Dragon Husband 1017

Chapter 1017

Xiao Haitang seemed to instantly transform into a member of the Blue River Cubs, yelling out a heartbreaking word, and quickened his pace!

Mulan and Guo Wuji were shocked by Xiao Haitang’s last two words.


At this moment, what mother is she calling!

Only Wiliam moved as soon as Xiao Haitang left!

He flicked the machete that Guo Wuji had placed on the ground and followed Xiao Haitang as if flying.

Wiliam seemed to have a clear understanding in his heart.

Just now, Mulan’s unintentional sentence seemed to arouse Xiao Haitang’s mind.

Humble life.


Wiliam probably had a hint of speculation in his heart.

Xiao Haitang’s mother should also be a fateful person.

Someone must have said the same thing to Xiao Haitang.

Therefore, Xiao Haitang empathizes with these little blue river clams all the thoughts he has for his mother.

What about humble?

Beings live together in the world, where is the higher and the lower?

However, Wiliam is angry!

This girl is silly!

Rushing out hastily, now it’s completely covered with water!

What’s even more depressing is that Xiao Haitang didn’t even know what the consequences would be?

The worst consequence is that the entire army is destroyed.

And even if everyone is lucky enough to defeat the glacial mammoth, do you know what the consequences are!

The death of a glacial mammoth also means that this place has entered the eternal night!

In that case, Lanhe Xiaofu will immediately perish!

Xiao Haitang, do you know what you are doing!

The glacial mammoth saw Xiao Haitang at a glance and let out a roar instantly!

Its countless feet stirred suddenly in the water!

A burst of heat came from his mouth!

The little blue river worms that were going to enter its mouth were instantly swept up by the air current, like falling stars.

The glacial mammoth suddenly jumped into the sky and landed on the bank of the river!

It opened its mouth and bit towards Xiao Haitang!

At this time, a machete flew behind Xiao Haitang!

Go straight to the glacial mammoth!

The machete slashed heavily on the mouth of the glacial mammoth!

However, there was a sound of gold and iron!

The machete was directly bounced back!

And Wiliam’s body, patted a horse to catch up!

With the instant stagnation of the glacier mammoth, Xiao Haitang was pulled back all at once!

He took the machete that flew back with one hand, and pushed Xiao Haitang behind him with the other!

Xiao Haitang’s body was pushed up and flew directly, and fell to Mulan’s side.

Mulan yelled at Xiao Haitang, “What is your nerve, Xiao Haitang! It’s okay now! Wiliam might be swallowed by this stuff just because he saved you!”

Xiao Haitang’s entire talent seemed to wake up.

She saw that Wiliam had attracted the attention of the Glacial Mammoth instead of her, and tears could not stop falling.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” Xiao Haitang shouted loudly to Wiliam.

As Wiliam ran, he yelled depressedly: “You can be so loud and attract this monster! Mulan, show me her!”

In fact, Xiao Haitang is already sober.

She looked at Wiliam sadly, as if thinking of something in the past.
Humble life…

At the beginning, it seemed that someone in the family told his mother like that.

Said that my mother was born as a slave, very humble…

Even beat her and scolded her…

However, even if my mother was crying so sad, she would still smile and tell herself some fairy tales at night.

It seems that only in the fairy tale, the mother and daughter live more freely…

When her mother was scolded by the family elder, Xiao Haitang spoke for her more than once.

However, in exchange, the family treated her mother more harshly.

There is no one to speak for the mother and daughter.

Even Xiao Haitang’s father.

And now, Xiao Haitang rushed out again.

Although it was for the little Blue River Cub.

This behavior looks stupid.

However, there was a man who came forward!

Save him back!

For a while, Xiao Haitang couldn’t help himself!

And since Wiliam had already rushed out, he had prepared for the worst.

Holding a machete in his hand, he moved around for a while!

The height of the glacier mammoth is too high!

It roared, the thousand feet paralleled, and rushed towards Wiliam!

Suddenly, the world felt shaking.

Little Blue River was dancing more violently in the air.

Wiliam’s eyes swept away, and he noticed the little blue river cub in the air, and he was taken aback.

But in the next second, he came back to his senses immediately, and suddenly jumped up at the moment of his death!

He stepped directly on the open mouth of the glacial mammoth with one foot, and his body vacated again!

It fell on the glacial mammoth!

At this moment, the glacial mammoth seemed to be completely mad, roaring loudly!

But Wiliam didn’t care about the three or seventy one, raised the machete in his hand, and stabbed the glacial mammoth!

“哢嚓!” An unpleasant voice sounded.

The sharp machete was cut directly!

The blade is divided into two!

And the glacier mammoth has no damage on his body!

Wiliam took a deep breath!

He saw clearly the body of the glacial mammoth!

Although it was covered with white hair.

But every white hair is wrapped in frost!

In other words, it is covered with thick frost!

These frosts formed a natural armor on it!

Xiao Haitang was really right, invulnerable!

The body of the glacial mammoth suddenly stood up and slammed it!

Wiliam’s body was directly thrown out!

He hit the ground hard, just about to get up!

But saw the heavy body of the glacial mammoth attacking him like electricity!

It’s so fast!

Wiliam slapped the ground, leaped back, and dodged the foot that the glacial mammoth grabbed at him!

Just as Wiliam breathed a sigh of relief, his eyes suddenly drenched!

Those feet were originally only half a meter away from Wiliam, and Wiliam was hiding.

But what is incredible is that these feet seem to have grown for half a meter out of thin air!

One of the feet pierced directly through Wiliam’s shoulder!

Wiliam flew out suddenly, and hit the ground again!

The blood stained the entire ground!

“Wiliam!” Mulan and others shouted sadly from behind.

The strength is too different.

There is no fight at all.

Even if a few people go together, it is not the opponent of this glacier mammoth at all.

Besides, this guy is simply a copper wall and an iron wall, and there is nowhere to start.

Lu Yeqiang endured the pain and got up from the ground.

At this time, the glacial mammoth rushed to Wiliam again.

This time, it was even more aggressive, as if to tear Wiliam to pieces alive!

Just when Wiliam wanted to rush over again, he suddenly stiffened!

He saw that a cyan shadow suddenly appeared in front of the glacial mammoth!

“You bastard! Why beat my uncle! I beat you!”


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