Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1392

1392 Make Me Believe
How could Lucas not know what Bradley was thinking?

He knew from the start that descendants from noble families like Bradley had never suffered any setbacks in their lives. For Lucas to hit him was already a total offense, and Bradley would never forgive him and let it pass.

He had only said that he wouldn’t pursue the matter after he was released to plead for mercy.

If Lucas took it seriously and really let him go, Bradley would definitely remember today’s humiliation and immediately gather more experts from the Hills to deal with him.

And a royal family branch like the Hills had a history that had lasted for hundreds of years. There were many experts and suicide warriors in the family. Although Lucas wasn’t afraid of them, his family and those who followed him wouldn’t be able to withstand the endless assassinations and harassment.

Just like the Hamiltons previously, these families had all kinds of sinister methods. Not only had they sent suicide warriors to assassinate Lucas, but they had even gotten people to approach and kidnap Cheyenne in the name of business cooperation to threaten him. The families loyal to Lucas, such as the Parkers, the Hales, the Howards, etc., had also suffered assassinations from the experts sent by the Hamiltons.

Regarding these incidents, Lucas had used all his strength to quickly save Cheyenne. Jensen had only wanted to give Lucas and the families around him a warning. He hadn’t really intended to take their lives. Otherwise, the people around Lucas would have suffered heavy casualties, and he might have even lost his most important people.

It was enough for such a thing to happen once. Lucas absolutely didn’t want it to happen a second time!

Thus, he couldn’t kill Bradley, but he definitely couldn’t let him off easily either!

Lucas pulled Bradley’s hair, lifted his head slightly, and said while staring into Bradley’s eyes, “It’s true that I don’t want to kill. However, it’s not because I don’t dare to touch you, but because I don’t want to attract a bunch of annoying flies to bother me. Do you understand what I mean?”

Bradley gritted his teeth and said, “I… I understand! As long as you let me go, I promise I won’t hold you responsible. I’ll just pretend that I never saw you!”

“Not enough.” Lucas shook his head. “Even you wouldn’t believe such a verbal promise. Do you expect me to believe it?”

Bradley froze, and the expression on his face stiffened. But he knew that Lucas was speaking the truth. If it were him, he would definitely not believe such empty talk.

He asked through clenched jaws, “Then, what do you want? I… I can write you a letter of guarantee and promise that the Hills will never find trouble with you in the future!”

“Haha!” Lucas laughed. “Mr. Hills, are you really treating me like a child? Is a letter of guarantee useful? It’s just a piece of scrap paper! When the time comes, I’m afraid you will be the first not to admit it, much less the rest of the Hills.”

Bradley’s thoughts were exposed once again, and he asked with an ashen expression, “Then… what do you want? How can you trust me?”

“How about this? If you eat it, I’ll let you go.” Lucas took out a dark green pill the size of a grape from his pocket and placed it in front of Bradley.

“What… what is this?” Bradley looked at the dark green pill in bewilderment. His intuition told him that it wasn’t something good, and his voice was trembling slightly.

If Jensen and his son were present, they would definitely recognize that this was the poison that Lucas had forcefully fed them!

Lucas didn’t hide it from him and said directly, “Of course, this is poison. After consuming it, there won’t be any abnormalities. But the poison will definitely flare up after two months, and you will definitely die in less than ten minutes after the poison starts acting. At that time, even the best doctors in the world won’t be able to save you!

“The only way you can alleviate the poison is to come to me for the antidote before it acts up. In other words, you must come to me every two months in the future. Otherwise, you will definitely die.”

Bradley turned pale with fright as he looked at the dark green poisonous pill. “Lucas Gray, you… you actually made this kind of thing! You actually want to feed me poison!

Bradley was full of shock and anger. But he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said, “No, this isn’t right. This poison is definitely fake! How can there be such a thing in the world? You’re just making it up to fool me. Lucas Gray, you’re really despicable and shameless! I won’t believe your nonsense!”

Lucas sneered. “Whether it’s fake or not, whether I’m just trying to scare you, you’ll know when you try it.
“However, Mr. Hills, you have a noble status, but you only have one life. If your guess is wrong, you’ll lose your life! Think carefully about what you want to do!”

With that, Lucas stuffed the dark green pill into Bradley’s mouth and slapped his back. Bradley’s throat involuntarily moved and swallowed the pill.

In an instant, Bradley felt intense horror. When Lucas released his grip on him, he immediately coughed loudly while covering his throat. He even stuck his fingers into his mouth, wanting to dig out the pill.

Unfortunately, the dark green pill had already slipped down his esophagus and melted into a cold liquid. It flowed down his esophagus into his stomach and quickly spread to every corner of his body. It was impossible to dig it out no matter what.

Bradley’s face was deathly pale, and there were still tears at the corners of his eyes from coughing and digging into his throat. He glared at Lucas ferociously. “Lucas Gray, you… you actually fed me poison. I will never… will never…!”

He originally wanted to say that he would never let Lucas off. But once he thought about how the poison he had swallowed might be real, not only would he not want to take revenge on Lucas in the future, but his life and even his actions would be under Lucas’s control. If he angered Lucas and couldn’t obtain the antidote, he would really die!

Thus, Bradley didn’t dare to say the latter half of the sentence.

Lucas knew what Bradley was thinking. The corners of his lips curled up into a satisfied smile. “Very good. It looks like you’re not a fool. In that case, I’m sure you already know what you should and shouldn’t do in the future, right?

“Don’t worry. I’m not interested in the Hills, and I’ve never thought of controlling the Hills by controlling you. On the contrary, if you want to fight for the position of helmsman of the Hills in the future, I might be able to help you and fulfill your wish.

“However, I don’t want anyone from the Hills to harass me and disturb my peace. Do you understand?”

Bradley naturally understood what Lucas meant. He was threatening him not to find trouble with him again and not to let anyone from the Hills find trouble with him.

Otherwise, Lucas would let him die!


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