Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 5

: Meeting Again
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“You!” Seth immediately flew into a rage. No one had ever dared to be so arrogant toward him!
The Carters were just as furious as him as they angrily charged forward to surround Lucas, as though they were going to hit him.
Just as the conflict was getting heated, someone pushed the door open and entered.
“W-what’s going on?”
Lucas’s heart palpitated, and his body stiffened.
He had never dared to forget that familiar voice, which was already deeply etched in his mind.
He stood still in place without turning around.
He had imagined and even rehearsed the scene of meeting Cheyenne again countless times in his head. This time, he was here specifically to see her too. But when he heard her gentle voice, Lucas suddenly realized that he didn’t know how he should face her.
What should I say to her?
However, Cheyenne didn’t quite notice Lucas, who had his back facing the door.
As soon as she entered, she saw a large group of her relatives gathered together and surrounding Seth Miller.
Cheyenne’s eyebrows furrowed. Lately, Seth had been declaring his love for her and resorting to all sorts of harassment means, annoying her to no end. Just now, she saw Seth’s extremely flashy sports car parked near the entrance of her home.
“Why are you here again? I’ve already said that I won’t consider it,” Cheyenne rebuked, looking upset.
“Watch your tone with Seth!” Karen reprimanded before hurriedly saying, “It’s good that you’re back. Since the courts are still open, hurry up and get a divorce with this good-for-nothing!”
“What?” Cheyenne was feeling confused when the little girl beside her leaped toward Lucas with glistening eyes. “Daddy! Daddy, are you here to see me?”
Daddy? Bewildered, Cheyenne shifted her gaze onto the back of the person whom she had neglected. This familiar height and silhouette… She came to a sudden realization and took a step back. It’s… him?
Lucas squatted down, reached out, and wrapped his arm around the little girl, who was once again enthusiastically holding onto his thigh. He scrutinized her carefully.
She had thin eyebrows, beautiful glowing eyes, and tiny diamond-shaped lips. She was obviously beautiful even though her features had yet to develop fully.
So this kid is a Carter.
It turned out that he found her strangely familiar because her features were similar to Cheyenne’s.
Could she be… As he thought of a certain possibility, his heart pounded vigorously.
Holding the little girl in his arms, he suddenly felt very close and affectionate with her.
He then took a deep breath, turned around, and looked at the person in front of him, whom he had thought about countless times.
Cheyenne’s long hair was draped over her shoulders, and she was dressed in a light gray bespoke business suit, with shock and puzzlement all over her face.
Her beautiful eyes were fixed on the person in front of her.
He was no longer the fresh graduate from six years ago. Although the man in front of her had the same features, he no longer looked young. His face had become chiseled, making him look much more mature and reliable.
Her expression quickly changed from shock to composure. But beneath her composure, there was some anger brewing. Her chest was heaving up and down, and her fingernails were digging into the flesh of her palm.
“Cheyenne, I…”
“Why did you come back?” Cheyenne interrupted. She said agitatedly in a hoarse voice, “After doing that, you left without saying anything. We thought you were dead all this time. What are you back now for?!”
She kept her eyes glued on Lucas with hatred.
Back then, the two of them were drugged in a hotel, and it became a scandal that broke out overnight. For the sake of covering things up, the Carters let him marry Cheyenne hastily.
Although the two did not have feelings at that time, Cheyenne decided to spend the rest of her life with him since what was done could not be undone.
However, she never expected him to steal fifty thousand dollars from her feather and then vanish without a trace soon after they got married.
He’s just a thorough liar!
However, she soon discovered that she was pregnant. After hesitating for a long time, she decided to keep the baby. But she did not expect her company to encounter crisis after crisis during the toughest stage of her pregnancy. She was so infuriated that she went into premature labor while someone took advantage and encroached on the Brilliance Corporation.
Whenever Cheyenne thought about the hardship and grievances that she suffered during that time, she felt immense heartache and extreme hatred for the irresponsible and horrendous man who had left without saying goodbye!
“Are you back to jeopardize my life again? What have I done to make you hate me so much that you want to ruin me again and again?” With hatred in her heart, her eyes seemed to be burning with anger as they turned bloodshot.
Although she didn’t cry, Lucas was heartbroken to see her like this.
When he left without saying goodbye back then, he had indeed hurt Cheyenne tremendously, and that was something that he would never be able to make up for no matter what he did.
“I’m very sorry.” Filled with immense guilt, this was the only thing he could say even though he knew that his words were useless.
Sensing the tension in the house, the little girl hugged Lucas’s neck tightly and shouted, “Mommy…”
Cheyenne closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down because she didn’t want to scare her precious daughter. “Why did you leave back then?”
“I left because… I want to become deserving enough to be your husband.” This was truly what Lucas felt. Even though he had good intentions, the way he handled the matter was indeed inappropriate.
Cheyenne sneered, not believing him at all. “So, why did you steal my father’s money before you left?”
“What money?” Lucas was stunned and confused.


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