Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387: Don’t Even Think About Reneging

After hanging up, Lucas called Rayson.

“Hello, who is it?” Rayson had long known Lucas’s cell phone number, but he still deliberately asked. The smugness and disrespect in his voice could be heard clearly through the phone.

“Rayson Williams, when will you transfer the six billion dollars you promised?” Lucas asked directly, not wasting any time.

“What six billion dollars? Mr. Gray, what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand?” Rayson feigned ignorance on purpose.

Then he said proudly, “Ah, I almost forgot to tell you, Mr. Gray. The Williams have already submitted to the Hills, the royal family branch. Now, everything the Williams own belongs to the Hills. Mr. Gray, I’m afraid what you want is impossible!”

Lucas sneered. “In that case, are you planning on reneging?”

“Tsk tsk, you can’t say that!” Rayson said with a sarcastic smile.

“I’ve already said it. Everything the Williams own now belongs to the Hillis. Mr. Gray, if you want to ask me for money, you’re asking for something from the Hills. If you offend the Hills… I’m afraid you can’t bear the consequences, right, Lucas Gray?”

He was using the Hills to threaten Lucas. He didn’t believe that Lucas would dare to snatch something from the Hills!

“Alright, wait for me at the Williams residence. After eight tonight, if the six billion dollars you promised hasn’t arrived, I’ll immediately go to the Williams residence and ask you for it personally!”

With that, Lucas hung up.

Did Rayson think that he could be arrogant in front of him just because he had found a new backer? As expected, he was a petty scoundrel!

But if Rayson thought that the name of the Hills could scare Lucas, he was gravely mistaken!

Meanwhile, in the Williams’ manor, Rayson l s heart was racing after he heard Lucas’s last sentence, and an uncontrollable fear surged in his heart.

For some reason, he felt that the Hills didn’t scare Lucas.

If… if Lucas really came to Williams residence in a while and forced him to pay the money, it would be fine. But if he wanted to kill them, the Williams wouldn’t be able to withstand this terrifying killing god!

At the thought of this, Rayson panicked and hurriedly made a call. “Mr. Hills, the Williams are in big trouble. Please send experts to help!”

Soon, Jeffrey, who had been paying close attention to the Williams, received the news.

“Hehe, Lucas Gray gave Rayson Williams an ultimatum, but Rayson Williams didn’t dare to face him, so he went to seek help from the Hills. Before long, Lucas Gray will be leaving for the Williams’, right?

“Looks like I’ll be able to see a good show soon!”

Jeffrey looked in the direction of the distant Williams’ manor with a sinister smile.

Meanwhile, Bradley Hills, a third-generation direct descendant of the royal Hills, had already brought his people to the gates of the Williams’ manor with an unfriendly expression on his face.

“Mr. Hills, you’re finally here. Welcome! Please come in!” Rayson had been waiting at the gates for a long time. The moment he saw Bradley, he bowed and greeted him, welcoming him into the Williams residence.

Bradley was about 30 years old. He was extremely handsome and exuded an incomparably noble aura.

If Lucas was here, he might be able to tell that Bradley somewhat resembled Ashton Hills. However, he was more handsome and noble than Ashton.

After all, Bradley was a direct descendant of the Hills and highly regarded. On the other hand, Ashton was only a branch member. Their statuses in the Hills were incomparable.

Bradley looked at Rayson in disgust and said coldly, “Hmph, you can’t even deal with an ignorant young man in his twenties, and you’re asking the Hills for help with such a trivial matter. What a good-for-nothing!”

Bradley didn’t hide his contempt and disdain for Rayson at all.

The Hills were a branch of the dignified US royal family and had an extremely noble status. They had never been willing to befriend those so-called top families who reeked of new wealth.

But this time, Rayson took the initiative to beg the Hills to take in the Williams and make them a

vassal of the Hills.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Rayson had offered a large amount of wealth to the Hills, Bradley wouldn’t have even bothered to talk with an incompetent person like Rayson.

Rayson didn’t dare to get angry at all. He just nodded and bowed as he flattered, “Mr. Hills, you’re right. I’m just a good-for-nothing. Therefore, I can only rely on you to help me resolve this problem! As long as you help me deal with that bastard Lucas Gray, I will even kneel down to thank you!”

Bradley couldn’t stand Rayson’s cowardice and snorted in disdain. “When will that punk arrive? I don’t have much time to waste here waiting for someone.”

Rayson hurriedly said, “Mr. Hills, don’t be anxious. It’s already past eight o’clock. Lucas Gray should be here soon. He will definitely arrive in less than half an hour!”

“Alright, then I’ll wait for another half an hour.” Bradley walked into the William residence impatiently.

If Rayson hadn’t given him all of the Williams’ assets, he wouldn’t have bothered with such trivial matters.

Wasn’t he just an ignorant young man in his twenties? As one of the eight top families of DC, the Williams couldn’t even deal with such a young man. They really had an undeserved reputation!

At this moment, Lucas was indeed on his way to the Williams’ manor.

He had already given Rayson enough time, but even when it was eight o’clock, the Williams still didn’t transfer the six billion dollars. Lucas knew that Rayson had made his choice.

At the same time, Lucas had already decided not to give Rayson another chance.

There was really nothing much left to say to a petty scoundrel who had repeatedly betrayed him.

Soon, Lucas arrived at the entrance of the Williams’ manor in the east of DC.

At this moment, the gates of the Williams’ manor were tightly shut, and there were several burly guards standing at the gates, staring intently outside.

Upon seeing Lucas’s car stop outside the Williams residence, the guards immediately shouted sternly, “This is the Williams residence. Irrelevant people are to leave immediately!”

Lucas got out of the car and said coldly, “Tell Rayson Williams to come out and see me!”

“Outrageous! How dare you call Mr. Williams by his name? Are you tired of living?” one of the guards shouted and walked forward, wanting to drive Lucas away.

“You’re courting death!” Lucas sneered and kicked the burly guards to the ground. Then he kicked open the tightly shut metal gates of the Williams’ manor.


The kick deformed the sturdy and heavy carved iron gates, and they crashed to the ground, revealing the interior of the Williams’ manor.

“Who is trespassing on the Williams’ turf? You have a death wish!”

Upon hearing the commotion at the gates, a team of nearly 30 people immediately ran out of the manor and blocked Lucas with grim expressions.

Lucas stood proudly and shouted, “I’ll say it again. Get Rayson Williams to come out immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”.


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