Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 8

: What Is Your Agenda?
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Lucas had only just learned that Amelia was his daughter, so how could he have prepared a present in advance?
However, he didn’t panic. Instead, he removed a bead bracelet from his wrist and handed it to Amelia. “Happy Birthday, Amelia. Daddy wishes for you to grow up safely and happily.”
Lucas obtained that moonstone bracelet at the border, and his superiors gave it to him as a reward. It looked ordinary, but it was a rare treasure.
Charlotte reached out and snatched the bead bracelet. After taking a glance at it, she snorted with laughter. “Your gift is so shabby! Seth gave her a rare gemstone, and yet you, her biological father, gave her a lousy bracelet. Do you really have the cheek to give it to her?”
Everyone craned their necks and looked over, only to be amused when they finally took a clear glimpse.
This bead bracelet is made of some lousy white wood. It’s so light, and every bead looks stained with dirt. It’s obviously a poor quality bracelet that no one would buy even at a dollar store!
Everyone burst into laughter, and despite her tender age, Amelia could sense the mockery in their laughter.
Amelia snatched the bracelet away from Charlotte and held it close to her chest. She shouted angrily, “I like this one! I like anything that Daddy gives me!”
Lucas’s heart warmed, and he touched her head affectionately. He then put the bracelet on her slender and tender wrist.
Fiddling with the fine, white, and light beads on her wrist, Amelia happily raised her arm and showed it to Cheyenne. “Mommy, isn’t it pretty?”
“You’re treating lousy wood like a treasure!” Karen pursed her lips disdainfully. She grabbed the dazzling pink diamond pendant Seth gave, placed it on Amelia’s neck, and then nagged, “Amelia, you’re young, so you have no clue. But I’m telling you, this pendant is the good stuff.”
Lucas suddenly reached out to stop Karen and snatched away the pendant before retreating far away from Amelia.
“What are you doing?! Are you committing a robbery?” Karen immediately snapped in a high-pitched voice as she glared at Lucas.
Lucas sneered silently and tightened his grip, crushing the exquisite and beautiful gemstone pendant in his hand.
“Ah! What are you doing?!!” Karen screamed and was on the verge of passing out!
That’s a precious gemstone worth more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars!
What has that bastard done?!
The ten-odd people around them were stunned speechless as their cups and chopsticks fell on the table and the ground.
A precious gemstone pendant worth more than one hundred and fifty thousand has been crushed into bits. This good-for-nothing is really brazen!
Seth’s expression was incredibly sullen.
It was one thing for the pendant to be ruined, but Lucas’s action was a huge insult to him!
With a furious expression and anger in him, he asked, “What do you mean by doing that?”
“Your gift isn’t good. Amelia can’t wear it,” Lucas said indifferently.
“You!” Seth suddenly sprang up and snapped, “You’re a damned pauper! What do you know?! Have you ever seen anything good?” His eyes were full of contempt.
“I haven’t seen many good things, but I can identify counterfeit goods,” Lucas said casually with a drastic change of expression.
“I think we all know how rare and precious natural pink diamonds are. The price of natural pink diamonds at jewelry auctions ranges from 1.5 to 4 million dollars per carat, depending on the color. The average price of a medium-grade purplish-pink diamond like the one you gave is averagely priced at 2.5 dollars per carat. The size of that pink diamond you gave her is no less than two carats, meaning that you need at least five million dollars to buy it, yet you only spent one hundred and fifty thousand?”
When Seth heard the word ‘counterfeit’ and the figures Lucas listed in his analytical breakdown, his face had already turned hostile. However, how could he admit that he just gave his men a few thousand dollars to purchase a random gemstone to fool them?
He stared at Lucas furiously and seemed to be trying to pierce a hole through him with his gaze. “You’re talking about prices at auctions. What if I managed to get that pink diamond at a good deal?”
Lucas was not afraid of him at all, and he simply spread his palm to reveal the debris. “I’m afraid you must have made a blunder then. A real pink diamond can’t be crushed by hand.”
Seth’s face turned pale, and he was suddenly speechless.
Everyone knew that diamond was the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, and it was difficult to cut. Who could crush it by hand?
The people around immediately understood that the pink diamond pendant Seth gifted, which left them in envy, was a counterfeit good.
Had someone else given a counterfeit gemstone as a gift, they would definitely mock him. But the person who did so now was Seth. Who would dare to laugh at him?
Seeing Seth’s sullen expression, they frantically tried to give him an out.
“Mr. Miller isn’t a professional gemstone appraiser, so it’s inevitable for him to make a mistake. Why do you have to be so overbearing?”
“Exactly. Besides, even if there’s something wrong, it’s still a beautifully-designed gemstone. But you crushed it. You really went overboard!”
“He’s just trying to show how capable he is! Psht, this loser gave a lousy wooden bead bracelet. What right does he have to criticize Seth’s gift?”
Lucas glanced at them coldly. “If it’s just a fake gemstone, of course I wouldn’t be bothered. But this thing is made of heinrichite! You guys probably know how much radiation heinrichite emits, right? How can you wear such a thing all the time?”
He glared at everyone with a sharp gaze.
Everyone was dumbfounded and speechless as they avoided his gaze. Some who had just touched the pendant were so scared that they even secretly rubbed their hands against their clothes.
“So…” Lucas glanced at Seth, whose forehead was covered in sweat, and released his domineering aura! “You gave such a highly radioactive pendant to a five-year-old. What exactly is your agenda?!”


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