Dragon Husband 1005

Chapter 1005 Fire!

Mulan had to get into the hole again, somehow, let the two men readjust their directions.

But with Wiliam’s method, the next thing went smoothly.

After more than twenty minutes, when even Mulan was panting, Guo Wuji suddenly got out of the hole and shouted: “Fuck! I really dug a large number of roots! At all! I can’t make it! And the roots of the tree seem to move, scaring me to death!”

When Wiliam heard it, he yelled okay, and then his body fell back to the ground.

Guo Wuji was taken aback, “What do you want to do? I tell you, I won’t go in anymore. It’s dark in there, and the thing will move, scaring someone to death! I won’t go in anymore!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Okay, then you can watch from here, I’ll go in and take a look.”

Guo Wuji breathed a sigh of relief, “You guys know each other.”

With that said, he quickly slipped aside and hid.

Wiliam looked at it and couldn’t help shouting: “You hide a wool! Who are you going to attack from these vines? Hurry up and give me bait.”

Guo Wuji stomped his feet and had no choice but to rush out again.

Wiliam jumped away and entered the hole.

When Mulan saw it, she quickly followed Wiliam.

This scene made Guo Wuji even more sad and angry.

Then Wiliam is your master, but you are a pug who follows so tightly, never leaving.

Mulan ignored Guo Wuji’s sad and angry eyes, and still followed Wiliam.

She knew that it was safest to talk to Wiliam.

According to Wiliam’s guess, there might be danger underground.

But Guo Wuji did not have any accidents, indicating that the underground is safe.

On the contrary, it was Guo Wuji, the baby, who was afraid of becoming a dog when he saw the roots of the tree squirming and returned to the ground.

The ground is the most dangerous.

Wiliam watched Mulan follow, and smiled, “You really know how to paddle.”

Mulan kicked Xia Luye’s calf with her foot, “If you talk too much, go away.”

As they walked, Mulan asked, “By the way, you let Na Ya dig such a big hole and dig the root of the green ghost snake grass. What do you do next?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “You’ll know in a while.”

The two walked for two minutes, and they came to the end of the cave.

Sure enough, at the end of this, there was a huge thing wriggling slightly.

This thing, like a sphere wrapped around a thousand and a hundred branches, looked very strange.

Moreover, the dark hole in the ground, with the squirming of the few roots, even a trace of stars leaked out.

Mulan saw her scalp numb, she hid behind Wiliam with a little fear, and whispered, “Wiliam, there is no real danger, right?”

“That’s not nonsense? There must be danger, you stay away.” Wiliam said to Mulan.

With a small step, Mulan was far away from Wiliam.

“To ask you to run away, you are not at all polite to me.” Lu Yezhen said kindly.

Mulan gave him a menacing look, “Nonsense! A dead dao friend is not a poor dao!”

Wiliam didn’t talk any more now, just looking at the big weird roots in front of him.

Wiliam’s initial thoughts were not wrong.
Since the power of the green ghost snake grass on the ground is so terrifying, it can only avoid its edge.

Underground is the best choice.

For each tree and grass, the root is definitely the most important lifeblood.

As long as the roots of the tree are destroyed, the Green Ghost Snake Grass definitely has no chance of survival.

As for how to destroy the roots of the tree, Wiliam had his own plan.

As he thought, he suddenly stretched out his hands slowly.

Both hands just pressed on the root of the tree.

The roots of the tree were obviously moving a little faster.

However, there seems to be no means of attack.

At this time, a ray of light suddenly appeared in the dark hole!

Mulan’s eyes widened, and she looked at Wiliam’s hands tightly.

At this time, a burst of fire suddenly appeared in Wiliam’s palm!

At this moment, Mulan was in a trance.


This kid!


Just now everyone had been frightened by the power of the Green Ghost Snake Grass, but they had forgotten that no matter how powerful this Green Ghost Snake Grass was, it was also a kind of plant.

Since it is a plant, the root of the tree is definitely a weakness.

And since it is a plant, how can plants not be afraid of fire?

What’s even more exaggerated is that Mulan also knew that there was indeed an inexplicable flame on this kid.

When she competed with Wiliam for the first time, Wiliam had already shown it.

Obviously, these principles and common sense are very simple.

But in that case, Mulan just didn’t think of it.

It wasn’t until the flames appeared in Wiliam’s hands that Mulan understood Wiliam’s strategy in an instant.

Fire attack!

Wiliam suddenly yelled, and the flame in his hand suddenly flourished, sweeping towards the root of the tree!

And the root of the tree, as if feeling the danger, suddenly squirmed violently!

However, weakness is weakness.

God gave Green Ghost Snake Grass the advantage of rampant on the ground and mid-air, and also gave it a fatal weakness.

It is the root of this tree.

Mulan’s eyes were filled with joy.

This time, there is really a show!

But Wiliam had a solemn expression, and desperately exerted his flame veins to the extreme.

He didn’t even think of this method at first.

Until he went to rescue Mulan, he instinctively used the Yanmai internal force, but was surprised to find that the vines were afraid of fire.

It was also at that moment that Wiliam formed this plan in his heart.

It looks pretty good now.

On the ground, Guo Wuji was still very happy two minutes ago.

He thought it would be difficult to avoid these vines.

After all, he was the only one resisting.

But he was pleasantly surprised to find that these vines suddenly resembled frosted eggplants, as if they had no energy, how could they catch up with him?

It’s completely different from the aggressive look just now.

Where did Guo Wuji want to get it, the vines hit by the frost, the attention at the moment is not on Guo Wuji.

It was at the root of the tree, facing Wiliam.

I don’t have time to take care of Guo Bukit.

The more Guo Wuji dodges, the more proud he is. Even to the back, he compares Xiao Haitang not far away in the air, “Little Haitang, see if you look handsome in this posture, please take a picture of him.”

Xiao Haitang immediately raised the camera in his hand and slapped it several times, satisfying the two goods’ pursuit of beauty.

But in the next second, Guo Wuji suddenly squatted and called out, and his body fought a cold war in midair!

Just now, the vines that looked like frost hitting eggplant, suddenly, seemed to have suffered incomparable trauma and provocation, like the anger of the gods, they all rose to the sky!

The sky full of vines, as if desperately, threw them towards Guo Wuji!


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