Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1390

1390 Recruitment Failed
Rayson’s expression changed drastically as he looked at Bradley nervously.

This was what he was most worried about!

Rayson knew very well that what he could give Bradley was nothing more than the Williams’ assets worth more than 30 billion dollars.

Furthermore, the assets in Lucas’s hands were not less than the Williams’. In addition, he had incomparably powerful martial arts skills. With his ability and strength to possess so many things in his twenties, and the fact that he wasn’t even thirty years old this year and still had a lot of time and potential, he was much better than him!

If Rayson was the one to make the choice, he would definitely choose Lucas instead of himself, who was already in his sixties!

If Bradley used his life to exchange for Lucas’s loyalty, it would definitely be extremely worthwhile!

The more he thought about it, the more afraid he became. Sweat dripped down his face as he blurted out, “No! That’s absolutely impossible!”

Seeing Bradley glance at him unhappily, Rayson hurriedly said, “Mr. Hills, Lucas Gray is clearly trying to sow discord between us. He wants to use you to get rid of me!

“You may not know him, but I know him quite well. This person is arrogant and will never submit to anyone. Furthermore, he wants to be the King of DC. He will never submit to you willingly. What he said just now was just to provoke you to abandon me!

“Mr. Hills, I’ve already given you all of the Williams’ assets. I am sincerely loyal to you. Please don’t listen to Lucas Gray!”

Rayson was extremely nervous. He was afraid that Bradley would really do as Lucas said and hand his life over to him.

Bradley didn’t think much of Rayson’s words and said proudly, “So what if he’s really trying to sow discord? Am I, Bradley Hills, such an idiot?”

Hearing this, Rayson heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that he didn’t intend to listen to Lucas’s instigation.

But he sighed in relief too soon. The next moment, he heard Bradley continue, “Lucas Gray, I really do think you’re a talent and want to recruit you. As long as you’re willing to submit to me and work for me, let alone giving Rayson Williams’s life over to you, I can even give you the entire Williams family if you want. I’ll treat it as a reward for you in advance.”

“What?!” Rayson’s face instantly turned deathly pale as he looked at Bradley in disbelief.

What… what did he hear? In order to win over Lucas, Bradley actually said that he could kill him and even give the entire Williams family to Lucas to handle as a reward.

Then… then, why did he offer up everything the Williams had to curry favor with Bradley in the first place?

Even Lucas raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Although he knew that Bradley was cold-hearted and treated Rayson like a dog, he didn’t expect him not to hide this at all. He even said such words in front of Rayson.

Furthermore, the Williams were one of the eight top families in DC. The wealth they had accumulated over the past few decades had reached an extremely terrifying level. It was at least 30 billion dollars.

Even though Bradley was the most highly regarded third-generation direct descendant of the Hills, he wouldn’t be able to own and control so many assets, right?

And now, in order to get Lucas to submit to him, he actually offered such generous terms?

Not every descendant of the royal family had the confidence to use tens of billions of dollars worth of assets to recruit someone. Just like Jensen and his son from the Hamiltons, with whom Lucas had previously clashed, it would probably be very painful for them to take out two billion dollars. It was impossible for them to be as generous as Bradley.
At the same time, Lucas felt some sympathy for Rayson.

Rayson had submitted to Bradley and thought that he had found an excellent backer. He was extremely rude to Lucas and wished that he could use the Hills to kill him immediately. But he probably never imagined that his position in Bradley’s heart was insignificant!

The relationship between Rayson and Bradley was even weaker than Lucas had imagined. There was no need to sow discord anymore.

This was because, in Bradley’s eyes, Rayson was just a temporarily useful dog. Once he found someone of greater use, he would be able to abandon Rayson without any hesitation.

“Mr. Hills, I can see your sincerity. Unfortunately, I only want to do what I want to do. I don’t intend to submit to anyone.” Lucas rejected Bradley’s recruitment with a smile, causing his expression to darken immediately.

But Lucas ignored him and continued, “I don’t care what kind of deal the Williams have with you, but they have to give me the six billion dollars they owe me!

“Furthermore, Mr. Williams, you promised to give me the money before eight tonight. You’ve deliberately delayed it until now, and it’s already an hour late, so you’ll have to add interest. It’s just a simple doubling. Now, it’s time for you to give me twelve billion dollars!”

Lucas’s demon-like words caused Rayson’s expression to turn gloomy.

He originally thought that he wouldn’t be able to keep his life, but he didn’t expect that Lucas wouldn’t agree to Bradley’s recruitment. Instead, he continued to ask for 6 billion dollars… No, it had now become 12 billion dollars in compensation!

For a moment, the expression on Rayson’s face was like a palette. It was very complicated and ugly, and his mood was hard to describe. He was half-smiling and half-crying, looking extremely strange.

The smile on Bradley’s face had completely disappeared as he looked at Lucas maliciously. “Punk, were you playing with me on purpose? You must know that if you offend me, you will only end up dead!”

He stared coldly into Lucas’ eyes. “I’ll give you one last chance. Submit to me now, and I can spare your life. This is your last chance. Otherwise, you will die here today!”

Lucas didn’t even look at Bradley and ignored his threat. Instead, he said to Rayson, “Rayson Williams, give the twelve billion to me immediately, and I’ll leave. Otherwise, the interest will increase by six billion for every minute you delay. Think about it carefully. With your family’s assets, you can delay for a few minutes!

“At that time, I’m afraid you won’t even have anything to offer someone.”

Rayson was drenched in cold sweat. He couldn’t say a word and could only look at Bradley pleadingly. “Mr… Mr. Hills, all the assets of the Williams now belong to you. Now that Lucas Gray is forcing me, he’s… he’s trying to snatch your belongings! What do you think we should do now?”

Bradley looked at Lucas coldly. By now, he knew that Lucas wasn’t someone who could be easily subdued.

Killing intent surged in his eyes. “Punk, since you don’t know what’s good for you and dare not to take me seriously, don’t blame me! Merkin, break his limbs!”

With Bradley’s command, Merkin, who was standing in front of him, immediately moved. Like an arrow leaving its bow, he swiftly rushed toward Lucas. The moment he made his move, it was a deadly strike aimed at the throat!


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