Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385: Compensate My Brother

What… what did they just hear?

Jeffrey actually said that he wanted to join forces with Lucas?

Moreover, he wanted to join forces with Lucas to deal with them?

Was… was Jeffrey’s brain suddenly damaged?

Lucas was clearly an enemy of the Arnaults. He had just killed an expert who had been Jeffrey’s subordinate for many years and slapped Jeffrey so many times in public that he had knocked his teeth out!

Was Jeffrey crazy? Why did he suddenly want to ally with Lucas?

Under everyone’s incredulous gazes, Jeffrey walked up to Lucas and asked with a smile, “Mr. Gray, I’ve offended you previously. I wonder if you’re still willing to form an alliance with the Arnaults to quell the chaos in front of us?”

At this moment, Jeffrey no longer had the insufferably domineering aura from before. Instead, he lowered his stance and bowed slightly, as if he was afraid that Lucas would reject him.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared at this scene in front of them in utter disbelief.

Lucas took a deep look at Jeffrey and suddenly smiled. “Mr. Arnault, you’re being too serious. Since you want to form an alliance with me, I naturally have to appreciate your kindness.” This meant that he agreed to Jeffrey’s request for an alliance!

“Hahaha, great!” Jeffrey threw his head back and laughed. Then he hooked his arm around Lucas’s shoulder and announced loudly, “From now on, Lucas is my brother. Whoever dares to make things difficult for him will be making things difficult for me, Jeffrey Arnault! Do you hear

Lucas was also smiling. It was as if he and Jeffrey had really resolved their grudge and they became brothers.

Rayson’s heart skipped a beat, and his face immediately turned deathly pale.

In order to join Jeffrey, he had betrayed Lucas and kept shouting to kill him. Now, Jeffrey had actually formed an alliance with Lucas and even called him brother. What should he do now?

Lucas would definitely take revenge on him!

No, I can ‘t let Mr. Arnault form an alliance with Lucas Gray! Otherwise, I won’t be able to survive!

“Mr. Arnault, don’t be deceived by this bastard! He’s just a punk who’s still wet behind the ears. He doesn’t have any status or background. What qualifications does he have to address an honorable person like you as his brother? You can’t do that!”

“Scram!” Jeffrey kicked Rayson to the ground angrily. “You bastard, you were a coward just now and refused to move. Now, you’re here to sow discord between Lucas and me. Do you want to die? Then I might as well fulfill your wish!

“Before eight o’clock tonight, you have to compensate Lucas five billion dollars and then get out of DC with the Williams family. You’re never allowed to return! If you dare not to do as you’re told, I’ll immediately bring the Arnaults’ experts to the Williams’ manor and make the Williams completely disappear from the world!”

Rayson was scared out of his wits.

He didn’t expect Jeffrey to threaten to destroy the Williams for Lucas!

Rayson couldn’t take it anymore. With a thud, he knelt on the ground and begged, “No, Mr. Arnault, please spare the Williams and don’t chase us out of DC! I… I’ve offended Mr. Gray. It’s my fault. I admit it. I can compensate Mr. Gray with five billion or even six billion dollars. I just beg you not to drive us out of DC!”

All the foundation of the Williams was in DC. If they were driven out, the Williams would really not be far from destruction!

“Then six billion dollars. You have to hand the money to Lucas before eight tonight. If you don’t give it, then don’t blame me for knocking on your door and destroying your entire family!” Jeffrey said firmly.

While Rayson heaved a sigh of relief, he also felt extremely pained. This was a total of six billion dollars! He was really unwilling to give it to Lucas just like that. But under Jeffrey’s pressure, he didn’t dare to bargain. His expression was so miserable that he looked like he was about to cry.

The other helmsmen were also anxious and uneasy, afraid that Jeffrey would punish them too.

Sure enough, what they were afraid of happened. The next second, Jeffrey looked at them and ordered, “You’re the same. You went against Lucas and made him very unhappy. Each of your families will take out two billion dollars to compensate him!

“Just like the Williams, if your compensation doesn’t reach Lucas by eight tonight, the Arnaults will bring our experts to visit you! Do you hear me?”

Two billion dollars!

Many people’s vision turned black.

Although they were all from the eight top families of DC and their family assets totaled tens of billions, two billion dollars was their net income for a year!

Greg didn’t want to give so much, but he knew that it was impossible for him not to fork out a single cent, so he probed, “Mr. Arnault, two billion is too much, isn’t it? Can it be less? After all, we didn’t cause any harm to Mr. Gray—”

“Greg Steele, since you think it’s too much, you can compensate him with four billion dollars! If you dare to have any objections, I’ll double it! I want to see how brave you are to bargain with me!” Jeffrey said coldly.

Greg’s vision darkened, and he almost fainted.

He thought that two billion dollars was too much and wanted to strive to lose less, but he didn’t expect that it would increase by four billion dollars instead!

He wanted to say something else, but when he recalled Jeffrey saying that he would double it if he had any objections, he was so frightened that his face turned pale. He covered his mouth and didn’t dare to say another word.

Seeing the Steeles’ tragic fate, the other helmsmen, who had many objections and felt that two billion was too much, didn’t dare to speak.

They would grit their teeth and acknowledge it. It was much better than compensating four or six billion dollars!

Seeing that these helmsmen had no objections, Jeffrey turned around and looked at Lucas with a smile. He said as if he was asking for credit, “Lucas, are you satisfied with my decision?”

Lucas smiled. “It’s great. Thank you, Jeffrey!”

“Hahaha, well said!” Jeffrey laughed loudly and swept his gaze across the helmsmen in front of him. He shouted, “What are you still standing here for? Hurry up and go back to transfer the money to Lucas! I’ll say this first. If anyone doesn’t transfer the money before eight tonight, don’t blame me for what happens!”

“Yes, we’ll leave now!” The helmsmen didn’t dare to stay any longer and hurriedly left with their families.

What happened today?!

Everything was a mess. Not only did they not get any benefits, but everyone’s families even suffered heavy losses. Only Lucas received twenty billion dollars in compensation for no reason. It was simply infuriating!

Seeing that everyone had left, Jeffrey smiled and said to Lucas, ‘ILucas, since the matter has been resolved, I’ll leave too. Let’s have a good drink another day!”

“Alright, see you later, Jeffrey.” Lucas smiled as he watched Jeffrey leave. After he left, his expression suddenly darkened..


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