Dragon Husband 1000

Chapter 1000

Wiliam stood up with a jerky body, staring at the front!

In an instant, a faint smell of blood seemed to permeate the entire mountain!

Wiliam was particularly sensitive to the smell of blood, and he was shocked at this moment.

What kind of slaughter can fill the entire mountain in an instant!

However, Xiao Haitang, who was sitting next to Wiliam, looked at Wiliam like an idiot, “Sit down, it’s rare and weird.”

Wiliam was taken aback, how strange is it to be rare?

But seeing Xiao Haitang’s accustomed look, that expression seemed to say to Wiliam, sit down and perform basic operations.

“What the hell is going on?” Wiliam couldn’t help asking.

Xiao Haitang asked Wiliam, “You don’t know what’s going on, what are you doing here?”

Wiliam had a black line, okay, what if the problem caused her to come back?

Seeing that Wiliam really didn’t understand, Xiao Haitang explained, “Every night at midnight, there will be bloody lights here. At first, we were shocked. Later, on the one hand, this bloody light has no effect on the surroundings. Secondly, there is no one who can investigate clearly, and everyone will gradually take offense.”

Wiliam pondered Xiao Haitang’s words, but he still didn’t understand.

He looked at the place and asked, “Where is the place?”

Xiao Haitang also looked at Wiliam with a black line, “Isn’t that where you want to go? Shoushan Kutani.”

Wiliam was speechless.

“Forget it, for the sake of your innocent look, grandpa will show you something good, hehe, I spent a lot of money to take the photo, and I am preparing to use the exclusive photo for the future photography exhibition.” Xiao Haitang suddenly hesitated. He smiled, turned and walked back to the tent.

Then when she came out again, she already had a stack of photos in her hand.

She handed it to Wiliam and said proudly, “Hey, in order to take pictures of this bloody spectacle, I bought a drone and flew it up to take the photo. It was the last time I sneaked in. Photographed.”

Lu Yeyihan, buy a drone, this is really professional.

He took the photo casually, and when he saw it, he was shocked.

Not to mention, the photos taken by Xiao Haitang are really good.

This photo in Wiliam’s hands can be said to be taken directly above Moriyama Kutani.

It’s the same thing.

But the focus of Wiliam’s attention is another matter.

It was this photo that made Wiliam see this place called Shoushan Jiugu for the first time.

The terrain is very strange.

It’s like a huge spinning top.

The top is wide and the bottom is pointed.

There is a road that keeps circling, as if to lead to hell.

And in the photo, you can vaguely see a big door at the end of the road.

Wiliam thought about it, and wanted to say that this door is not the only way to the bottom, right?

Just as he was watching attentively, Xiao Haitang was suddenly hungry. He took the photo back and wrinkled his nose. “If you don’t show it to you, I won’t pay me copyright.”

Wiliam Yihan said casually, “Do you want to have chicken legs tomorrow?”

Xiao Haitang’s eyes lit up, and he put the photo back into Wiliam’s hands, “This copyright fee is tempting.”

Wiliam gave her a funny look, and then continued to concentrate on studying the photo.

But there is no immersive experience, after all, there is nothing to study.

Xiao Haitang stayed idle and started to look at Wiliam.

Looking around, she didn’t know where the maternal love began to flood again.

“Wiliam, little grandpa, I was shocked by you in the youth martial arts test competition before. You are so young, but with all kinds of methods, it’s not too much to say that you can beat the heroes.” Xiao Haitang said suddenly.

Wiliam Lu took it to heart, and said casually.

Xiao Haitang continued: “However, everyone only sees your glamorous and beautiful side, but I know that you are so young and have so many compression skills. You must have had a hard time these years? It must be better than others. People pay more blood and tears, right? Because I know that if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.”

Wiliam suddenly raised his head and looked at Xiao Haitang.

How can you speak so sharply at this young age?

Where are so many non-mainstream words?

Wiliam’s mood suddenly disappeared, and he slid the photo back into Xiao Haitang’s hands, “I don’t bother to tell you.”

After speaking, he went into the tent.

Standing outside, Xiao Haitang looked at Wiliam’s leaving figure, suddenly showing a sly smile.

Is Grandpa caring? Warm baby?

In the second half of the night, the snoring in the tent gradually subsided.

Wiliam and Xiao Haitang can finally deal with them overnight.

Early the next morning, Mulan kicked Wiliam up.

Wiliam looked at Mulan dumbfounded.

Mulan stared at Wiliam with hatred, “What are you looking at? Why don’t you get up? The sun is basking!”

Wiliam was speechless.

Didn’t you sleep until midnight last night?

Wiliam turned around and looked, Xiao Haitang was no longer in the tent.

When he got out, he happened to see Xiao Haitang coming back with excitement.

As soon as she saw Wiliam, she waved, “Hey, come and take a look, the beautiful photos of little grandpa! Dewdrops, grass, and little ants are so beautiful!”

Wiliam leaned his head towards the SLR in her hand, and said something perfunctorily.

However, Xiao Haitang seemed extremely excited, as if a good day of life began with this photo of dewdrop ants.

After the four of them took a break, Guo Wuji took the initiative to say: “Let’s go now. It should be safer early in the morning.”

Others had no objections, and Guo Wuji led the way.

As for Xiao Haitang, he was busy taking pictures and showing off all the way, and he didn’t even want to lead the way.

“Go here, it’s safer here.” Guo Wuji took them and drilled in one direction.

The morning dew wets each of them.

Guo Wuji drew a short distance from them behind him, and became more excited as he walked away.

There was still a little uneasy.

This place, he also came last time!

Moreover, the danger is encountered in this place.

Hehe, Xiao Haitang’s silly girl, just taking photos, didn’t know that everyone had come to this dangerous place again.

It really helped me.

At this time, Wiliam’s nose moved slightly, and he smelled a strange smell.

Is the smell of rotten.

Wiliam nodded Mulan and whispered, “Be careful.”

Mulan nodded, holding a machete in her hand to cut through the thorns.


Suddenly rustling sounds came from the woods ahead!

This voice is very clear in the quiet early morning!

Guo Wuji’s face turned pale, and he flashed to one side, yelling: “Oh, no! I’m in danger!”

Mulan didn’t have time to react. Suddenly she felt entangled in something on her feet, and she was hung upside down and flew up!


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