Dragon Husband 1014

Chapter 1014

Xiao Haitang was taken aback, “Is there any one last night?”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, there should be no such thing.”

Xiao Haitang suddenly became confused, “It shouldn’t be, it should be there every night, it’s weird.”

What they didn’t know was that because there was no blood shining into the sky last night, the people in the two places were completely messed up!

“Forget it, I don’t know.” Lu Yezhen said again.

Xiao Wangqing seemed not sleeping enough, and fell asleep again on Wiliam’s back.

Mulan approached Wiliam and asked in a low voice, “Hey, do you really want to take her with you?”

Wiliam hesitated, then sighed and said, “This little girl is very weird, maybe there is another chance with her.”

Xiao Wangqing said that she had short legs and couldn’t walk. Can Wiliam believe it?

A girl who can run around in this ghost place will be slow?

Don’t forget, they met Xiao Wangqing in the first valley spring and four fields.

Then Wiliam and the others went into the second valley of the Everlasting River without stopping, but they met again.

It shows that Xiao Wangqing’s speed is not inferior to Wiliam and the others.

“Grandma…” Xiao Wangqing behind, murmured as if talking in a dream.

Does this little girl have a grandma?

Wiliam shook his head, and led everyone to walk forward.

Because there were no aerial photos of this place, Wiliam and the others could only cross the river by feeling the stones.

At this time, Wiliam suddenly noticed a strange phenomenon.

“Look at these blue stars.” Wiliam pointed to the front and said to everyone.

Everyone doesn’t know what this thing is called, so it’s just called Blue Star.

Following the direction Wiliam pointed, everyone looked at it, and they were all surprised.

I saw the blue stars in the land, dotted with infinite beauty in the world.

At this moment, they seem to be flowing slowly.

Some brighter big blue stars are slowly moving in one direction.

And some of the faint and smaller blue stars continue to stay still.

Everyone was very puzzled, Xiao Haitang couldn’t help but took a photo with the camera.

Wiliam said, “Maybe there is something wrong. Let’s follow the past and see. It’s better than bumping around everywhere now.”

They nodded together and walked in the direction that Blue Star was advancing.

Strange to say.

Originally, Blue Star appeared to be a little shy, and would turn off the blue light when people approached.

But this time there is no.

Even if there is a blue star under Wiliam’s feet, this blue light still doesn’t go out.

Wiliam and the others followed the blue light for a long time.

At this time, Xiao Wangqing behind him woke up.

She rubbed her eyes, and saw the blue star next to her flowing like a galaxy, and suddenly let out a low exclamation.

Using her hands and feet together, she jumped off Wiliam.

Then, Wiliam saw Xiao Wangqing holding a handful of snow in both hands, and there were two blue stars on the snow.

Her head leaned towards Blue Star.

Wiliam thought Xiao Wangqing woke up and was hungry again, and was about to eat snow.

After all, she has this criminal record.

Wiliam said quickly, “Hey, don’t!”

Wiliam naturally didn’t want Xiao Wangqing to eat the Blue Star.

However, at this time Wiliam saw Xiao Wangqing’s lips and gently touched the two blue stars.
The two blue stars flashed lightly on their bodies, and then fell to the ground along Xiao Wangqing’s fingers, and instantly merged into the flowing army of the galaxy.

Everyone was confused.

“Xiao Wangqing, what’s the matter?” Wiliam asked, rubbing Xiao Wangqing’s head.

Xiao Wangqing raised her head, her extremely dark eyes suddenly became pitiful.

“I don’t know, I think they are so pitiful.” Xiao Wangqing said, using both hands and feet, he climbed onto Wiliam’s back.


What does she know?

What is this blue star going to do?

At this time, Mulan suddenly pointed her finger forward, “Look, the blue stars in the distance have stopped moving and are all gathered together!”

Everyone looked forward, and it was so!

At the end of everyone’s eyes, a blue light!

Originally, the blue light was randomly dotted on this earth.

But there, the blue light merged into a piece and instantly turned into a blue ocean.

“Let’s take a look!” Wiliam speeded up a bit.

Everyone kept up.

Finally, when he arrived in front of this blue ocean, Wiliam couldn’t help taking a breath.

I saw that there were densely packed blue stars on this big snowy ground, one by one, making people nowhere to go.

There are tens of thousands of blue stars gathered.

They stopped flowing, their body still gleaming.

As if waiting for something.

Wiliam looked around casually.

At this time, another place was discovered.

A huge stone stele.

Wiliam walked quickly to the place of the stone stele, using the blue light to see clearly.

I saw three large characters engraved on the stone tablet with simple and simple characters!

Everlasting River!

This is really called Yongnanhe.

But is this a river?

Wiliam looked forward, and suddenly saw a hint.

Wrong, this is a river!

And it’s a very wide river!

The place where the blue stars are is the river bank, which is obviously higher than the land in front of them.

And where is the river bank on the other side?

Wiliam raised his eyes and looked, suddenly his eyes narrowed!

He pointed his finger forward, “The door to the next strand, found it!”

I saw a door standing proudly far away.

Isn’t it the door they saw yesterday?

When the three saw the door, their hearts were cold.

In other words, Wiliam’s previous inference was correct.

Going into the next valley and passing that door, their realm will be sealed again.

“To go to that door, do you have to pass this eternal river?” Wiliam muttered.

Guo Wuji felt sad at the moment, and couldn’t help saying: “What’s the problem with this. The river has obviously been frozen for a long time. Just walk over. However, my heart is fuzzy, I have a shadow when I see that door.”

Wiliam shook his head.

Is it really difficult?

Don’t forget, this whole world is called Yongnanhe.

Named after this river, it shows that the Yongnan River is the center of this land.

Since it is the center, is it so easy?

Moreover, what does Blue Star’s weird behavior have to do with Yongnanhe?

Wiliam was thinking about it, and suddenly Mulan exclaimed: “Look, Blue Star has moved!”

Sure enough, the originally quiet Blue Star suddenly became agitated.

It seems to become uneasy.

The blue light on them is flourishing, and they want to illuminate an entire world!

In addition, the relatively small blue star in the distance also bloomed with the greatest light.

At this time, the Everlasting River, which had formed a thick layer of ice, suddenly made a clear “哢嚓”!

A crack appeared in the middle of the Everlasting River!

A surging and eternal pressure, suddenly passed from the bottom of the river!

Everyone’s hearts are fluttering!

What is there!

Do you want to rush out from the bottom of this eternal river?

This pressure even Wiliam felt a palpitation!

“Boom!” A loud noise!

A group of people were shocked looking at what rushed out from the bottom of the river!


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