Dragon Husband 1003

Chapter 1003

Guo Wuji heard the first half of Wiliam’s words and instinctively looked at Wiliam and Mulan’s hands.

I saw that the hands of the two of them were empty now, and the steel nails were just running out.

He stomped his feet with anger, how could it be such a coincidence!

He finally mustered up the courage to speak out, and now he has no nails!

And when he heard the second half of Wiliam’s words, the whole person was not good!

What is a change of gameplay?

Are you playing!

Lao Tzu is dying!

And what does it mean to be ready?

What to prepare?

You made it clear!

He couldn’t help looking at Mulan on the side, but saw that Mulan was also grinning, and shouted, “I’m not ready!”

This sentence yelled out the voice of Guo Wuji.

Mulan saw that Guo Wuji wanted to change places to play with Wiliam, and she felt so happy.

Wouldn’t it be possible to kick this girl’s ass?

It’s hard to think that the steel nails are not up to date, so soon.

Now this girl has a new idea, how can this be done?

After finally getting used to being kicked and having a new gameplay, will it be more brutal?

So Mulan resolutely answered that she was not ready.

There are dozens of canes, and they continue to fly towards them.

While avoiding the cane, Wiliam smiled and said, “What are you afraid of? Are you so afraid of me?”

Mulan was too lazy to care about Wiliam, she kept rolling his eyes.

And Guo Wuji is not welcome.

He held the heart of dying Wiliam, but now he was treated as a coolie and bait. How could he bear this tone!

He couldn’t help shouting: “No matter what else you can do! I put my words here! I am determined not to be a bait! Whoever loves to be who is to be!”

Wiliam hummed softly, and suddenly said, “Well then, how about I be the bait this time?”

When Guo Wuji heard this, he was overjoyed.

With his brain disabled, he became happy right away, “That’s what you said! Good! As long as you are the bait, there is no way to talk about it!”

In Guo Wuji’s mind, bait work is the hardest and most dangerous.

Now this kid is willing to be a bait under his own threat.

Isn’t this a golden opportunity?

So he agreed all at once.

But Mulan on the side looked at Wiliam with disgust.

Guo Wuji doesn’t understand Wiliam, doesn’t Mulan yet!

This ya said so simply, he must have calculated it.

Guo Wuji, this pig, has been yawned by others, but I don’t know it, but he is still there.

Regardless of three or seventy-one, Mulan followed Wiliam closely and said: “I don’t care, I will follow wherever you go! Don’t want to leave me alone!”

Wiliam found a free time and looked back at Mulan amusedly, “Oh, you are so persistent to me? Isn’t this your style? Are you afraid of being kicked by me again after following me?”

Mulan almost squirted out her old blood!

If this girl is not cheap, will it explode in place?

The reason why Mulan said that was because she knew that as long as she talked to Wiliam, Wiliam would definitely protect her safety.
Second, it is the most important.

He must have left the most risky work to himself!

So follow him, it’s definitely safe.

Although it will be kicked.

“Say! What way!” Mulan asked Wiliam with her powder fist.

Guo Wuji also rushed over and asked, “Yes, what is the solution? How can you be a bait?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “If I were the bait, I would naturally have to deal with these vines to the end. Are you happy?”

When Guo Wuji thought about it, he almost yelled the word “happy” as Wiliam said.

To deal with the vines to the end, the cliff is the most dangerous.

Isn’t the task left to Guo Wuji both glorious and stalwart?

“Then, Guo Wuji, you are optimistic, follow this direction.” Wiliam said, suddenly stretched out his hand.

Guo Wuji looked in the direction of Wiliam.

I saw that there were lush trees in that direction, and I couldn’t see the head.

He was about to ask again, but suddenly heard three more words from Wiliam’s mouth, “Digging a hole.”

Digging a hole?

Mulan and Guo Wuji were stunned.

Is this special?

What operation?

What kind of hole to dig?

Wiliam continued: “If I’m wrong, that direction should be the body of Green Ghost Snake Grass. These vines can go up to the sky, but they can’t get into the ground. Just follow the direction I pointed out and dig underground. , Until it reaches the root of the Green Ghost Snake Grass and then comes out.”

Guo Wuji and Mulan came out together with black lines.

This Wiliam, how long his head is so special!

Why didn’t they think that if the heavens are no good, just go into the earth?

It’s just that this method is a bit too careless.

Guo Wuji couldn’t help waving his hand, “What’s my identity? The young master of the dignified Jackdaw family, how can you do such a low-level job as digging a hole? No, no! I won’t do things that devalue myself!”

But Wiliam raised his eyebrows, “What’s your identity? Look at everyone? Mulan is the little princess of the Jackdaw family, or your sister. Xiao Haitang is the little princess of the Gu Yuehu family, and the strength of her family is so good, can you bear it? ?? You think about it, what is your identity?”

Guo Wuji was said by Wiliam. He looked at Mulan and Xiao Haitang, who had been shooting wildly in the distance, and he was confused.

When Wiliam said that, it seemed that the young master of the Jackdaw family he had always been proud of was really not worth mentioning.

He couldn’t help but shouted again: “What about you! What status are you!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “I am your sister’s master! It is your father’s benefactor! Besides, didn’t you let me be the bait?”

Guo Buji’s head buzzed, and he was speechless for a while.

It seems that this is really the case.

Looking around now, among these four people, let him be the little mouse who punches holes, it is simply the fate of heaven!

Guo Wuji weighed it in his heart, although it was embarrassing to talk about the matter of drilling holes.

But only a few of them knew about the scene, and they were even more powerful than him when Wiliam said so.

What’s more important is the danger of drilling holes.

It’s better than being entangled in the ground by these grinding little vines, right?

As a result, Guo Wuji was heartbroken and shouted, “If anyone goes out and tells me about my digging, I won’t finish with whom!”

Speaking of his body falling to the ground with ease and light, following the direction Wiliam pointed at earlier, Yaji Yaji began to use both hands together to dig a hole.

Apparently, he worked quite hard.

Wiliam glanced at Guo Wuji on the ground, a black line.

This pig.

He couldn’t help shouting to the ground: “I said, brother, are you really the reincarnation of a groundhog? Are you really planning to make a fortune with your own hands?”

“You too value yourself too much?”


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