Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384: Strange Alliance

Jace immediately shouted, “Mr. Arnault, Lucas is deliberately sowing discord! We will never betray you!

“I think he knows that we have more people on our side and he has fewer people on his, so he’s trying to sow discord between us so that we fight among ourselves first! Don’t fall for his trap!”

The others hurriedly said, “That’s right, Mr. Arnault. You mustn’t be fooled by this punk! He just wants you to be hostile toward us and target us!”

“Exactly. Mr. Arnault, this punk is simply evil. We can’t let him live! You’d better quickly call out the elites of the Arnaults that you’ve arranged and kill Lucas Gray!”

“I concur. Mr. Arnault, hurry up and kill him! This punk deserves to die!”

Hearing these people trying to get Jeffrey to kill him, Lucas ignored them and continued to say to Jeffrey, “Mr. Arnault, do you see that? These people keep saying that they’re on your side, but they only know how to ask you to call people over to deal with me while they’re just waving flags and shouting at the side. They don’t even dare to send out a single subordinate.

“And this is because they know that I’m very powerful. They know that even if they send people over, they’ll only be tempting fate in front of me. They can’t bear to part with their subordinates.

“However, they keep encouraging you to send people. They want to use me to kill all the experts you send to weaken the Arnaults.

“And when most of the Arnaults’ experts are dead, I will definitely be exhausted and unable to fight anymore. At that time, they will take this opportunity to take us both down.

“This way, not only will they use you to get rid of me, their enemy, but they will also use me to weaken the Arnaults so that they can divide the Arnaults’ assets as spoils of war!

“Mr. Arnault, as smart as you are, you should have thought of such an outcome, right?”

Lucas’s tone was gentle, but there were swords hidden in his words, and every word pricked Jeffrey’s and the helmsmen’s hearts.

Jeffrey’s expression became more and more sullen. He knew that Lucas wasn’t scaremongering. It was very likely that it would really happen! And he could even imagine what the scene would be like in his mind.

Seeing that Jeffrey’s expression wasn’t good, Jace and others started panicking.

Jeffrey was really convinced by Lucas. He was starting to suspect them!

Lucas did it on purpose. He deserved to die!

Rayson was the most panicked. He had already betrayed people twice in a row. If Jeffrey suspected that someone would betray him, he would definitely be the first one suspected!

“Mr. Arnault, you’re so smart and wise. You must be able to tell that Lucas Gray is trying to sow discord between us and make you suspect us! We really won’t do that. You have to believe us!” Rayson said anxiously to Jeffrey.

Lucas smiled. “Oh? Mr. Williams, you don’t seem to agree with my speculation. How about this?

Shall you send people to kill me first?”

When Rayson heard this, his expression instantly stiffened.

He only wanted to show his loyalty in front of Jeffrey. It would be best if he could get Jeffrey to send people to kill Lucas. But he didn’t say that he would take the lead and get his subordinates to send themselves to their deaths!

If his people could defeat Lucas, would he still suffer in front of him every time? Would he still dare to be angry but not dare to speak out? Rayson froze and didn’t dare to speak.

Lucas smiled. “Mr. Williams, why aren’t you saying anything? Aren’t you very loyal to Mr. Arnault and can’t wait to kill me immediately? What’s wrong? I’m standing right here. Why don’t you dare to send anyone to attack me?

“Or do you really want Mr. Arnault and I to fight to the death so that you can take advantage of the situation to reap benefits?”

Lucas said these things on purpose. Rayson’s repeated betrayals had already made Lucas want to kill him.

Jeffrey glared at Rayson Williams and said coldly, “Rayson Williams, send people to deal with Lucas Gray immediately!”

Rayson had a bitter taste in his mouth as cold sweat broke out all over his body. He stammered, “Mr. Arnault, y-you think too highly of the Williams. The Williams are no match for Lucas Gray! Only the top experts of the Arnaults can deal with him!”

“Bastard!” Jeffrey was furious. He raised his hand and slapped Rayson hard in the face. “Rayson

Williams, do you really think I’m a fool? If you still don’t dare to attack, I won’t be polite to you!”

Rayson covered his face, but he still said pitifully, “Mr. Arnault, it’s not that I don’t want to attack Lucas Gray, but… but I really can’t beat him!”

“Good-for-nothing!” Jeffrey slapped Rayson’s face again, extremely angry.

Jeffrey was certain that Rayson had a hidden agenda, so he couldn’t be bothered with him anymore. He suddenly pointed at Jace and ordered, “Huttons, go deal with Lucas Gray!”

Jace was shocked and hurriedly said, “Mr. Arnault, I… These people of the Huttons are useless too. They’re no match for Lucas Gray! I think we—”

“Good-for-nothing!” Jeffrey slapped Jace before he could finish speaking. “Do you also not dare to touch Lucas Gray, huh? You don’t even dare to send out your subordinates, but you keep urging me the Arnaults to. Do you also have that idea?”

The corner of Jace’s mouth cracked from the slap, and blood flowed out, but he didn’t dare to speak back at all. He could only lower his head and pretend to be deaf.

The Huttons didn’t have many experts to begin with, and he still had to leave some people to deal with Roman. He clearly knew he would be sending people out to die, so how could he do such a thing?

Jeffrey looked at Samuel. “Howards, you go!”

Samuel shrank his neck and pretended to be dead.


Jeffrey slapped him to the ground and scolded, “You’re also a good-for-nothing!”

“Steeles, you go!”

Greg immediately lowered his head and pretended to be deaf.


Eric lowered his head and didn’t say anything.

Jeffrey was about to die of anger. These people kept saying that they wanted to kill Lucas with him, but when he asked them to deal with Lucas, none of them dared to move. They only encouraged the Arnaults to attack. Did they really think he was a fool?

From the looks of it, Lucas was right. These bastards were all ingrates. Other than using him, they didn’t know how to do anything else!

“Alright, all of you can continue to pretend to be deaf and mute. You don’t dare to send anyone to attack, right?”

Jeffrey was so angry that he suddenly laughed and announced, “Then, I, Jeffrey Arnault, announce again that from now on, the Arnaults will join forces with Mr. Lucas Gray and start a war against your six families!”

As soon as he said this, everyone’s eyes immediately widened in shock!.


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