Dragon Husband 1009

Chapter 1009

“What face? Don’t scare me.” Xiao Haitang paled and said with a little fear.

At this time, Mulan came over from behind, she took the camera in Wiliam’s hand and looked at it carefully.

As a result, she also exclaimed, “Fuck! It’s so scary to shoot a ghost movie! Xiao Haitang, watch it for yourself! Is there something wrong with your SLR camera?”

With that said, Mulan’s index finger and middle finger slid on the photo, enlarged the photo on the LCD screen and handed it to Xiao Haitang.

Xiao Haitang’s face turned paler.

The hand that took the camera became trembling.

As she took it, she said blankly, “Are you two fooling me.”

Then she also took a look at the photo, and the whole person was not good.

If it weren’t for the deep love for the little baby, she would want to throw this ghost out!

In this photo, Wiliam was full of flames, holding up the roots of the green ghost snake grass in his hand, so mighty!

It makes the surrounding scenery dim.

This was originally a very majestic photo.

But I don’t know how rough Wiliam’s eyes are.

I just saw something unusual in the right corner of the photo.

It is a pile of grass.

However, among the grass, a face suddenly appeared.

And it seemed to be the face of a hairy boy.

The child’s eyes were dark, and he looked strange.

But there is a sense of indescribable sluggishness.

What a ghost!

Xiao Haitang’s lips trembled and she leaned against Wiliam with a little fear, and asked helplessly, “I don’t know what’s going on! What should I do now?”

Wiliam took the camera and observed it carefully again.

This child’s face looks very clear, which can prove that it is not formed by the dislocation of surrounding vegetation.

And through the sparse grass, it was vaguely visible that the child was wearing a blue dress.

Wiliam was naturally also an atheist and didn’t believe what the hell was this.

However, this is the forbidden place of the Gu Yue Hu family, and it is also a desperate place that everyone can avoid.

It is incredible to have such a young child here.

Could it be that this kid has been watching their group of people fighting against the green ghost snake grass to kill you?

Wiliam was puzzled, and finally shook his head, and said, “It’s useless to think too much, have you rested? Rested, let’s move on.”

Xiao Haitang was obviously scared. She held the camera in her hand and wanted to delete the photo, but she was reluctant and tangled to death.

Finally, Wiliam asked Xiao Haitang to find the pictures she had taken from the aerial before, and then looked at it carefully.

He wants to find a path that seems safer.

As for how to judge safety, according to Wiliam, wherever there is less vegetation, go wherever you go.

Because of the psychological shadow of the child in the photo just now, a group of people bumped into each other, fearing that unknown creatures would suddenly appear again.

Fortunately, Wiliam led the way, and everyone came to an empty place without any risk.

Only at this time, the sky was already dark.

It can be seen how big this site is.

Wiliam saw at a glance, not far in front of them, there was an extremely tall door.
This door is the only way to the next valley. Even Guo Wuji and Xiao Haitang came here for the first time.

Wiliam walked towards this door.

When he stood under this door, he couldn’t help but sigh.

I don’t know what material the door is made of. It is neither gold nor iron, and looks extremely heavy.

And it is more than fifty meters high, and when you look up, it seems to be connected to the night.

The door was closed tightly.

At this time Mulan shouted, “Look, there are two big characters on the door.”

Everyone looked at the door in the distance in front of them.

Sure enough, two large characters were written on it in scarlet paint.

It’s just that this character is very old, similar to hieroglyphs, Mulan looked at it carefully for a while and then announced that she gave up.

She stabbed Wiliam next to her, and asked without temper, “Fairy man, can you take a look?”

Looking at the two words, Wiliam actually knew it in his heart.

He pointed to the word on the left and said: “This word is forgotten.”

Then he pointed to the word on the right and said: “This word is the seal of the seal.”



What the hell is this?

Mulan’s eyes were extremely blank.

Wiliam also had no bottom in his heart, and looked at Xiao Haitang and asked, “Do any books or family mottoes in your family have records related to these two words?”

Xiao Haitang shook his head and said helplessly, “No.”

Lu Yezheng looked at Xiao Haitang angrily, “Did you not know or there is no record?”

Xiao Haitang blushed and said aggrieved: “Where does Grandpa know so much! I am not interested in martial arts at all. It wasn’t because of my dad that I didn’t read this kind of book. How do I know?”

Wiliam met a strange girl with a black thread.

“It’s useless to think about it here, otherwise, shall we go in first?” Mulan finally suggested.

She is more courageous, she will reach out and push the door.

It was only stopped by Wiliam.

“Memories are not useful, but thinking about how to choose, I think it’s still useful.” Wiliam said lightly.


What to choose?

The three of them looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam explained: “One door says forget, and the other says seal. Let’s understand it literally. The greatest probability I can think of is the price that these two doors will pay after reminding us to enter. .”

“If you think about it this way, one door will be forgotten. What is forgotten. As for what will be forgotten, I don’t know. And the other door is sealed, maybe it is something that seals us. So now you can think about it. , Do you choose to forget, or choose to close?” Wiliam finally said.

The three of you look at me, and I look at you, their eyes all showing fear.

“Is it so weird? What else can you forget when you enter the door? Are you doing fantasy?” Guo Wuji couldn’t help but muttered.

But Mulan said with a serious face: “I would rather trust it to have something than to believe it to have nothing. Since this place can be called a forbidden place, there must be a reason.”

Xiao Haitang looked at Wiliam weakly, “Brother Wiliam, can you have a third choice?”

“Huh?” Wiliam looked at Xiao Haitang.

“Go home!” Xiao Haitang jumped up.

Wiliam nodded and said, “Well, those who want to go back can go back first. After all, it’s not reluctant. But I have a reason to go in. If you still remember the way back, you can take a rest here first, and then Return the same way.”

Everyone looked at each other.

Wiliam took them around on this big map. Who knew the way back?

Besides, the three of them are all well-deserved brainless people!


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