Dragon Husband 1015

Chapter 1015

The monster in front of Wiliam and the others was as big as two stories!

This monster looks like a majestic elephant.

But they don’t have elephant legs.

Under its body, there are densely numbered and inexplicable feet.

Similar to a millipede.

And the monster’s body has thick white long hair.

The mouth is even bigger, looking like he can swallow an ordinary elephant in one mouthful.

There are two very long fangs exposed by its mouth.

Seeing this monster, everyone present was shocked.

Including Wiliam.

It’s because he is so knowledgeable and has never seen such a monster!

In the world, does such a thing really exist!

This monster seemed to have seen Wiliam and the others.

It rushed out of the ice, and then its body was suspended in the water.

Still surging by the current, it stayed still.

Its mouth is huge.

In the next scene, everyone on the scene covered their mouths!

I saw the restless Blue Star on the shore, as if crazy.

They are beating together.

He jumped directly into the monster’s mouth.

This is what to do!

To die!

Countless blue stars, they jumped, as if forming a magnificent blue bridge in mid-air.

They threw into the monster’s mouth, and even the blue bridge with them was rendered with a layer of sadness.

Mulan and the others, with big mouths, couldn’t understand the scene at all.

But at this time, Xiao Haitang’s body suddenly shook violently.

Tears fell down her cheeks.

She seemed to have plucked up her courage, raised her hand with difficulty, and pointed the camera in her hand at this tragic scene.

Then, she recorded the scene with tears in her eyes, and then she said: “I seem to know what it is, I remember it, I remember it!”

Wiliam and the others looked at Xiao Haitang together, “What do you think of?”

Xiao Haitang burst into tears and said, “I only remembered seeing this monster. I remembered a story my mother often told me when I was very young. That was the first time I heard crying when I was a child. A story.”

“This monster, in the story, is called a glacier mammoth, and it’s a monster that doesn’t do anything evil.”

“And those blue stars are called Lanhe Xiaofu in the story. They are now offering sacrifices!”

When everyone heard Xiao Haitang’s words, they were even more shocked.

Glacial Mammoth? Blue River Cub?

What kind of story did Xiao Haitang’s mother tell Xiao Haitang?

With tears in her hands, Xiao Haitang told Wiliam and the others the story she had heard tears over her face when she was a child.

After Wiliam listened to them, the scene was quiet!

Blue river clam, hermaphrodite, conceived single.

These relatively large blue river cubs in front of us are all adult blue river cubs.

In the story, the glacial mammoth is the master of this world.

It controls the day and night here.

And Blue River Cub is the only creature that exists in this world, but it is extremely small.

They need sunlight to grow.

If there is sunshine one day, their lives will end.

But the power to decide day or night rests with the glacial mammoth.

Glacial mammoths will appear in the water at a fixed time every day.

Just to eat blue river clams.

In order to continue his blood, the adult Lanhe Xiaochu made such a decision.

Every day, a part of the adult blue river cubs actively sacrifice their lives to satisfy the appetite of the glacier mammoth.

As long as the glacier mammoth has enough, the sky will be bright.

Only the lives of other Blue River Cubs can continue.

Wiliam was shocked after listening to them.

This is like a fairy tale!

More like a legendary story!

It is like the story of He Bo and Kappa that Wiliam and the others heard when they were young.

In front of these elders, Blue River Cubs, are offering their lives for the continuation of their race.

No wonder, Xiao Wangqing just said that these things are so pitiful.

Mulan even burst into tears. She kept asking Wiliam, “Wiliam, is this true! How could there be such a thing in the world! How can there be such a monster! How can there be a monster that controls day and night! You! Tell me, this doesn’t exist at all, right!”

Wiliam looked at the little Lanhe who was still dying, and his eyes turned red for a while.

He also didn’t want these to be true.

However, in this extremely strange place, all weird things happen are understandable.

The clever Wiliam didn’t know how to comfort Mulan and Xiao Haitang for the first time.

At this time, Wiliam felt pinched on his face.

He looked back and happened to see Xiao Wangqing’s eyes.

Xiao Wangqing swept away the sadness before, but instead became a little gentle.

She pinched Wiliam’s face and said softly, “Uncle, don’t be sad. I can feel your mood.”

Wiliam only thought it was a kid talking nonsense, smiled slightly, and said, “I’m having trouble.”

A few people looked at the terrifying glacial mammoth so dumbly, enjoying the sacrifice of the Blue River Cub.

I don’t know how long it took.

I only know that there are fewer and fewer blue river cubs on the bank.

Suddenly, the glacial mammoth shook and burped.

Then, it dived directly towards the bottom of the river, and was never seen again.

There were only a few hundred of the blue river cubs on the bank.

They never saw the mighty momentum before, as if they had fallen into endless sorrow.

The blue light on her body flickered feebly, as if she was paying homage to the death of her relatives and thanking them for their contributions.

They stayed silently on the bank of the river, and the light on their bodies suddenly faded.

At this moment, the sky suddenly lit up.

In the midair, it seemed as if the sun suddenly appeared.

The warm sun shone down, illuminating the world extremely white.

Never see any dreamy blue light again.

The world is heartbreakingly pure.

But Xiao Haitang no longer had the joy of seeing the beautiful scenery before.

She knew that this white world was dyed with the life of Little Blue River Cub.

And she also knew why the little blue river cubs who stayed on the bank didn’t leave.

They are the rations of tomorrow’s glacier mammoth.

Fortunately, I escaped today, but I lived one more day.

For them, life is after all a snack in others’ mouths.

Even Wiliam couldn’t help but start thinking about what life meant for these blue river cubs.

In order to continue the ethnic group and willing to die.

Then the next generation grows up and still repeats the same mistakes.

It seems that they exist just to die generously.

What is the meaning of such existence?

This is a very sad paradox.

Mulan burst into tears and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, what are we going to do now?”


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