Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 4

: Take The Money and Get Lost
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“Stand down!” Lucas hollered at Jordan. “This is a family affair. Go out first.”
Jordan reluctantly but obediently withdrew his hand, glowered at Cheyenne’s parents again, and left.
Cheyenne’s parents were full of resentment, but they did not dare to get physical with Lucas again.
Jordan’s terrifying gaze intimidated them, and they even had some scruples about Lucas.
However, as they looked at Lucas’s cheap clothes and calm expression that was almost the same as the past, their worries vanished.
I was thinking too much. A good-for-nothing is still a good-for-nothing! “What are you doing standing at the door? Hurry up and come in, you disgraceful thing!” Karen pushed the door open furiously and entered.
Cheyenne’s father humphed coldly, finding Lucas an eyesore.
Lucas followed him and entered the house.
The living room of the Carters’ home was very lively at this moment, as it was crowded with more than ten relatives.
Upon sight of Lucas, who came in after Cheyenne’s parents, many of them who knew who Lucas was looked puzzled.
“Isn’t this… that good-for-nothing? Why is he suddenly back?”
“Who? Is this the good-for-nothing you guys mentioned just now? Didn’t you say that he already died?”
“Who knows? He’s been missing for so many years. And now that Mr. Miller is going to get engaged with Cheyenne, he’s scurrying back. Who knows what thoughts he’s harboring?!”
“He definitely has evil intentions.”
Lucas glanced at the people around him, some of whom used to mock him and some of whom he hadn’t met before.
The most striking one was a young man sitting in the center of the couch and gaining the attention of everyone.
He looked around his mid-to-late-twenties and was dressed fashionably, his hair gelled back and his under-eye bags slightly puffy. He was obviously an avid drinker and a lustful person.
He reckoned that he was Mr. Miller, the new fiancé that the Carters chose for Cheyenne, whom everyone else was talking about.
Lucas secretly sneered. They’re treating this piece of trash like a treasure?
However, Cheyenne was not in the living room, and that made Lucas, who wanted to see her, feel slightly disappointed.
Visibly annoyed, Karen said, “Okay, we can’t be bothered to talk to you either. The point of today’s meeting is regarding Mr. Miller and Cheyenne’s marriage anyway. You came at the right time. This saves us the hassle of getting your death certificate from the courts. When Cheyenne comes home, immediately go get a divorce with her.”
Lucas did not utter a single word.
This group of relatives gathered here suddenly began mocking him sarcastically.
“What? You don’t want to get a divorce?”
“Of course he doesn’t. It wasn’t easy for him to marry the greatest beauty of Orange County and form ties with the Carters. Of course, he’s going to cling tightly onto her.”
“How shameless. Doesn’t he realize that he can’t hold a candle to Mr. Miller at all? He doesn’t have any self-awareness!”
“Look at how shabby he is. He’s not even worthy of carrying Mr. Miller’s shoes! Hurry up and make yourself scarce!”
Cheyenne’s father knocked on the table and exclaimed, “I’ll be honest. I won’t let my daughter suffer together with you! What can a penniless man like you give her? If you still have a conscience, and if you’re still a man, have the decency and self-awareness to divorce her. Stop wasting Cheyenne’s time and holding her back!”
Lucas closed his eyes and looked unusually composed. “If Cheyenne doesn’t want to be with me any longer, she can let me know herself, and I’ll divorce her without another word. But you people have no right to make arrangements for us!” he barked sneeringly as he stared at the people around him.
What? This loser says we have no right?!
Just as they were about to lose their temper, someone burst into laughter, stopping them from talking.
Mr. Miller seems to be about to say something. Of course, we have to wait for him to finish!
Seth Miller was snuggled up on the couch, fiddling with his Patek Philippe watch and large ring while sizing Lucas up.
“You must be that… someone, right? What have you been doing these past few years?”
Lucas said indifferently, “I was just getting by.”
Seth chuckled again and clapped his hands as he stood up. “I suggest you don’t force me to deal with you the hard way. Cheyenne isn’t someone a wimp like you deserves. Even a fool knows why you’re clinging to the Carters.”
He took out a check from his pocket. “Here’s a check for thirty thousand. It’s enough to support you for several years. Be smart, take it, and get lost, lest you end up with nothing in the end,” Seth threatened.
Lucas reached out to take the check while the others watched in contempt.
“Indeed, he just wants money!”
“A loser is a loser. You’ve probably never had so much money all your life, huh?!”
“Mr. Miller just had to wave his hand, and this piece of trash took the money readily. Tsk.”
A crisp sound filled the air, immediately making everyone stop their mockery as they looked at Lucas in disbelief.
This good-for-nothing tore the check!
He tore the thirty thousand dollar check!
Is he out of his mind?!
Everyone watched in disbelief as Lucas gently tossed the ripped pieces of the torn check.
“Seth Miller, you’re just an outsider. You don’t have the right to interfere in our affairs.”


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