Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1383

Chapter 1383: You’re So Pitiful

On the other side, Jace rolled his eyes in disdain. “Heh, you’re just a motley crew formed by ignorant third-rate families. How dare you threaten us?

“We have six of the eight top families in DC on our side. If we want to crush your small families to death, it’s as easy as crushing a few ants! You’re too arrogant!”

“Is that so?” Lucas sneered, his eyes cold as he looked at Jace.

Jace subconsciously shivered and immediately looked away, not daring to look into Lucas’s eyes anymore, wishing he could hide behind everyone.

For some reason, he felt a great sense of danger from Lucas’s gaze. It was as if his heart had been stabbed by a knife.

But at the thought that he had six other families beside him and that their lineup was even stronger, Jace regained his courage. “Lucas, are you unconvinced? Isn’t that a collection of junk on your side?”

Lucas narrowed his eyes and suddenly laughed. “Is that so? Do you think that you’re so impressive and noble? Yes, I don’t have any backers to rely on. But a person like me is enough to suppress people like you who have a lot of backers. You can only stand there and talk, but no one dares to come forward and attack me!

“In comparison, who is junk?”

“You!” Jace was furious, but what Lucas said hit the nail on the head. He really didn’t dare to go forward and fight with Lucas.

However, he was unwilling to admit defeat in front of Lucas. He could only retort indignantly and incompetently, “Don’t think that you’re impressive and invincible! Just you wait. Mr. Arnault will definitely not let you off! If the royal Arnaults know that you bullied the Arnaults, they will definitely hunt you down all over the world! Let’s see how long you can continue to be arrogant!”

Lucas couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on Jace’s childish words. He ignored him and turned to Jeffrey, who was in his hand. “Mr. Arnault, I really pity you now.

“Look, you’ve fallen into my hands, and your life and death are in my hands. But the families you’ve won over don’t even dare to move, let alone save you. They only dare to stand far away and talk nonsense. They only know how to encourage you to deal with me. Look at how pitiful you are!

“Just now, Rayson Williams said that no one would care about me after I died, but the people around me immediately refuted him. What about you? Mr. Arnault, if I kill you right now, do you think those people over there will rush out to avenge you?”

There was undisguised mockery in Lucas’s voice. Then he let go of Jeffrey and looked at him with a faint smile.

Jeffrey’s expression was gloomy. After regaining his freedom, he didn’t move. Instead, he looked at Eric, Jace, Rayson, and the others who had just submitted him, his gaze dark and profound.

Then he suddenly ordered, “Speaking of which, you have indeed been standing there for a long time. It’s time to move. I order you to kill Lucas Gray immediately! Do it now!”

His words stunned Jace, Rayson, and the others.

No one expected Lucas to suddenly release Jeffrey, and no one expected Jeffrey to be affected by what Lucas said. He actually ordered them to kill Lucas!

But how were they going to kill Lucas?

Just now, Jeffrey had sent out his two most powerful experts, but they had been no match for Lucas at all. Even when the two of them joined forces, they couldn’t touch Lucas at all. Instead, he had killed one of them and severely injured the other.

Lucas was so powerful. Who would dare to rush forward to deal with him at this moment?

They encouraged Jeffrey to attack Lucas because they knew that Jeffrey was from the royal Arnault family and had to have a top expert following him.

Furthermore, they thought that it was impossible for Jeffrey to come here and fight against Lucas with just a few people. Thus, they all felt that Jeffrey must have prepared extremely powerful backup. Even if Nameless and Joyless died, he definitely had other ways to deal with Lucas.

As for them… they didn’t have anyone who could go against Lucas. Sending their subordinates out would only be sending them to their deaths. Who would be willing?!

For a moment, the members of the five families looked left and right, hoping that the people around them would go up while they hid at the back.

After a few minutes, no one dared to step forward and say that they were going to deal with Lucas.

As for Lucas’s side, they had far fewer people than the other side, but their aura was much stronger than the other side’s.

Especially after hearing Jeffrey’s order, Edmund was the first to step forward and stand in front of Lucas. He glared at Jeffrey, Jace, and the others and shouted, “You won’t be able to lay a hand on Mr. Gray unless the Coles are destroyed!”

“If anyone dares to touch Mr. Gray, the Hales will definitely not let them off!”

“With the Parkers here, no one can lay a finger on Mr. Gray!”

“The Smiths are here too. If anyone dares to make a move against Mr. Gray, I’ll kill them first!”

“If you want to harm Mr. Gray, you have to get past the Fullers first!”

Instantly, the few helmsmen standing beside Lucas stood in front of him with furious expressions as they glared at the group of people opposite them.

This scene was actually surprisingly shocking. It was because there were so few of them and everyone’s expressions were very serious that they subconsciously carried a tragic and magnificent feeling, making it even more shocking.

Indeed, among these families, other than the Smiths, which were one of the eight top families, the other families, such as the Parkers, the Hales, the Coles, the Fullers, and a few others, were all second-tier families in DC or families that had just come to DC to develop. Naturally, they were not comparable to the eight top families of DC.

But now, the helmsmen of these families were standing in front of Lucas with an imposing manner. The aura they produced was extremely astonishing, and it even suppressed the alliance of the seven families opposite them.

Many people were shocked speechless.

Lucas smiled at Jeffrey. “Mr. Arnault, do you see? I don’t need to give any orders to the people who follow me. They will take the initiative to protect me and not let you do anything to me.

“And look at the people on your side. Even though you’ve ordered them to take action immediately, they only know how to shirk and don’t dare to come forward for fear of losing their subordinates. They will only encourage you to take action so that they can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

“These people are the real ingrates. They’re choosing to follow you now because you’re still useful to them. Of course, even though you’re very useful to them, they don’t dare to step forward to save you when you’re in danger. Look, aren’t you pitiful?

“Moreover, how long do you plan to keep these ingrates around you? Aren’t you afraid that they will stab you in the back when they think you’re useless?”

What Lucas said immediately caused the expressions of Jace, Rayson, Greg, and the others to change drastically!.


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