Dragon Husband 1006

Chapter 1006

Kwok Bukit continued to become a wild dog running through the woods, and he was stunned!

What’s the matter!

The vines that were half-dead just now are as if they were beaten with blood!

Still chasing after yourself, as if you are going to cut yourself off!

In a hurry, he bumped into a tree, and his nose and face were swollen.

At this time, he saw it even more shocked!

Some of the vines that were still chasing him suddenly stopped!

Then in an instant, Guo Wuji felt that the whole world was broken!

The ends of those vines originally had extremely sharp barbs.

But those barbs are now shooting at him all at once!

This scene has never happened before!

He wailed, and avoided the attack of these barbs dangerously and dangerously!

The vines are still dancing wildly!

The surrounding trees were all beaten up by vines!

At this time, Guo Wuji looked forward, and suddenly the whole person was stunned!

He saw it!

For the first time, he saw the body of Green Ghost Snake Grass!

He was obscured by vegetation just now, and now the vegetation fell down, he could see clearly!

The body of the Green Ghost Snake Grass is unexpectedly beautiful!

It resembles a blue lotus in full bloom, about one meter in diameter.

For those vines, this looks extremely small!

And around this body, there are countless dense vines.

These vines are like Qinglian’s hands and feet, dancing like crazy!

The blue color on the lotus body suddenly flashed like a light!


Every flash!

The barbs on the vine flew towards Guo Wuji!

Guo Buji was beeping wild dogs in his heart!

It’s hard to find a light job, but I didn’t expect it to end up like this!

He couldn’t wait to get down to the ground now and avoid this crazy vine.

However, he was stunned.

Because of the crazy dancing of the vines, the ground was in a mess.

The hole he dug out has completely collapsed.

And Guo Wuji didn’t have any time to make holes anymore.

He was running around like an embarrassed dog, watching the sky full of barbs, tears suddenly flowed down.

It’s too awful!

It’s so miserable!

At this time, his body suddenly hurt!

Countless barbs hit him in the back!

As soon as he stiffened, he suddenly felt a chilling tingling sensation.

This barb!


Even worse!

Guo Wu Ji originally wore the gold silk soft armor given to him by his mother Wu Bili, which was his greatest support.

However, the golden silk soft armor protects his upper body, not his ass!

Seven or eight barbs directly pierced his butt into flowers.

He screamed in pain, and his tears were even worse.

Under Wu Bili’s care and protection in his entire life, how could he have suffered this kind of flesh and blood.

He instinctively ran while clutching his butt, while crying to his mother.

In the end, he shouted so that his throat became hoarse, and there was a blood stain behind him.

And what made him even more terrifying was that the poison of the barbs gradually came into play.
His speed is much lower than before.

However, the instinct to survive still made him run desperately.

As he ran, he suddenly shouted: “Wiliam, you bastard! You killed Lao Tzu! You hide in the pit that Lao Tzu dug and leave the danger to Lao Tzu! Come out for me!”

The louder he screamed, and in the end he burst into tears, “You come out to me! I beg you! Help! If you don’t come out again, I really will die!”

While he shouted, he suddenly felt the ground tremble!

Then, all the vines stopped waving.

Taking advantage of this gap, Guo Wuji looked at the place where the ground was shaking just now.

It is where the green ghost snake herb is located!


It’s like something is going to emerge from the ground!

Qinglian’s body was cyan light, and the gleaming was even more mysterious!



The whole body of Green Ghost Snake Grass suddenly jumped up!


Not jumping up!

Rather, it was pushed up!

“Let me go!” Not far away, Xiao Haitang, who looked scared, suddenly screamed, and then the camera in his hand pointed at the rising Qinglian like crazy!

There is only one reason!

one person!

Following the body of the green ghost snake grass came out!

This scene!

How shocking!

I saw Wiliam suddenly jumped from the ground!

He held a few green ghost snake grass in his hands!

A coquettish flame is still burning on his body!

The vines on the green ghost snake grass began to dance wildly again!



Xiao Haitang looked at this scene with stars in his eyes!

Imagine a man, when they were in danger, came out of the ground!

Blaze all over, as if the god of fire came to the world!

He is like an overlord holding a tripod, holding the green ghost snake grass high in the air!

And the scary-looking vines of Green Ghost Snake Grass danced like crazy!

How shocking is this scene!

How magnificent and intense this picture is!

Xiao Haitang just felt that a heart was about to pop out!

The photo of Wiliam breaking the ground alone made her a worthwhile trip!

And Guo Wuji saw Wiliam Qianjun appear, tears falling down, his body softened and he collapsed to the ground.

He was crying and heartbroken on the ground, he was too difficult, the society was too sinister!

He wants to go home.

And those crazy vines still want to attack Wiliam!

At this time, the flames on Wiliam blazed fiercely again!

When the vines are about to attack Wiliam!


It’s like something burst!

Wiliam’s hands suddenly folded in the air!

The roots of the huge green ghost snake grass tree just burst open in midair!

In this scene, it was like being squeezed by Wiliam’s heart!

It’s so exciting!

But the roots of the tree burst, and the body of the green ghost snake grass, which was originally green and blue, instantly decayed, turning into a decayed color.

Those dancing vines also lost support in an instant and fell to the ground.

So far!

The extremely powerful Green Ghost Snake Grass was burned to death by Wiliam from the ground!

A person jumped out from the ground again.

It was Mulan.

Mulan realized that it was dangerous above, so she jumped out from the ground in a whistling manner.

The flames on Wiliam gradually dissipated.

His hand also slowly dropped.

Mulan was going up to say hello to Wiliam, to praise this kid.

At this moment, her gaze flickered, and she suddenly noticed Wiliam’s slowly spreading hands.

She couldn’t help but shouted: “I wipe it! What is this in your hand! It’s so beautiful and dreamy!”

I saw that Wiliam spread out his hands and held them impressively!

A stone the size of a goose egg.

This stone-like thing is shining with blue light, looking hazy and dreamy!


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