t know how to be grateful at all. He’s an ungrateful bastard!

“Mr. Arnault, you don’t have to be polite with such a person. I know that you must have arranged other top experts around here. Now, you should quickly call them out to kill this bastard!” Lucas glanced at Jace and found that he was still as stupid and vicious as ever.

He had thought that after Jace lost his position as the successor of the Huttons and was frightened by him a few times, he should have become a bit smarter. At the very least, he should understand that Lucas wasn’t someone he could provoke.

Unexpectedly, Jace was still so stupid. At this time, he was still thinking about how to plot against Lucas and get Jeffrey to find people to deal with him.

Actually, Jace did seem to have grown a little smarter after the repeated blows. He had revealed a little of Lucas’s background in front of Jeffrey and clearly told him that Lucas had no backing to rely on so that he could deal with him boldly.

But it was unknown if Jace had selectively forgotten or intentionally left out the most important part—Lucas’s true identity.

Rayson also hurriedly said, “Mr. Arnault, Jace is right. Lucas Gray is indeed a nobody with no background. He’s just an illegitimate son of the Huttons. He was kicked out of the Hutton family twenty years ago and chased out of DC. Only this year did he suddenly return to DC. He doesn’t have any other background or backing!

“Such a small fry dares to offend you like this. He deserves to die! Mr. Arnault, quickly call out the other experts you’ve arranged to kill him!

“Even if you kill him now, no one will say a word for him, much less avenge him!”

“Mr. Arnault, that’s right. Kill Lucas Gray!”

Greg, Samuel, and the others also spoke up.

Jeffrey’s expression was very gloomy. He shut his mouth tightly and didn’t say a word. But a glint flashed across his eyes, as if he was thinking about something.

But what Jace, Rayson, and the others said immediately annoyed Edmund and the others.

With anger written all over his face, Edmund was the first to step forward and roar, “Bullshit! Who said that even if Mr. Gray dies, no one will care or take revenge? As long as I, Edmund Cole, am around, no one is allowed to touch Mr. Gray! And if something really happens to him, I will definitely take revenge for him even if I have to risk the destruction of the Coles!”

Bruce also stepped forward and said righteously, “That’s right! Mr. Gray still has the Hales following him. I won’t let you touch him easily!”

“And the Parkers too! There’s no way you can lay a hand Mr. Gray!”

“The same goes for the Smiths!”

“And the Fullers too!”

Immediately, the several helmsmen standing beside Lucas spoke up one after another, expressing their support for Lucas.

If not for the fact that they believed in Lucas so much, they wouldn’t still be standing firmly on his side at this time.

They had confidence in Lucas and believed that he would never fail.

Of course, they knew very well that this was a risky gamble. They were betting all of their family’s assets and lives that Lucas would definitely win.

If Lucas won, they would win as well.

But if Lucas lost, everything they had, including their lives, would probably be lost as well.

Their lives were already closely linked to Lucas’s.

Lucas looked up at the people talking beside him, and a faint smile slowly appeared on his lips.

No matter when or for what reason, it wasn’t a bad feeling to know that there was a group of people willing to speak up for him and willing to gamble their lives with him..


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