Dragon Husband 1011

Chapter 1011

Wiliam suddenly put a pile of snow in his hand, then looked at the little girl.

She saw that her eyes were still dull, but she kept looking up at Wiliam.

She can talk.

With the other hand, Wiliam touched the child’s head.

A faint warmth came along the little girl’s head.

There is body temperature, and the body temperature is normal.

But this is the biggest abnormality.

It’s snowy here.

Even Mulan’s body temperature is lower than before.

This little girl has a normal body temperature?

Seeing Lu Yewan talking, the little girl reached out and gently touched Wiliam’s hand on her head.

As if begging Wiliam.

As for Xiao Haitang and Mulan, they were relieved when they saw that the little girl spoke normally.

They all walked towards the little girl.

But unexpectedly, when they approached the little girl, the little girl seemed to be frightened and hid directly behind Wiliam.

This weird situation immediately stopped the two of them.

How do you look at it, the two beauties look more friendly, right?

Why hide behind this ice-faced person?

Wiliam sighed, stretched out his hand to pull the little girl, and she reappeared in the eyes of the three of them.

To be honest, after seeing this little girl so real, Wiliam couldn’t help her cruelly.

Even if she was suspicious.

Wiliam said to the little girl, “You come with me over there first.”

A gleam of joy flashed in the little girl’s dark eyes, and she obediently walked towards the campfire with Wiliam.

Wiliam took the little girl to sit down and watched the little girl staring at a few pieces of barbecue in front of her eyes. He picked up one and handed it to the little girl, “Eat.”

The little girl grinned suddenly, bowed to Wiliam blankly, and said thank you.

Then he picked up the barbecue and ate it.

This is the first time everyone has seen a little girl smile, smiling so innocently.

She ate very fragrant and fragrant, and after a while, several pieces of roast meat entered her stomach.

And her appetite is also amazing.

Only an adult can Mulan eat a piece of barbecue.

The little girl ate five yuan without frowning!

After she finished eating, she looked at Wiliam’s still-eaten barbecue with her eyes full of affection.

Just staring, without talking.

Wiliam felt soft and handed it to the little girl, “Eat it if you don’t mind.”

The little girl cheered and continued to deal with the barbecue.

The other three people were speechless, where did this girl come out!

But after all, the two women smiled motherly.

I feel so sorry for this little girl.

With red lips and white teeth, she is obviously a super nice little loli.

The eyes are a little weird.

But this does not affect the two women who feel sorry for her.

Because the little girl not only has thin clothes, but also eats snow in the snow.

How can it not make people feel bad?

Mulan couldn’t help asking: “Little girl, what’s your name?”

The little girl stiffened, looked at Mulan with a little fear, and hid behind Wiliam to eat barbecue.
Mulan stared at Wiliam with annoyance!

Why is he inferior to these two products!

What a kind of maternal love.

Where is this girl, with a serious face like an ice cube.

By the way, the little girl is not afraid of Wiliam.

“Is she your long-lost daughter!” Mulan finally gave Wiliam annoyed, and said depressed.

Wiliam had a black thread, and he didn’t know where the jealousy came from.

“You ask her.” Mulan said again.

Wiliam nodded and asked, “What’s your name?”

The little girl stopped the barbecue she was holding, and her eyes were confused again.

She said a word blankly, “Forget…”

After that, I started eating again.

“Forgot? No? Isn’t the kid’s head very bright? Are you Guwaer?” Mulan couldn’t help but said.

Xiao Haitang was blessed to the soul and explained: “Hey, have you forgotten that this little girl appeared in the upper valley before, and now that she wants to enter this second valley, she naturally has to open the door. She must choose randomly. I opened another door, so I forgot everything.”

Guo Wuji slapped his head, “You are so smart!”

Wiliam looked at the pigs amusedly, and said lightly: “Isn’t she forgotten, you can think of the two doors, why did you forget the words on the door, did you come in and push the wrong door?”

After being so stiff by Wiliam, Mulan buzzed her head and got goose bumps all over her body.

She stood up suddenly, pointed at the little girl, and said in disbelief: “No way! You mean, this little girl, the last name is forgotten!”

Mulan’s behavior scared the little girl again.

She looked scared and leaned close to Wiliam.

Wiliam reached out and touched her head, and said to Mulan, “Don’t be so fierce.”

Mulan was in shock, “Are there any forgotten last names in the world?”

Lu Yezheng paid attention to her and continued to ask the little girl: “What is your full name?”

“Wang Qing.” The little girl said blankly.

Wang Qing?

What’s this name?

Really forget the last name?

Those three were also dull.

Wiliam had deeper doubts in his heart.

This little girl’s last name is the same as the words on that door. What does she have to do with that door?

Wiliam continued to ask: “Why are you here alone? Where is your family?”

Xiao Wangqing raised her head and said another word, “Forget.”

Mulan broke down directly, “Are you a puppy?”

Lu Yezheng said angrily, “She really forgot this time.”

As for why he forgot, Wiliam could only speculate that the door was weird.

“Did you watch us hit the green ghost snake grass in Yigu before?” Wiliam asked again.

“Yeah.” Xiao Wangqing didn’t say much harshly.

“Then how did you enter this second valley? Did you pass that door?” Wiliam asked.


“Why are you looking at us from above?” Wiliam asked again.

“Can you give me Qingguoguo?” Xiao Wangqing suddenly said to Wiliam after eating the barbecue.

Green fruit?

Everyone was lost.

With a thought, Wiliam digs out the female snake grass root in one of the bags, “Are you talking about this?”

Xiao Wangqing cheered for a while, and her saliva was about to come out, she would reach out for it.

Wiliam lifted up and said with a smile: “You answer my question first, and I will give you food.”

Xiao Wangqing instantly leaned against Wiliam’s arms, blinking and blinking, as if to say, “Hurry up and ask.”

“Why are you so close to these two goods!” Mulan asked angrily.

After receiving Wiliam’s permission, Xiao Wangqing said blankly: “I don’t know, but there is something about him that makes me very comfortable.”

“Is that this?” Wiliam shook the female snake grass root.

Xiao Wangqing shook her head.

Is not it?

What else would it be?

Is father love like a landslide?

Wiliam couldn’t help but check his body.

inside and outside.

During this inspection, Wiliam’s face suddenly turned earthy and shouted to everyone: “Check your body! See what’s missing!”

“I finally understand what the door we pushed open, the word’sealed’, what it means!”


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