Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1386

Chapter 1386: New Backer

Oscar was in a happy daze. He said to Lucas joyfully, “Mr. Gray, you’re amazing! That insufferably arrogant Jeffrey Arnault actually took the initiative to form an alliance with you and even called you his brother. This way, no one in DC will dare to provoke you in the future!”

Lucas looked at Oscar as if he was looking at an idiot. “Do you really think he wants to form an alliance with me and call me brother?”

Oscar was dumbfounded. “Huh? Isn’t that so?”

Lucas was speechless.

Jeffrey’s attitude changed so quickly and stiffly. One second, they were mortal enemies, and the next, they were good brothers with their arms around each other’s shoulders. Anyone with a brain would think that something was amiss, right?

“That was just Jeffrey Arnault’s way of protecting himself.” Jonah walked over and explained to Oscar, who was still confused. “He was too arrogant when he came, so he didn’t bring many people with him. After his most powerful subordinates, Nameless and Joyless, were defeated by Mr. Gray, he didn’t have much to rely on. Even if he really arranged other people, after seeing Mr. Gray’s terrifying strength, he knew that they were no match for Mr. Gray.

“And the six families on his side are not reliable at all. If Jeffrey Arnault wanted to escape unscathed, he could only lower his head to Mr. Gray and be humble. He even deliberately called Mr. Gray his brother and asked for compensation for Mr. Gray.

“That’s why Jeffrey Arnault is a smart person. He knows when to yield and when to stand tall. No wonder he could live to such an old age and still hold the authority of the Arnault family firmly in his hands.”

After hearing Jonah’s explanation, Oscar finally realized that Jeffrey had pretended to form an alliance!

“So… that old man was pretending just now? He said those things in front of so many people. Don’t tell me he’ll go back on his word and go back to the Arnaults to find people to deal with us?” Oscar said anxiously.

Lucas shook his head. “There’s no need to worry for the time being. Jeffrey Arnault is pretending to form an alliance, but he’s also a smart person. He knows that I’m not to be trifled with, so he won’t fall out with me so quickly. At most, he’ll find someone else and get them to do his dirty work. ”

At this moment, Jeffrey was already in his car and on the way back to the Arnaults’.

Beside him sat an extremely ordinary-looking black-clothed old man. However, the brilliant light shooting out from his eyes was enough to prove that this old man wasn’t an ordinary person but an extremely powerful martial arts expert.

“Mr. Arnault, are you really going to form an alliance with that punk Lucas Gray and call him your brother?” the old man asked with a frown.

He had already seen everything that had just happened in the dark, but he was Jeffrey’s trump card. Since Jeffrey hadn’t called him, he hadn’t appeared and only asked now.

The smile on Jeffrey’s face had long disappeared. With a gloomy expression, he said coldly, “Hmph, he’s just a kid. Is he qualified to be my brother? He’s not worthy!”

“Then, just now…?” the old man said doubtfully. “If you wanted to protect yourself, you could have let me do it. I can definitely take down that punk!”

Jeffrey shook his head. “No, you’re my greatest trump card. No one knows of your existence. Now isn’t the time for you to appear.

“As for that kid Lucas Gray, you just need to know that I’m faking an alliance to lull him. That kid is so arrogant and actually dares to call himself the King of DC. Heh, he’s simply courting death!

“Even the royals don’t dare to be king in DC. They don’t even dare to place their influences in DC. How can a young kid like him be worthy? Just wait and see. Soon, someone will come to deal with him. We just have to watch the show!”

Jeffrey’s gaze was cold as he suddenly ordered, “Spread the news that Lucas Gray is going to be the King of DC immediately!”

The turmoil in the capital temporarily calmed down. The various families were busy reorganizing their families, and they were all very busy.

As for Lucas, he was in the chairman’s office of the Stardust Corporation’s headquarters and received the compensation from several of the eight top families in DC.

Soon, billions of dollars more appeared in the Stardust Corporation’s accounts.

Flynn’s mouth was crooked with joy when he saw the additional money in the accounts.

But he also said to Lucas truthfully, “The other families have already transferred two billion dollars over, and the Steeles have transferred four billion. Only the Williams haven’t transferred six billion.”

Seeing that it was already seven o’clock in the evening, Lucas frowned.

With Rayson’s timid personality, it was unlikely that he would dare to disobey Jeffrey.

That was unless… he found a stronger backer!

At that moment, Lucas’s phone rang. It was Jeffrey.

“Lucas, have you received the six billion dollars in compensation from the Williams?” Jeffrey asked warmly.

Lucas’s eyes gleamed. “Not yet. All that’s left is the Williams’ compensation.”

“Sigh, it looks like my guess is right!” Jeffrey sighed intentionally and said solemnly, “Lucas, the reason I called you is to tell you that I just received news that Rayson Williams seems to have cozied up to the Hills family, the royal family branch. I guessed that that dishonest coward would definitely go back on his word, so I quickly called you to ask. It seems that my premonition is about to come true!

“Lucas, I can’t do anything about this matter! The Hills belong to the royal family, and the person

Rayson Williams cozied up to is a direct descendant of the royal family. His name is Bradley

Hills. I’m just someone who has left the Arnaults for decades. I really can’t fight against them! “I’m really sorry about this. The Hills are very difficult to deal with. Furthermore, they’re a branch of the royal family. They have many experts. Lucas, you… you have to be careful these days!”

Jeffrey seemed to be very guilty.

Lucas raised his eyebrows. Sure enough, he had guessed correctly. Rayson had indeed found a new backer, so he didn’t plan to listen to Jeffrey and Lucas anymore. As for the six billion dollars in compensation, he naturally wouldn’t pay it.

However, did Rayson think that Lucas would be afraid just because he had cozied up to the Hills? What belonged to Lucas, he had to hand over!

As for the Hills… It just so happened that Lucas had a feud with Ashton Hills. If they didn’t know what was good for them, Lucas might as well give them a heavy blow so that they wouldn’t dare to extend their claws casually again!.


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