Dragon Husband 1001

Chapter 1001 Green Ghost Snake Grass

“Fuck!” Mulan screamed directly, revealing the man’s attributes!

She was hung up, the first thing was not about how to get out.

Instead, he subconsciously stretched out his hand to cover his body.

But the next second she called out again, “Oh, I don’t wear a skirt!”

At this moment, she felt it in her heart!

He even glared at Wiliam on the ground subconsciously!

It’s all this!

Before, she always teased that she should stand upside down in front of him in a short skirt!

Now I am fine. Once I was inverted, my first thing was to wonder if it was a skirt.

It’s a shadow!

At this time, Wiliam flashed under his body, and a sharp black shadow flew directly from where he stood just now!

Only then did Wiliam see clearly what was this dark shadow and what was holding Mulan.

Two rattans with strong arms!

A little red stain is very obvious on this rattan.

Some have turned black.

Obviously it has preyed on countless prey.

However, Wiliam has never seen such a creature!

Wiliam looked at Guo Wuji on the side.

Guo Wuji wanted to take the opportunity to sneak away, leaving the danger to Wiliam.

But now, he still has troubles.

In front of him, two such vines suddenly jumped out!

Right in front of him, he was constantly beating, forcing Guo Wuji to move closer to Wiliam.

Obviously Xiao Haitang is the same.

Holding the baby camera tightly in her hand, she rushed to Wiliam’s side and shouted: “Protect little grandpa! Protect little grandpa!”

Protect your sister!

Wiliam couldn’t help but spit out in his heart, did you shout so comfortably?

The three stood together back to back, looking at the vines still dancing around, it seemed that there were more and more vines.

“It’s over, how did we get to this place!” Xiao Haitang saw this thing clearly and suddenly called out sadly.

“What the hell is this?” Wiliam asked.

Xiao Haitang said with an earthy face: “This is Green Ghost Snake Grass! The last time we came here, we also encountered this Green Ghost Snake Grass, and almost died in this girl’s hands!”

With that said, Xiao Haitang couldn’t help but stared at Guo Wuji, “How did you lead the way! Why are you here again in this ghost place!”

Guo Bukit looked aggrieved!

He originally wanted to leave Wiliam and Mulan here to face the danger, and then escaped with Xiao Haitang.

Unexpectedly, this green ghost snake grass seemed to be more powerful than last time.

Last time he remembered, there were only a dozen vines sticking out of Green Ghost Snake Grass.

But this time, not to mention the sharp increase in the number of vines, the vines are also stronger.

He expected Ai Ai: “After so long, I don’t remember where the road is, first think about what to do!”

“You three bastards! Can you consider my feelings and talk about it below! Get the old lady down!” Mulan roared violently in the air.

She just tried to chop the green ghost snake grass with the machete in her hand.

Good guys.

The sharp machete just cut the vines constantly, which shows how tough this thing is.

Wiliam jumped into the air, hitting the other vine that was thrown over, and then rushed directly to the vine on Mulan’s foot!
He grabbed the vine with one hand!

In the next second, his face changed slightly!



Wiliam only saw it so close!

It turns out that the end of every vine has extremely sharp barbs!

It really looked like a snake with its fangs.

Fortunately, Wiliam didn’t have a firm grasp just now.

He glanced at the vine again, except for the tips, there were no such barbs in other places.

With a cruel heart, he held a vine with one hand.

Then he got angry!

A feeling of scorching heat suddenly emerged from his hands!

The vine seemed to feel the dangerous aura, directly let go of Mulan, and slammed it towards Wiliam!

Wiliam had prepared for a while before returning to the ground.

And Mulan was caught off guard just now and was thrown down.

She rubbed her buttocks and stood up with a look of grief, “My old lady is fighting with you.”

However, Wiliam took it back with one hand, “Don’t be impulsive, just listen to me if you don’t want to be upside down.”

Mulan just yelled with a strong voice to save her face.

She immediately stood beside Wiliam obediently and stopped talking.

“Wiliam, what should I do now?” Xiao Haitang asked anxiously.

Wiliam was about to comfort her with a few words, so he heard her continue: “I still don’t have any good-looking photos, I can’t bear to go home.”

With a black line, Wiliam almost threw her broken camera.

Looking around, Wiliam found that ten meters behind them, they were already surrounded by dense vines.

And into a package!

This green ghost snake grass is going to drive everyone into its mouth.

Seeing that you can’t escape, you can only fight.

“Xiao Haitang, step aside and hide, you two, follow my instructions.” Wiliam said directly.

Guo Wuji also has no idea. I can only listen to Wiliam’s arrangement temporarily.

“Mulan and I are standing here, ten meters ahead of Guo Wuji!” Wiliam quickly ordered.

Although neither of them knew what Wiliam was going to do, they still obediently followed suit.

When Guo Wuji stood up, Wiliam said to Xiao Haitang again, “Bring me all the fixing nails of the tent.”

Xiao Haitang nodded hurriedly, rummaged through Guo Wuji’s and Mulan’s packages, and finally brought all the fixing nails to Wiliam.

There are more than 20 roots, and each root is quite thick.

Wiliam divided half of them to Mulan, and then shouted: “Guo Wuji, run forward! Charge for it!”

Guo Wuji was taken aback for a moment, rushing?

Is this kid so kind?

Do they want to hold this green ghost snake grass and let themselves escape?

Guo Wuji had a low IQ, so he didn’t bother to think about it.

Just rush it.

So he rushed forward like crazy.

In the next second, Wiliam also shouted to Mulan: “Let’s follow him!”

With that said, Wiliam sprinted in the direction of Guo Wuji!

Mulan couldn’t keep up.

Wiliam is making suggestions, basically she has no IQ.

She has a brain and can’t use it, so she can only do her best.

Guo Wuji turned his head and saw Wiliam actually following him, and he was taken aback.

Isn’t this going to hold the green ghost snake grass?

Then, his eyes stunned, and the whole person was going crazy!

Because the three ran in the same direction, and Guo Wuji ran in the front.

In an instant, all the vines rushed towards Guo Wuji.

Overwhelmingly, it seems that Guo Wuji is going to be pressed hard!

Looking at the sky full of vines, Guo Wuji was coming violently, and his scalp was numb!

He couldn’t help but lean on it!

Finally understood this kid’s intention!

What a special thing!

You want to use him as bait!


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