Dragon Husband 1010

Chapter 1010 Blue Star

Finally, Xiao Haitang’s mouth slumped and said: “Then I will follow you in.”

“Sure?” Wiliam asked.

“OK.” Xiao Haitang looked aggrieved.

However, she made this decision in her heart, but it was not helpless.

It’s the fear of the unknown.

She tasted the sweetness in this valley.

I took a lot of beautiful and weird photos.

What about the next valley?

What kind of scenery will it have?

She looked forward to it.

Wiliam looked at Guo Wuji again, “How about you?”

Guo Wuji hesitated for a moment, and finally said, “I want to go together. My dad asked the three of us to go back together. If I go back alone, he will die tenderly!”

Wiliam smiled slightly and patted Guo Wuji on the shoulder.

Obviously, he knew that Guo Wuji made this choice, not just for Guo Yulin’s words before leaving.

What’s more, Guo Wuji also wants to see the outside world.

As for Mulan, Wiliam couldn’t drive her away, so there was no need to think about it.

“Have you decided which door to choose?” Wiliam asked.

At this time, everyone looked at a door.

The one on the right has the word “Feng” written on it.

Compared with forgetting this helpless and irresistible feeling, everyone agreed that “sealing” is a bit more controllable.

Wiliam nodded, “Well, as I thought, then I will push the door.”

With that, Wiliam pressed one hand on the door on the right and pushed hard!

That door is not as heavy as expected.

However, after Wiliam opened the door, a chill suddenly came from inside.

The people close at hand suddenly fought a cold war.

Wiliam flashed around and walked in.

Everyone hurriedly followed Wiliam into the door.

As soon as I entered that door, it closed slowly.

Wiliam looked in front of him again and couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air!

Is it really really air-conditioned!

The world outside the door just now was a lush jungle world.

But here, there was a 180 degree reversal.


Ice and snow!

Only separated by a door!

Xiao Haitang looked at this weird world and directly shouted, “How is this possible! How can this be done!”

A door, two completely different climates appear inside and outside the door, which is a bit weird.

However, the picture before them makes them have to believe that this is reality.

But in the next second, Xiao Haitang was rejoiced again, “Wow, it’s so beautiful! What a beautiful snow!”

As she said, she took the camera and started shooting wildly.

Interest made her overcome all fears.

Indeed, in addition to the cold here, there is nothing but beauty.

A bizarre bright moon was hanging high above their heads.

The bright white brilliance came down, reflecting the snow on the ground, and the whole land was dotted with misty fluorescence.

What’s even more exciting is that, for some reason, the snow is dotted with a little dreamy blue star.

These star points spread from their feet to the end of their eyes, as if the whole world was shrouded in this blue and white dreamy beauty.

The stars in the sky have fallen into the world.
Xiao Haitang kept taking pictures and cheering. At this moment, she felt that it was totally worth it to come down.

To see this beauty is enough to die at night.

Wiliam knelt down and picked up a pile of snow.

There are little blue stars on the snow.

A cold touch came from his hands.

He poked the blue star with his hand, and the blue star disappeared when he touched it, but after a while, the light returned.

Wiliam was even more amazed.

This little bit, turned out to be a kind of tiny creature.

It’s just that this creature is like a mimosa, once touched by someone, it extinguishes its light.

Wiliam also felt that this blue star had no offensive power and was not poisonous.

Wiliam was relieved to let Xiao Haitang run around.

However, the first valley is so dangerous, but the second valley is picturesque and a bit abnormal.

Is it really dangerous?

They set up two new tents next to the door, preparing to spend the night here tonight.

It’s just that, it’s icy and snowy, everyone didn’t expect this after all.

So after a while, everyone was shaking with cold.

Especially Xiao Begonia, his complexion turned pale.

Wiliam asked Mulan to clear a place, and then a bonfire was born.

Thanks to the temperature of the bonfire, everyone gradually warmed up.

Mulan still started grilling meat this time, but this time, Guo Wuji also squeezed in cheeky.

In front of the barbecue, his dry food is not fragrant at all.

Xiao Haitang was full, and continued to hold the camera to take pictures around.

But as soon as she took two steps, she let out a scream!

How terrifying is this scream?

All the blue light in his eyes was extinguished.

Wiliam sprinted to the front of Xiao Haitang, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Haitang’s face was pale, she pointed to a pile of snow in front of her, and shouted in shock, “Ghost! I saw a ghost! It’s a real ghost!”

Wiliam looked in the direction Xiao Haitang was pointing, and the goose bumps were all over again.

Only behind the pile of snow, there seemed to be a person standing.

That person showed half of his head.

Can only see a pair of eyes!

A pair of extremely black eyes, as if there were no whites.

These eyes looked at Xiao Haitang blankly.

No, it should be looking at the bonfire behind Xiao Haitang.

Wiliam’s heart tightened, these eyes!

Isn’t it the same eyes that I saw in the photo of Xiao Haitang before!

Wiliam naturally didn’t believe in ghosts.

His body ran directly towards those eyes!

Strange to say.

Those eyes clearly saw Wiliam running over, but still there was no escape.

Just watch Wiliam run over in a daze.

Wiliam ran to those eyes in an instant.

At this look, his eyes were even more surprised!

In front of him, he was clearly a child!

This kid looks only about three years old.

She was wearing a cyan dress and looked very thin in such a cold snow.

She was still barefoot.

What made Wiliam feel weird was that the child was holding a handful of snow in both hands.

Put it in your mouth and eat slowly.

However, while she was eating, she looked at their campfire.

There seemed to be something that attracted her.

Wiliam couldn’t help asking: “Who are you on earth!”

In such a dangerous forbidden area, when encountering such a strange child, Wiliam would never believe that this was a normal child.

This little child, as if unable to hear Wiliam’s words, stared blankly in front of him without talking.

At this time, Mulan and Guo Wuji also ran over.

When they saw the child, they naturally thought of the picture.

The two were shocked!

Just when Wiliam reached out to the child, the child moved.

Suddenly she gently put half of the snow left in her hand into the hand that Wiliam stretched over.

Then he raised his head blankly and said to Wiliam, “I’ll change food with you, okay?”


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