Dragon Husband 1008

Chapter 1008

Of course it’s wrong.

If everything follows my own will, how can I suffer this sin!

The current situation is that no matter what choice I make, I will suffer in the end!

Guo Wuji tried his best to solve Wiliam’s fallacy, but his IQ was so touched that he couldn’t say anything about it.

In the end, he could only slap his thigh frantically, and suffered from this dumb.

He understood that this was the IQ gap between Wiliam and him.

I want to play with him, but I don’t know how he died in the end.

Fortunately, this kid was kind, letting his own way out and saving his life.

Thinking of this, Guo Wuji didn’t dare to continue to say anything, for fear of being stabbed to death by this kid again.

At this time, Wiliam patted Guo Wuji on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Okay, let him pass by the past. You just have to remember a little, I can save your life. So…”

As Wiliam said, he walked forward.

Guo Wuji was taken aback, and asked in place: “So what?”

Wiliam’s words came from the front, “So, I can’t die, understand? You better understand.”

When Guo Wuji heard this, his whole body trembled.

A chill suddenly came from the bottom!

He understood the meaning of Wiliam’s words no matter how stupid he was.

Wiliam was telling him tactfully!

Don’t play tricks in secret, otherwise, he will die first in the end!

Guo Wuji looked deeply at Wiliam’s back, and was shocked for a while.

He thought he was hiding very deep.

But he didn’t think that Wiliam had already understood his mind.

At the same time Guo Wuji also felt a deep weakness.

If you want to live here, you really can only rely on this kid.

Mulan walked with Wiliam, then suddenly turned her head and glanced at Guo Wuji, her eyes full of joking.

As she walked, she asked Wiliam, “So you’ve already seen that this girl is impure to you?”

Wiliam Lu said angrily: “Are you suspicious of my IQ? Just like him, if you want the city government to have no city government, you need acting skills and acting skills, I can’t see through when I’m blind.”

Mulan shrugged and didn’t speak any more.

In fact, even she could see it, how could Wiliam not see it.

It’s just that Mulan’s mind is the same as that of Wiliam.

This girl is a little bit brainy and can’t make any climate.

If he could beat Wiliam in this life, he would probably only be better than the professional skills of drilling holes.

Xiao Haitang also followed from behind, with an innocent look, “Don’t go so fast! Influencing grandpa to take pictures!”

Wiliam Lu said angrily: “It’s lush and green here, maybe there is still some danger hidden, we’d better leave as soon as possible.”

Xiao Haitang looked at Guo Wuji who was miserable behind him, “What about him?”

“He can keep up, nothing happened, he cherishes his life more than anyone else.” Wiliam said lightly.

Xiao Haitang stuck his tongue out and asked, “Then do you know the way? Don’t take it to Grandpa, you take it to more dangerous places.”

Wiliam said without looking back, “I probably know, didn’t you show me the aerial photos last night? As long as you walk in the direction of the door, you should be fine.”

Xiao Haitang’s eyes widened at this moment, “I’m going! Are you really such a god? Take a look at the aerial photos, and now they can be our little navigation?”

Mulan patted Xiao Haitang on the shoulder, and motioned to sit down and don’t be surprised. This is rare for others, but for Wiliam, the operation is normal.

Xiao Haitang didn’t say anything at all, but there were more stars in Wiliam’s eyes.

Finally, a few people came to a relatively empty place, and Wiliam said, “Let’s take a rest here and sort out your mood.”

As Wiliam said, he took a special look at Guo Wuji, who was limping behind him, and said, “How about you?”

“I am what I am!” Guo Wuji replied stiffly.

“I’m asking you, what are your plans next?” Wiliam asked.

Guo Wuji was taken aback, and suddenly he slapped his head!


I came here all the hard work, just to murder this girl.

Now that this girl gave the whole butt flowered, it can be said that he has completely given up this evil idea.

Then there is absolutely no need to stay.

His first thought was to leave.

But for some reason, his footsteps stopped again.

“Why? Reluctant to go home?” Wiliam smiled.

Guo Wuji glared at Wiliam, and suddenly felt cruel, and said, “I’ll go with you! Anyway, you have to protect Lao Tzu! My dad said that the three of us must go home safely.”

Wiliam smiled, and sat down without saying anything.

Looking at Wiliam like this, Guo Wuji didn’t speak any more, and turned his head to the side.

However, Mulan suddenly walked to Guo Wuji’s side and whispered: “How? It’s more fun to take an adventure with this kid than to be a warm baby at home, isn’t it?”

Guo Wuji’s face froze, “You only warm the baby, your whole family is warm baby!”

Mulan looked at Guo Wuji strangely.

Guo Bukit reacted and couldn’t help but slapped himself.

Isn’t her family the same as her own family?

Mulan smiled and said, “Don’t deny it, why didn’t you leave just now? Isn’t that the idea?”

“You are so annoying! Broken mouth woman! I ignore you!” Guo Wuji turned his head, pointed his butt at Mulan, and ignored Mulan.

Mulan gritted her teeth with anger, and this bloody butt made people want to kick her.

However, Mulan did not notice that Guo Wuji, who turned his face, looked very struggling.

It seems that a chick that has been imprisoned for more than 30 years has finally decided to escape.

The price of freedom may be to cut off the wings.

Is it worth it?

Guo Buji himself was at a loss.

Maybe, my old sister is right…

Xiao Haitang, who was on the side, approached Wiliam again, showing off his usual camera shots to Wiliam, and said triumphantly: “Come and enjoy the beautiful photos taken by my grandpa! You are so handsome, don’t you know? “

Wiliam didn’t care, and glanced at the camera Xiao Haitang handed over.

However, he didn’t notice the content in the picture at first sight, instead he saw the camera body of Xiao Haitang, cracked a very obvious seam, as if it had broken.

Wiliam couldn’t help asking, “Did your camera fall somewhere?”

Xiao Haitang’s face became stiff and became a little unnatural. She couldn’t help but said, “I will let you see the picture! What are you looking at!”

Wiliam didn’t take it seriously, and glanced at the scene perfunctorily.

However, this time Wiliam suddenly stood up directly from the ground!

He grabbed Xiao Haitang’s camera with one hand and stared at the picture in the camera intently!

Xiao Haitang’s heart is about to explode after being so taken away, “You take it easy! Don’t hurt my little baby!”

But Wiliam stretched out his finger to the scene and slowly said, “Why is there a face hidden in the grass not far from this photo!”


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