Dragon Husband 1002

Chapter 1002

Guo Wu Ji almost stopped.

Wiliam yelled from behind, “Don’t stop if you don’t want to die, run! Be careful not to be caught by the vines!”

At this time Guo Wuji had another doubt in his heart.


This kid, didn’t he use him as bait?

Shouldn’t it be running in the opposite direction at this time?

Why does he continue to follow?

Something is wrong.

As he thought about it, he ran wildly with the energy of feeding.

Fortunately, there are many big trees here, forming a lot of natural barriers for him.

Seeing a sky full of him, he smashed it over, and when he was about to lose his head, he stubbornly folded and hid behind a big tree behind him.

The vine slammed on the tree!

At this time, Wiliam’s body rushed over!

The moment the vine hit the tree, the steel nail in his hand shot directly!

Nail the vines to the tree!

The steel nails penetrated deep into the wood, and Wiliam made a final effort to directly bend the exposed part of the steel nails and insert them into the tree.

That vine crazily wanted to break free, but it was firmly nailed to death.

Wiliam turned back, continued to follow Mulan, and said, “Did you see what I did just now?”

Where can Mulan be seen clearly?

She also understood Wiliam’s strategy in an instant.

Is he going to nail all these vines to the tree?

This is a good way.

But the next second, she called out again, “But we don’t have enough nails in our hands.”

“I have other methods of my own, you should do it first. The opportunity is here, go!” Wiliam stretched out a kick behind Mulan and kicked Mulan directly towards Guo Wuji!

At this time, Guo Wuji happened to be facing another vine, and he hided behind the tree dangerously and dangerously.

Mulan flew over, just as the vine hit the tree.

She didn’t have time to think, so she made the steel nail in her hand and fixed the vine.

Then, as if she had been assaulted a thousand times, she hurried towards Wiliam, “You bastard! I played it with you! Did you kick the old lady’s ass casually! You are looking for death!”

She just fell to the ground with a faint pain in her ass, but now she was kicked out by Wiliam.

And it’s merciless!

Is my old mother’s ass reinforced concrete? You kick so unrelentingly!

Pain is one thing, more importantly, it is embarrassing!

Xiao Haitang, who was not far away, saw this scene and laughed so much.

Wiliam flashed away, avoiding the attack from the pig teammates, and said with a face of justice: “You can’t speed, I won’t kick you, you can’t keep up with this opportunity, what a waste of it.”

Mulan’s teeth are about to be crushed.

Although this girl is telling the truth, how uncomfortable it is to listen!

Is the speed of a Huajin warrior rejected by an internal strength warrior?

She suddenly resembled a mad orangutan, bursting out all the speed, just wanting to fight for such a breath.

And Guo Wuji, who was in front, was even more beeping!

He also saw Wiliam and Mulan’s movements, and he also understood that Wiliam’s approach seemed to be pretty good now.

But special!

Use him as bait!
“If you flirt, I’ll fight with you!” Guo Wuji roared like a mad dog in front.

“Remember what you felt just now. Just bring the vine to the tree.” Wiliam shouted behind him.

Guo Bukit is thinking about it every day.

Feel the wool!

This feeling is the feeling of escaping from the dead, so nonsense!

I don’t want to remember this feeling for the rest of my life!

Fortunately, Guo Wuji has some experience.

Next, he moved quickly between the big trees like a loach.

And Wiliam and Mulan followed him closely as if they were helping him with funeral affairs.

Mulan naturally had to be kicked several times by Wiliam, and finally she lost her temper.

Because Wiliam kicked it right!

Wiliam’s eyes are so vicious.

Just by looking at the vines flying and the escape route of Guo Buji, you can accurately estimate where the two people meet.

Then he kicked Mulan.

If she didn’t kick Mulan, she would not be able to accurately seize the opportunity and miss the opportunity.

In other words, this is an advance measurement.

Mulan couldn’t do this, she could only cry in her heart because of the bitterness of being kicked.

Between these lightning and flints, how could this girl have such an accurate calculation, Mulan would kneel to Wiliam.

She really hopes that this girl miscalculates once, even if Mulan gets an innocent kick, she will come back and settle accounts with this kid.

But at present, it seems that this kid has precise feet and feet, leaving no regrets for Mulan.

Wiliam’s method now seems to be very effective, because the vines have been significantly reduced.

However, this approach has two serious drawbacks.

One is that the vines seem to have spirits, as if Wiliam made them angry and chased them even more fiercely.

The other drawback is that it is too hatred.

Not only pull the hatred of the enemy, but also pull the hatred of the teammates.

Guo Bukit is like a jungle dog, and Mulan’s small butt is about to be kicked.

For a moment, both of them began to think that there was a possibility that they would unite with this green ghost snake grass to kill Lu Yeta.

After all, the enemy of the enemy is the friend.

Especially Guo Wuji, really is about to cry.

Tired is one thing.

He planned to kill Lu Yeyin here.

What’s going on now!

Help this kid work for free?

Why did you escape from the dead?

He took advantage of the reduction in the vines and the less pressure, so he started to think carefully.

What if you don’t run as he says?

What if you pull the danger on him?

What a wonderful thing that should be.

After all, I’m so good at nailing nails. I set up the tent last night.

It’s totally possible to let this kid run in front, and he can get up and down in the back.

When Guo Bukit thought of the picture of this kid incarnate as a wild dog, he couldn’t mention how much he expected.

As a result, his heart was cruel, and suddenly his body folded, and he didn’t have to run in the direction that Wiliam had set.

But the next second, he almost ran into someone head-on!

Mulan didn’t know when, she had already appeared in front of Guo Wuji.

Guo Wuji was taken aback.

Mulan’s temper was exploding at the moment, she stretched out her foot and kicked Guo Wuji again, “What are you running around! The rhythm has been disrupted, and the old lady still doesn’t know how many feet he will suffer from that bastard! Run seriously! Otherwise, the old lady will kick to death. you!”

Guo Bukit was in the air, feeling tears coming down.

He wants to cry.

What do Mulan and Guo Wuji say, it can be regarded as a sister and brother!

Especially now it’s like the wild one. If you have any temper, throw it at that kid, what’s the matter with me!

He suddenly stopped, his body stopped abruptly, his hands clasped a big tree tightly, and angrily said: “I’m not running! I’m tired! You kid, you run! I’ll nail it!”

Mulan was taken aback, and instantly raised her hands in agreement.

I really want to kick people serially?

But Wiliam smiled slightly, and said to Mulan and Guo Wuji: “Don’t coax, have you seen all the nails in our hands?”

“It’s time to change the game. Tell me loudly, are you two ready?”


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