Dragon Husband 1016

Chapter 1016: Legendary World

Wiliam Lu answered Mulan’s question directly, but instead asked Xiang Xiao Haitang, “Xiao Haitang, what else do you know? Let us know, for example, how do we cross the river.”

Wiliam is not hard-hearted, nor pretentious.

The natural world has its own laws.

These creatures have their own rules of survival.

The scene in front of me, although very tragic and strong, was only part of the biological chain after all.

The crow feeds back, and the lamb kneels and suckles.

There are many cruel things in nature, and many warm things.

It’s just that what they see now is the cruel side.

There is a compassionate heart for Lanhe Xiaohu, but there is no need to break the biological chain for them.

Xiao Haitang also wiped her tears and said, “This is a story my mother told me when I was young. Every time I listened to it, I cried so much, and my mother cried with me. In the story, it is. I haven’t talked about how to cross this river, but at the beginning of the story I said a word, that is, this river is the only way to a door.”

Wiliam nodded, “So, we have to cross this river.”

Mulan sighed and said, “If we cross the river, can we find a way to avoid this glacier mammoth, so long as we don’t wake it up, can we not cross the river safely?”

But Xiao Haitang shook his head and said, “I think too much. It is said in the story that the glacial mammoth sleeping in the river will be perceived by it as long as it falls on the river that has nothing to do with the river water. I want to avoid it, Totally impossible.”

Wiliam pondered.

According to Xiao Haitang, the environment they are in now really seems to be in an increasingly unreasonable legend.

This river is so long, can the perception of glacial mammoth cover an entire river?

But Wiliam also believed that since the plot in Xiao Haitang’s story had appeared, what she was saying now must be true.

“Then, do we have a way to fly over?” Guo Wuji asked suddenly.

But after asking, he slapped himself first.

God flew over.

Don’t mention how wide this river is.

Even the masters in the late stage of Huajin might not be able to fly over without a single breath.

Not to mention the scum that they have dropped.

“How much do you know about glacial mammoths?” Wiliam asked.

Xiao Haitang seemed to have some childhood shadow, and said fearfully: “It’s just terrible. In the story, he is covered with frost and he is invulnerable.”

Mulan’s face turned black and she almost dropped her backpack, “Isn’t this cheating! This thing in your story is a BUG-level existence, how are we doing it now?”

“Let’s take a rest here first, let me think about it.” Wiliam said, sitting cross-legged.

He slowly closed his eyes and began to think.

Guo Wuji suddenly fought a cold war, staying far from Wiliam.

It was the same in Shangyi Valley before, and I said I had to find a way.

Then Guo Wuji embarked on a sad journey of constant switching between wild dogs and groundhogs.

What tricks will Wiliam do this time?

Wiliam’s head was indeed thinking about the problem.
However, the first thing to think about is not how to cross the river, nor how to deal with glacial mammoths.

He was thinking about several other questions.

  1. Why is this world like a legendary world? Is this reasonable?

Second, who is Xiao Haitang’s mother? Why do you know this story? What does her mother have to do with this world?

Even with these two questions, Wiliam also extended other doubts.

For example, Xiao Wangqing’s mysterious identity, the bloody glow that disappeared suddenly last night, and even Xiao Haitang’s camera that obviously seemed to be broken.

All mysteries are hard to find.

Not knowing how long it took, Wiliam slowly opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, Wiliam was taken aback.

The sky turned out to be completely dark!

All around, like last night, shining blue light.

The three people in front of Wiliam stared at Wiliam angrily.

“It’s getting dark so fast?” Wiliam asked, frowning.

Mulan wanted to tear this girl alive.

I really don’t know if this girl is thinking or sleeping for so long!

From day to night, he did not open his eyes.

During her period, she wanted to beat him countless times, but she was afraid that she was really thinking about the problem.

Now hearing Wiliam’s question, Mulan got angry, “You don’t know how to do it!”

Wiliam Lu answered, but looked around.

The others are worried.

Only Xiao Wangqing, like a heart and lungs.

She was sprinkling snowflakes happily not far away.

Snowflakes rose, and by the way, Lanhe Xiaofu also threw it into the sky.

Little Blue River was like a blue rain, and it was beautiful.

Xiao Wangqing still fell on Xiao Wangqing’s body and face, making Xiao Wangqing giggle.

But the other three people couldn’t laugh at all.

Because it is already dark.

This means that a new round of sacrifices will begin again.

These sad little lives.

Among the people, especially Xiao Haitang, seemed to be worried, and the whole person was lost.

“There is no way you can think of it!” Mulan asked again.

Wiliam gave a wry smile and shook his head.

This time, he was really ruined.

Mulan raised her fist and let it down again helplessly.

The scene fell into a sorrow.

At this time, Mulan suddenly looked into the distance and said bitterly, “Here it is.”

Everyone looked up.

Sure enough, the Blue River not far away began to flow again.

Another large group of blue river worms joined the sacrificial army, slowly flowing towards Wiliam and the others.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s mood fell again.

Until the same as before, a large piece of blue river clam appeared in front of them, like a rewinding replay.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before the glacier cracked again.

The terrifying glacial mammoth jumped out.

Repeating the scene from last night.

Mulan’s eyes were red again.

Just like Xiao Haitang said, tears shed once after hearing the story.

Not to mention the living scenes repeating again.

“These humble little beings.” Mulan suddenly choked up.

But these words seemed to touch Xiao Haitang’s heartstrings.

She trembled all over.

Humble life, humble life…

Seeing the humble life end in splendor, Xiao Haitang finally collapsed completely.

Suddenly she stood up and ran towards the glacial mammoth like crazy!

“You damn monster! How many souls are you going to kill! You die for me!”

Wiliam and the others were caught off guard, expecting that Xiao Haitang would be so strong.

“Don’t!” Wiliam stopped, but it was too late!

The glacial mammoth, who had been lazily enjoying the sacrifice, suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Xiao Haitang.

As for Xiao Haitang, while running, two rows of tears slowly fell.

“The humble life, whoever says it is not life!”



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